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Published by: api-3730515 on Oct 17, 2008
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Installing Fedora Core 3
Fedora CORE 3, comes on several CD's. Set the computer to boot from its
CD-ROM drive via an appropriate change in its BI OS Setup . Place the
first Fedora CORE installation CD into the CD-ROM drive and restart the

computer. Since the computer has been instructed to boot from the CDROM it will pick up its OS from the first CD inserted in the CDROM drive instead of the HDD.

Having booted the OS from the first CD, the computer's VDU will display a
screen as shown in diagram 1.1.
Diagram 1.1: The CD-ROM boot up screen

The system will wait for the user to either pressEn t e r if desired to run the installation in graphical mode or to type in a command at theb o o t prompt if required. Some machines are particular when it comes to installing Fedora CORE 3 and require the installation to be run with one or more parameters. This is where the user would enter those parameters. However for now the installation process can be commenced by simply pressingEn t e r at theb o o t prompt. This will be followed by a screen prompting to check the CD inserted for errors if any, in the drive. This step can be skipped if the user is sure about the CDs being used for installation by selectings k i p option.

Page 2
If no command is executed within an interval of30 seconds,
Fedora CORE 3 installation automatically commences in
graphical mode.

The Fedora CORE 3 welcome screen is displayed to start off the installation wizard. It consists of a two-pane dialog box. Help text is in the left pane and tasks to be performed are displayed in the right pane as in diagram 1.2.

Diagram 1.2: The Welcome to Fedora CORE screen
The panel at the bottom of the screen contains the buttons described
within table 1.1:
It will close the installation notes appearing in the left hand
side of the screen
It will display the Release notes that have accompanied the
setup files being used
It will retrace one step backward in the installation process
It will proceed one step forward in the installation process
Table 1.1
to get a screen as shown in diagram 1.3.
Page 3
Select an appropriate language for the Operating System as shown in
diagram 1.3 and click
to continue.
Diagram 1.3: The Language Selection screen
In the Keyboard Configuration screen (as shown in diagram 1.4), select
the appropriate keyboard type and click
to continue.
Diagram 1.4: The Keyboard Configuration screen

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