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The Shigaion 2

The Shigaion 2

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Published by api-27564673

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Published by: api-27564673 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When the great schism broke the united bloodlines
asunder, they went their separate ways. While the five
more powerful vampires traveled north, the youngest of
them, her name lost to time, fled south. She is thought to
have been Neferata\u2019s handmaid, the only one to survive
the eternal queen\u2019s early predations, given the curse of
undeath along with her other trusted family and servants.
Little is known about her during the time she lived in the
deathless court, for she was not nobility, and she most
likely was still a servant to her queen. Yet, it was this
handmaid who had the closest relationship with the
hungry spirits that entered her soul and flocked to her
blood like moths to a candle. Over time she learnt to
control these spirits, to coax the dead once more into the
world of the living as ghosts and apparitions. As she
traveled south, she came upon the Silk road and traveled
it, on foot, burying herself beneath the sands during the
day and staggering on by night until even her deathless
form was bent and broken. It is told in Cathayan legend
that many moons ago a creature, bent and hobbling with a
hopping gait found its way to Cathay, and where it went
the trees closed in and the rocks and water darkened with
hate. As she entered Cathay, she found a new type of
spirit mixed with the ever circling realms of the dead. The
lands of Cathay were saturated with spirits, dark and
terrible, of trees and rocks and earth. She found that she
and these spirits shared a bond, they would come to her
and she would converse with them, learning of their hate
for the mortals that walked \u2018their\u2019 land. These spirits are
called the Thushi by Cathayans, earth-ghasts or night-
Over time, the handmaid earned a name among
Cathayans- Shigai, the mud-ghost. Shigai learned to use
mud and earth instead of the bones of the dead to create
her servants, animating piles of shambling dirt and stone
with the tortured spirits of the ancestors or the all too
willing Thushi. She herself changed over the centuries,
her nails growing into huge claws and her shape
becoming ever thinner and twisted. Dirt accumulated on
her, crawling with power and forming a barrier stronger
than plate against the helpless strugglings of her victims.
Shigai soon began creating servants with her kiss and they
too learned to darken the woods and hills which they
stalked. Millennia ago, however, she disappeared. Where
to, no one knows, but her legacy remains and the
Shigaion, her progeny, still stalk Cathay, accompanied by
hordes of shambling clay and dirt and the dark spirits of
the land


Thushi are nature spirits of Cathay, but unlike those of
Athel Loren in the west they are vengeful and evil. The
influence of chaos in the jungles of Cathay is far stronger
than in the lands of the old world and so these spirits are
far more common. It is the Thushi who make the lands of
Cathay so dangerous, for it is they who bend the plants
and soil of Cathay against its people. The Shigaion have a
strong pact with these creatures, and they often serve as
the animating force behind the clay warriors of the
Shigaion, and most vampires will be accompanied by a
guard of terracotta figures, clutching the rusted swords of
the long dead and hungry for death. Both the Thushi and
the Shigaion have a twisted link to nature and can bend
inanimate materials to their will. Armies facing Shigaion
might find themselves lashed by trees, mired in sucking
mud or even pelted by whirlwinds filled with razored


The Shigaion are deeply in tune with the darker side of
nature and so do not feel the need for \u2018civilized\u2019 things
such as shelter. They are just as happy to rip the throat out
of a deer and drain it as a human and the Shigaion tend to
stay away from humans until their dark plans come to
fruition. Like Shigai, the Shigaion are extremely
intelligent but their intelligence is a mad, primal cunning
evident in their wasted visages. The Shigai are not
particularly solitary, and bands of them are not
uncommon, but like all the bloodlines they hold a deep
hatred for the children of the night who are not their kin.
When the need to raise an army for battle or pillage arises,
the Shigaion will animate hordes of servants from mud
and rock, rather than corpses, animating them with the
spirits of the dead. They will also often call upon the
Thushi to aid them, a cause the spirits are most happy to
oblige. A shigaion army is a terrible sight, hordes of
shambling figures, most made from simple soil and dirt,
clutching weapons of the long dead or those they have
recently killed, or simply smashing the foe with heavy
arms. The more sophisticated creations of the Thushi are
known as Clayborn, sculpted so as to resemble perfect
humans in armor, and then magically hardened to be as
durable as stone before a vengeful Thushi enters them.
Together, with the Thushi spirits seething around them
and a dark flock of bats above, when the Shigaion march
to war even the bravest of the brave flee in terror.

All Shigaion gain magic resistance (1)

Shigaion thralls have a 5+ armor save, counts have a 4+ save and lords have a 3+ save. This does not prevent them from casting magic

Shigaion may never use magic or mundane
weapons or armor, nor may they be mounted

Shigaion may use the lore of life instead of
necromancy, however if they swap a spell for the
basic spell they gain invocation of nehek instead
of mistress of the marsh.


Shigaion casting invocation of nehek will
summon earthborn and mudborn instead of
skeletons and zombies respectively

\ue000Filth armor:

Some shigaion \u2018wear\u2019 an even thicker coat of dirt and grit
over their bodies, hardening it into a formidable coat of

The Shigaion gains an additional +1 to its armor save
\ue000Raking talons:

The talons of the shigaion are elongated and razor sharp, able to slash and hack even the most well armored foe to pieces

The Shigaion gains +1 attack and the armor piercing
special rule with its claws

Shigaion can dissolve into the ground, entombing
themselves instantly in mud and stone until all danger has
passed or the time is right to emerge and strike:

At the beginning of any of your turns, you may elect for
the vampire to Earthmeld. It may not perform any actions
that turn (including movement and magic). At the end of
your turn, remove the model from the tabletop and place a
marker where it was. An Earthmelded Shigaion is
effectively removed from the game and cannot be
attacked in close combat, charged, shot or affected by
magic. At the beginning of any of your subsequent turns
you may replace the shigaion on the marker. It may not
move on the turn it emerges but may cast magic as normal

Spirit swarm:

the Shigaion attract the dark spirits of Cathay to them like
moths to a flame and are constantly surrounded by a
howling wind of darkness that whispers to opponents and
distracts them with dark urgings

Enemies attempting to attack the Shigaion in close
combat suffer a -1 to hit penalty
Master of the arcane:
Shigaion rely heavily on dark magics in battle and are
very powerful mages
The Shigaion gains +1 magic level. A thrall with this
ability may take arcane items as normal
Diabolic aura
Shigaion radiate an aura of sinister intelligence and dark
cunning that, terrifies even the stoutest of warriors
The Shigaion causester ro r

Already gnarled and extremely tough, Shigaion can
create a layer of flexible stone over their bodies, further
protecting them from hostile blows

The Shigaion gains +1 toughness
All models in the Shigaion army are undead, excepting
bat swarms

The creations of the Shigaion draw their power from the
bones of the earth, drawing power from the ground on
which they walk. They are far harder to destroy than
normal undead and are somewhat resistant to magic.
Models with the Earthbond rule have a 6+ ward save and
magic resistance (1)


Thushi are incorporeal spirits that haunt the lands of the
east. Only the strongest can manifest physical power and
even then their forms are wispy and incorporeal. Thushi
areeth erea l and have magical attacks. In addition, Thushi
have thereg en era tio n special rule when within 6\u201d of a
Shigaion vampire


Stoneborn are implacable creations and suffer no wounds
from combat resolution. However, should the army
general be killed they will crumble instantly

Twisted nature

Thushi are spirits of nature and can possess all forms of
inanimate and animate substances. While too weak to
directly attack anyone in the physical universe, when in
large groups they can possess small creatures and even
bend inanimate objects like stones and plants to do their
bidding. A unit with the twisted nature rule will inflict d6
hits on any enemy character or unit in base to base contact
at the end of the combat phase with a strength equal to the
Thushi\u2019s unit strength divided by 5, rounded down,
representing the whirlwind of biting creatures, sharp
stones and grasping plants that the Thushi create


The Shigaion are led by the most
powerful of their kind, eons old
malicious creatures who stalk the
darkest forests and deepest jungle,
twisting the world to do their

There are a maximum number of lords that can be fielded and this varies with the size of the army

\ue000he greatest of the Shigaion are

sinister beings who shape the land
to their will. Where they walk the
sky darkens, clear water turns to
mire and even the earth itself
becomes hostile

\ue000he Shigaion stalk Cathay and

Khuresh like vengeful spirits,
seeking to topple society where
they find it and corrupting the
paths upon which they walk. Even
the greatest beasts of Khuresh fear
the Shigaion, for to control the
jungle is to control death itself

\ue004arely, a Thushi spirit of great

power will emerge from the land,
generally from a place of power
similar to the great ogham stones
of Albion or the mighty oaks of
Loren. These creatures are spirits
that can truly affect the material
world and wreak great havoc
wherever they pass

0-1 Shigaion Lord
Points/model: 295
Shigaion lord
5 5
8 5

A Shigaion Lord counts as a Lord and a Hero choice
Weapons & Armour: talons and caked earth
Magic: the Shigaion lord is a level 2 wizard. It may choose spells from

the lore of Life as described in the Warhammer rulebook or the lore of
Necromancy as described in Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts
May be upgraded to a level 3 wizard (+50 pts)

May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Vampire Counts items lists, or powers from the Shigaion
bloodline with a maximum total value of 100 pts.

Shigaion Count
Points/model: 215
Shigaion lord
5 5
7 4
Weapons & Armour: talons and caked earth
Magic: the Shigaion Count is a level 1 wizard. It may choose spells

from the lore of Life as described in the Warhammer rulebook or the
lore of Necromancy as described in Warhammer Armies: Vampire

May be upgraded to a level 2 wizard (+35 pts)

May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Vampire Counts items lists, or powers from the Shigaion
bloodline with a maximum total value of 100 pts.

Thushi Night Shrieker
Points/model: 250
Night Shrieker
5 5
7 4
Weapons & Armour: ethereal claws and talons

May be upgraded to up to a level 2 wizard for +40 pts per
level. If upgraded, the Night Shrieker will always use the Lore
of Life

Special rules: Fly, Cause Terror, Thushi

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