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Qunari Vocabulary

Qunari Vocabulary

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Published by Lord911

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Published by: Lord911 on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Qunari VocabularyAAad: Possibly "unit"; used as a suffix in many Qunari military ranks.Anaan: Victory.Antaam: Soldier rank.Ari: Possibly "person"; used as a prefix denoting singular or leadership, and as asuffix denoting a group.Arigena: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people,leader of the craftsmen.Arishok: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people,leader of the army.Ariqun: One of the Triumvirate, the three pillars/leaders of the Qunari people,leader of the priests.Armaas: Possibly "quartermaster"; provider of equipment.Arvaarad: "One Who Holds Back Evil"; a Qunari who watches over the saarebas(Qunari mages) and hunts Tal-Vashoth.Asala: "Soul."Ash: To seek.Ashaad: Ash, too seek and Aad "unit". Probably the Qun version of the Seekers of  Truth [confirmation needed]Ashkaari: "One who seeks"; scientists, philosophers, or those who seekknowledge.Ataash: Glory.Atashi: "Dragon."BBas/Basra: Foreign to the Qun, literal meaning "thing". Implication of beingpurposeless.Basalit-an: A non-Qunari worthy of respect.Basvaraad: "Foreign leash-holder"; honorific bestowed upon Hawke by asaarebas.Ben-Hassrath: An order whose task is to police the Qunari.Beresaad: A type of scouting unit, sent to "answer questions" for the Arishok.
DDathrasi: A type of animal. Used as a derogatory term against indulgentindividuals, comparable to the pig. The Arishok calls this way to all the nobles inthe viscount's throne room before Hawke enters the hallEEbasit: A form of "to be."Ebost: To return.Esaam: "Can be found in" or "exists in the location of."GGaatlok: Explosive powder. Equivalent to real world gunpowder.Gena: Craftsperson or crafting.HHissra: "Illusion"; often used to refer to deities.IImekari: A child.Issala: Dust.Itwasit: (It) falls.Kabethari: Simple person. Term used for all recently-conquered people whohaven't converted to the Qun.Kadan: That which is held close to the heart.Karasaad: Soldier rank.Karashok: Infantry private.Karasten: A soldier.Karataam: A group of Qunari mages and their handlers.Kasaanda: Sundew, a carnivorous plant.Kashaari: A jeweler.Kata: The end, death.Katara: (You) die.
Ketojan: A bridge, specifically a bridge between worlds (religion). It is the namegiven to the Saarebas by Sister Petrice in Shepherding Wolves. There issignificant uncertainty whether this is a Qunari word at all.Kithshok: A military commander of the Seheron army. They also are in charge of negotiating trade between the Qunari and foreign traders at ports.Kost: Peace.MMaraas: "Nothing" or "Alone".Meraad: The tide.Meravas: "So shall it be."NNehraa: To do "for."PPanahedan: "Goodbye".Parshaara: "Enough".QQamek: Substance used to turn those who refuse to convert into mindless slaves.Qunari: People of the Qun.Qunaron Vhel: One who is an example to others.SSaar: "Dangerous".Saar-qamek: Gas that causes madness in non-kossith.Saarebas: A "dangerous thing," the Qunari word and title for mages. A "BasSaarebas" denotes a non-Qunari mage.Sataareth: Lit. "That which upholds"; an enforcer, defender, or foundation.Say: With.Shanedan: A respectful greeting.Shok: "War" or "struggle".Sten: Commander of infantry. T

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