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Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver Uses

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Colloidal silver is a popular alternative medicine that has gained popularity in mid-nineties (similar to aromatherapy – patchouli oil). - http://feelgoodtime.net
Colloidal silver is a popular alternative medicine that has gained popularity in mid-nineties (similar to aromatherapy – patchouli oil). - http://feelgoodtime.net

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Published by: http://feelgoodtime.net on Oct 25, 2011
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Colloidal silver 
is a popular alternative medicine that hasgained popularity in mid-nineties (similar to aromatherapy  – patchoulioil ). It is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver, and this suspension of silver particles is small enoughto pass through the human membrane and easily absorbedinto the body. Colloidal silver is highly alkaline and is thoughtto strengthen the immune system and acts as a naturalantibiotic. It is known that is able to kill many bacteria, virusesand microorganisms, and is therefore effective in helping withmany medical conditions, including acne, athlete’s foot,lichens, fungalinfections, parasitic infections, eczema, diabetes and cystitis.Colloidal silver can be taken orally or applied to wounds or infections. Colloidal generator isoften used to treat wounds, acne, burns and skin infections, and can also be applied around themouth and back of the throat to treat gum disease, halitosis and throatinfections.
Colloidal Silver Uses
The main colloidal silver uses as an antiseptic and naturalantibiotic go back long in history. Many ancient civilizations likethe Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans were familiar with thecolloidal silver benefits, which were an aid in infection control,wound healing and used to prolong the storage of food andbeverages. In addition, the popular saying “born with a silver spoon mouth” comes from the rich European families thatduring the Middle Ages and the Renaissance gave the childrena silver spoon in order to defend them against the plague.Similarly, the cows are milked in a silver bucket, because silver helps milk to stay fresh in a longer period.Russian Emperor Alexander I, kept the water in army inbuckets silver buckets, so that his soldiers do not suffer from river or lake water. Early settlers inNorth America had a habit of throwing a silver dollar into the water, because they believed thatthe antibacterial effects of silver helped the water to be safe for drinki
Colloidal Silver Benefits
For colloidal silver is thought to preventinfectionand acts as a natural antibiotic. The one of the main colloidal silver benefits is that when consumed it is acting as a catalyst. Bacteria, fungi andviruses contain an enzyme that they need to metabolize oxygen and colloidal silver weakens the

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