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Fail Whale

Fail Whale

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Published by: Brenton Magnus Johanne Clutterbuck on Oct 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fail Whale  Apocalypse  And Other Stories
INTRODUCTION; 2Parents of the Year - The Dreadful Hours 3Untitled (from the Sesame Street Series) Richter 4A Nice Night for a Stroll - Reverend What’s-His-Name 6Ideas Storming the Gates LMNO 9Untitled: A (Hopefully) New Riff on an Old Theme Epithemeus 11Charon to Pluto Nigel 15The Pathetic Life of Oxo Marx - Baron Von Hoopla 16Elegy for an assassinated disney character Sepia 20The Fail Whale Apocalypse - Rev. DiscoUkulele 22Rules for Life Cain 28
The Bastards let me go Today (Harry gets mad) Dr Howl 32Two Untitled Poems Nigel 33The Parable of Dog Dimo 34Untitled 1 ThatGreenGentleman 36Koans of the Foolish Master Guy Incognito 37Arête Professor Cramulus 40Statues and Cliffsides Eater of Clowns 42Letter to a Returning Veteran The Good Reverend Rodger 52Gorillas in the Midst Professor Cramulus 53No Such Thing Placid Dingo 56Untitled #2 ThatGreenGentleman 57Rebar Man Eater of Clowns 58Stories for the Soul Eater Nigel 60Mr Mendelhorn’s Tea Placid Dingo 62The Parable of Rabbits and Foxes - Prelate Diogenes Shandor 67
Cover by Popjellyfish.
Placid Dingo
In 2008 the Principia Discordia forum created an exciting little concept andnamed it Intermittens. Intermittens was a collaborative project, a monthly (orso) webzine with a different creative team behind each issue. To edit anedition all you had to do was throw up your hand and say 'me, me!' Content,images, layout; everything was provided by an amateur team of creativepassionate individuals.
Potential was seen for bigger things though. More than a regular magazine,
Intermittens was seen as an open source publishing house, capable of a widevariety of projects.
This file you now possess is the first of these works. It features 25 works fromthe creative minds busy making madness at Principia Discordia.com. Somehave a Discordian bent, some don't. They range from the small to the large,the vulgar to the elegant, the funny to the touching.All works are used with permission and published under the author's screenname. For reprinting rights, you can contact the author via the forums atwww.Principiadiscordia.comorintermittens@gmail.com. Please enjoy.

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