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SUPP_1947_Girl Scout Book Overview

SUPP_1947_Girl Scout Book Overview

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Girl Scout Handbook, Intermediate Program: Book Overview
Adult Enrichment Project

Motto, Slogan, Promise, Laws, Tenderfoot
Requirements, How to Become a Senior Scout, Profi ciency Badges List (11 Program Fields).
Girl Scout Handbook, Intermediate Program: Book Overview
Adult Enrichment Project

Motto, Slogan, Promise, Laws, Tenderfoot
Requirements, How to Become a Senior Scout, Profi ciency Badges List (11 Program Fields).

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Girl Scout Handbook: Intermediate ProgramBook Overview
1947, Hard cover
Be prepared.
Do a good turn daily.
On my honor, I will try:To do my duty to God and my country,To help other people at all times,To obey the Girl Scout Laws.
The Laws of the Girl Scouts
I. A Girl Scout’s honor is to be trusted.II. A Girl Scout is loyal.III. A Girl Scout’s duty is to be useul and to help others.IV. A Girl Scout is a riend to all, and a sister to every other Girl Scout.V. A Girl Scout is courteous.VI. A Girl Scout is a riend to animals.VII. A Girl Scout obeys orders.VIII. A Girl Scout is cheerul.XI. A Girl Scout is thrity.X. A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.
Tenderfoot Requirements
1. Learn the Girl Scout Promise, Law, slogan, motto (See pages 7-10.)Talk with your leaders about them.2. Learn the history o Girl Scouting and be able to give the Girl Scout sign,salute, and handshake and know when they are used. (See pages 11-12.)3. Learn how the Flag o the United States o America should be displayedand cared or. (See pages 112-113.)4. Choose one activity rom each o the ollowing groups and show by theway you do them that you understand the Girl Scout Laws: (See pages 8-10.)a. Homemaking: Know how to set a table and do it at home at least oncea day or a week;ORknow how to make a bed and make your own bed every day or a week,ORshow that you know how to care or a household pet.b. Out-o-Doors: Make a rough sketch map o the route you ollow romhome to school, school to troop meeting place, or troop meeting placeto home. Mark on your map the places where there are traf c lights,crossings, sharp corners, and other hazards;ORknow how to use a compass;ORshow that you know our trail signs in grass, stones, and sticks;ORknow the best types o uel and tinder or an outdoor fire.5. Pay the Girl Scout annual national membership dues and know somethingabout why you pay these dues. (See pages 19-20.)6. Attend troop meetings or not less than our weeks. Try to be there ontime, stay until the meeting is over. Take an active part in the meeting.(See pages 19-20.)7. Make the Girl Scout Promise and be invested as a Girl Scout. (Seepages 20-21.)
How to Become a Senior Girl Scout
The last page o most books is a sort o good-by, but in this, your Girl Scout Handbook, itneed not be that. I you are nearing the end o your “Intermediate” days, you are nearingthe beginning o bigger adventures as a Senior Girl Scout.Senior Girl Scouts are high school girls, or girls between ourteen and eighteen, who havetheir own troops, a dierent uniorm and pin, and special programs o their own. Because theyare older, they can do advanced camping, such as trip camping, they can do big jobs in theircommunity, and can go much urther along the paths you began as a Girl Scout.Senior Girl Scouts do not have ranks and badges in their program, but all that you have learnedin earning your ranks and badges will help you in your Senior Scouting. Most Senior troopschoose a special interest on which they will concentrate as Senior Service Scouts, Child CareAides, Program Aides, Hospital Aides, Ranger Aides, Nutrition Aides, Farm Aides, GardenAides, Museum Aides, Of ce and Library Aides, Occupational Therapy Aides, Wing Scouts,or Mariner Scouts. I you have earned your Curved Bar, you will see that you have done somereal preparation or one o these.Senior Girl Scouts also like to learn more about such things as good grooming and enjoyincluding boys in some o their aairs. The things you have learned as an IntermediateGirl Scout about planning your own program and running your troop will help you as a Senior,or high school girls like to plan and carry out their own aairs.You may join an already ormed Senior Girl Scout troop or, with other “graduates” and newriends, help start one o your own. I there is a Senior Girl Scout troop in your neighborhood,invite one o the members to visit your troop to tell you about the things they do and how theSenior troop works. Borrow a copy o Senior Girl Scouting and read about it or yoursel.You will find good times ahead as a Senior Girl Scout.Good Scouting to you!

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