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Joy Behar, Oct. 24, 2011

Joy Behar, Oct. 24, 2011

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Published by johndhackensacker3d

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Published by: johndhackensacker3d on Oct 25, 2011
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(COMMERCIAL BREAK)BEHAR: Charlie Sheen is back to slamming "Two & a Half Men" saying he`s extremely disappointed with the direction the show has taken since his departure. Hey, Charlie, it`s not masterpiece theater, OK? With me now to talk about this and other pop culture stories in the news are Howard Bragman, vice chairman of Reputation.com and founder of "15 Minutes" Rebecca Dana, senior correspondent of "Newsweek" and "The Daily Beast." Taylor Negron, comedian and director. Lovely to see you all, OK. Now, Howard, he was awfully nice at the Emmy`s. Why did he turn likethis? Charlie?HOWARD BRAGMAN, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: You know, I think the meds were not kickingin well. You know, it`s -- he was doing so well and I was really proud of him.And it was nice that he was sort of moving beyond, which psychologically is a good thing. But, you know, he is wrong. The show has 2 million more viewers on average than when he was on the show.BEHAR: Is that so?BRAGMAN: Yes. Absolutely. It`s up to 15, it was closer to 13.BEHAR: So, is it bitter - and just sour grapes? Why?BRAGMAN: Probably.BEHAR: Do you think so?BRAGMAN: Well, I mean I think it`s hard for Ashton Kutcher or anyone who is on "Two & A Half Men," because that`s like working at the hotel at "The Shining." You know, I mean - it`s like because he`s possessed by the spirit -- constantly ofCharlie Sheen.BEHAR: Yes.BRAGMAN: Then he`s ranting and raving, well, don`t, you know, smoke Lysol.BEHAR: Yes.BRAGMAN: You know, don`t put Advil in your pipes.BEHAR: And he`s also gotten $25 million, you know, out of the deal so maybe he should keep his mouth shut, Charlie.REBECCA DANA, SR. CORRESPONDENT, "NEWSWEEK," "THE DAILY BEAST": Yeah, I mean I --it`s funny to talk about the - to question Charlie Sheen`s authenticity, but Ifor one was really like about as nervous as I`ve ever been watching Charlie Sheen ...BEHAR: Yes.DANA: Just to say those nice things that he said on the Emmy`s, I mean ...BEHAR: That was weird.DANA: .. that seemed -- it`s just seemed weird and disingenuous.BEHAR: And a lie. A big fat lie.DANA: I mean this is -- this is Charlie Sheen we`re talking about.
BEHAR: Yes.DANA: Of course he`s ....BEHAR: But you know, Howard, my information is that the ratings for the show have been down.BRAGMAN: No.BEHAR: It says that it went from 28 million to 14.85 million total viewers.BRAGMAN: They did. When Ashton came on, they started out very high, but they`renot down in comparison to last year. They`re down in comparison to the opening weeks. But that was sampling. Everybody wanted to see Ashton.BEHAR: Oh, I see. But he`s so -- he`s been naked in every episode, haven`t theyseen enough?BRAGMAN: I think if you Google him on the Internet, there`s probably more to beseen, but sure.BEHAR: OK, now, he put out, he put out a bizarre video rant of his own. Watch this, Ashton did.(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)ASHTON KUTCHER: I just wanted to open up a little dialogue on the state of honesty, the state of truth, the status of truth, as it pertains to literature and media. We really have to take it upon ourselves to instill a level of honesty in the works and the media that we create and share with one another.(END VIDEO CLIP)BRAGMAN: It looks like he`s ...BEHAR: He`s boring?TAYLOR NEGRON, COMEDIAN/ACTOR: He`s going through an intense David Koresh phase.BEHAR: Oh.NEGRON: I mean you know what? I read from the book of Ashton every day. I do tweets one through nine.BEHAR: Why didn`t he talk about the cheating rumors if he really wants to be honest?DANA: I just have had enough of "Two & A Half Men" actors opening up honest dialogue.BEHAR: You know, me, too. But you know, not that I want to gossip, but he wasn`twearing a wedding ring in that particular ..BRAGMAN: I think we`re reading tea leaves with the wedding ring.BEHAR: And -(CROSSTALK)BRAGMAN: But if you really look at, though, if you really look at his rant, as i
t`s been called.BEHAR: Yes.BRAGMAN: He`s right, he`s saying that the media has no credibility.BEHAR: Yes.BRAGMAN: ... the truth does not get in the way of a good story right now. And Ithink he`s 100 percent accurate in being a public figure, he`s frustrated by this pure lack of standards.NEGRON: Yeah, exactly. There`s no gatekeeper for the truth. I mean last night, they changed the Mason-Dixon line.DANA: There may be a good point somewhere in here, but generally speaking, I think and you might be able to speak to this because you`re in public relations. The way of making that point is not in like a grainy video your mutton chops, where you`re at a weird angle. Like, may, you know, if you`re Ashton Kutcher, maybeyou want to write something about it, maybe you`d like to give an interview, butdon`t like angle the webcam like this.NEGRON: He`s making $15 million a year. He can do whatever in the hell, He`s going to become a spokesperson for cough drops.BEHAR: OK, here`s another song.When Madonna was booed by fans on the red carpet at the London premier for her film "WE", she said it was because she was misunderstood on a global scale. People don`t boo because they don`t get you, they boo because they don`t like you, Madonna. That`s why ...BRAGMAN: I`ll tell you why they boo.BEHAR: They don`t get her -- they didn`t get the hydrangea thing either, remember that story? I mean she is really -- what`s up with her?BRAGMAN: The reason she was booed, and I will tell you ...BEHAR: Go ahead.BRAGMAN: Is that her fans felt that she didn`t spend enough time with them. AndI`ve looked at the research on celebrities. And the worst thing you can do, youcould, you know, you can murder your mother and nobody cares.BEHAR: Yeah.BRAGMAN: But god forbid you disrespect a fan. It`s the worst sin you can commit.And that`s what they were responding to.BEHAR: Well, then maybe she should spend more time with her fans.BRAGMAN: Have you seen her fans? Would you?BEHAR: I have never seen, I have no idea who her fans are.(CROSSTALK)NEGRON: And the thing is you know what -- you don`t boo your elders. You know, Madonna is an elder in the culture right now.

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