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Elvish Vocabulary

Elvish Vocabulary

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Published by Lord911

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Published by: Lord911 on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elvish VocabularyAAbelas (ah-BEY-lahs): Sorrow. Also used as an apology.Adahl (ah-DAHL): tree.Adahlen (AH-dah-len): forest.Alas (AH-lahs): earth, dirt.An (AHN): place or location.Annar (AN-ahr): year.Ar (AHR): personal pronoun: I, me.Aravel (AHR-ah-vehl): long journey.Arla (AHR-lah): home.Arlathvhen (ahr-LATH-vehn): Meeting of the Dalish clans, every ten years. [5]Asha (AH-sha): woman.Assan (ah-SAHN): arrow.Atisha (ah-TEE-shah): peace, peaceful.BBel (BELL): many.Bora (BOHR-ah): to throw, project, loose.Bor'assan (BOHR-ah-sahn): bow.DDa (DAH): small, diminutive prefix.Dar (DAHR): to be.Da'len (dah-LEN): little child.Dareth (dah-RETH): be safe.Din (DEEN): not, or isn't; also used to indicate someone who has died: someonewho is not.Dirth (DEHRTH): tell, speak.
Dorf (DOHRF): grey.Durgen (DUHR-jen): stone.Durgen’len (dur-JEN-len): Children of the stone. The original Elvish term for thedwarves.EEl (EHL): our.Elgar (EHL-gahr): spirit.Eluvian (ehl-LOO-vee-ehn): mirror.Elvarel (EHL-vah-rehl): longer, more effort.Elvhen (EHL-vehn): "Our People". Elven name for their own race.Elvhenan (EHL-vehn-ahn): Place of our people. The name of the elven civilizationbefore the arrival of humans in Thedas[6]. Also could be translated as: "Ourhearts".Emma (EM-mah): my, i am.-en (EHN): suffix indicating plural.Ena (eh-NAH): appear; emerge.Enasal (EHN-ah-sahl): repeatEnansal (en-AHN-sahl): gift or blessing.Era (EH-rah): story, tale, dream.FFalon (fah-LOHN): friend.Felas (FAY-lahs): slow.Fen (FEHN): wolf.[7]HHalam (hah-LAHM): the end, finished.Hahren (hah-REHN): Elder. Used as a term of respect by the Dalish, but morespecifically for the leader of an alienage by the City Elves.
Halamshiral (hah-LAHM-sheer-AHL): The end of the journey. Also the name of thecapital of the second elven homeland in the Dales[8].Hamin (hah-MEEN): rest, relax. Deconstructing: "mi": blade; "in": inside. 'Sheathyour knife'?Harel (hah-REHL): dreaded, frightening, causing fear.Him (HEEM): becomes.IIn (EEN): with or inside; dwell.Inan (ee-NAHN): eyes. Literally: "inside place" or "dwelling place" - i.e. windowsto the soul.Ir (EER): very, more.Isala (ee-SAH-lah): in need of.LLath (LAHTH): love.Len (LEHN): child.Lethallin; Lethallan (leth-ah-LEEN; leth-ah-LAHN): Casual reference used forsomeone with whom one is familiar. Lethallin is used for males, while lethallan isused for females[9]. Akin to "cousin" or "clansman" since "lin" is the word forblood. See talk page for more information.Lin (LEEN): blood.MMa (MAH): you.Mahvir (mah-VEER): tomorrow.Mamae (mah-MAY): Mother[10].Mana (MAH-nah): distant past; long amount of time.Melana (meh-LAH-nah): time.Melava (meh-LAH-vah): time, past tense.Mi (MEE): blade.

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