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PCP Cyprus En

PCP Cyprus En

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Published by kyriakounikolas

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Published by: kyriakounikolas on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last updated: August 2011
Ratified the European Convention on Human Rights in 1962National Judge: George Nicolaou
Judges’ CVsare available on the ECHR Internet site
Previous Judges: Mehmed Zekia (1961-1984), Andreas Nicolas Loizou (1990-1998), Loukis Loucaides(1998-2008)
Applicationsprocessed in2008200920102011Applicationsallocated to a judicialformation665911826Communicatedto theGovernment1928939Applicationsdecided:491106028- Declaredinadmissible orstruck out(Single Judge)001922- Declaredinadmissible orstruck out(Committee)3191193- Declaredinadmissible orstruck out(Chamber)816192- Decided by judgment10331Interimmeasures:24522- Granted01440- Refused(including outof scope)2382
For information about the Court’s judicial formationsand procedure, see theECHR internet site
Applications pending before thecourt on 04/07/2011 Total pending Applications*154Applications pending before a judicial formation:139Single Judge30Committee (3 Judges)0Chamber (7 Judges)109Grand Chamber (17 Judges)0
* including applications for which completedapplication forms have not yet been received
Cyprus and …
Its contribution to the Court’s budget
For 2011 the Court’s budget amounts to just over 58.9 million euros. That budgetis financed by contributions from the 47member States of the Council of Europein accordance with scales based onpopulation and GDP; the 2011contribution of Cyprus to the Council of Europe’s (EUR 211.4 million) budget is
EUR 263 677
The Registry
The task of the Registry is to providelegal and administrative support to theCourt in the exercise of its judicialfunctions. It is composed of lawyers,administrative and technical staff andtranslators. There are currently
 Registry staff members of whom
Press country profile - Cyprus
At the end of 2010, the Court had delivered 60 judgments concerning Cyprus, of which 50 found at least one violation of the European Convention on HumanRights, primarily of Article 6 (length of proceedings), and 4 found no violation.
Noteworthy cases, judgmentsdeliveredGrand Chamber
Kyprianou v. Cyprus
The court which claimed the applicant wasin contempt had also tried and punishedhim.Violation of Article 6 (right to a fair trial).Violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression)
Kafkaris v. Cyprus
Changes in prison regulations and domesticlaw having allegedly retroactively increaseda prisoner’s sentence from 20 years to anindefinite period.Violation of Article 7 (no punishmentwithout law) with regard to the quality of the law applicable at the relevant time. Noviolation of Article 7 concerning either thealleged retrospective imposition of aheavier penalty on the applicant or theexemption from remission of prisonersserving life sentences. No violation of Articles 3, 5 § 1 and 14.
Noteworthy cases, judgmentsdeliveredChamber
Aziz v. Cyprus
Refusal to a member of the Turkish-Cypriotcommunity to be registered on the electoralroll to vote in the parliamentary elections.Violation of Article 3 of Protocol No. 1 (rightto free elections). Violation of Article 14(prohibition of discrimination)
Phinikaridou v. Cyprus
Proceedings for judicial recognition of paternity brought by an illegitimate childdeclared time-barred.Violation of Article 8 (right to respect forprivate and family life).
Onoufriou v. Cyprus
The applicant, who was detained in NicosiaCentral Prison for murder, was arrested andplaced in solitary confinement for 47 dayswhen he did not return to prison after a 24-hour leave.Violation of Articles 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), 8 (rightto respect for private and family life, andcorrespondence) and 13 (right to aneffective remedy).
Rantsev v. Cyprus and Russia
Death of the applicant’s daughter, aRussian national, in strange andunestablished circumstances having fallenfrom a window of a private home in Cyprus.Violation of Article 2 (right to life) for failureto conduct effective investigation byCyprus. Violations of Article 4 (prohibitionof slavery and forced labour) by Cyprus andRussia. Violation of Article 5 (right to libertyand security) by Cyprus.See videoof Mr Rantsev at a pressconference organised by the ParliamentaryAssembly of the Council of Europe.
Sofi v. Cyprus 
14.01.2010 (decision on the admissibility)
Concerned a Turkish-Cypriot property in theRepublic of Cyprus and its management bythe Custodian of Turkish Cypriot Propertiesof the Cypriot Ministry of Interior.Friendly settlement.A similar case, Kazali and Others, ispending (see below)
Shchukin and Others v Cyprus 
The applicants were Ukrainian and Estoniannationals who were employed by a

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