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Prayer Diary Nov Dec11

Prayer Diary Nov Dec11

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Published by BarnabasFund
A bi-monthly diary of daily prayer points for the persecuted Church around the world. It is part of the Barnabas Aid magazine, but can also be ordered separately or in large print
A bi-monthly diary of daily prayer points for the persecuted Church around the world. It is part of the Barnabas Aid magazine, but can also be ordered separately or in large print

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Published by: BarnabasFund on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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November 1 – 3
said, “I have noticed and seen that Christians are being deprived ofthe help, relief and support that other people are getting.” Pray thathelp will reach them quickly and that they may be supplied with theresources to rebuild their shattered lives. Barnabas has been sendingaid to many Christian families.
Wednesday 2
Pray for Ashfaq Munawar, a Pakistani Christian, whowas beaten unconscious by a gang of Muslim extremists for joining inthe celebrations on the country’s Independence Day. He was severelyinjured in the attack by six Muslim men, who hit him with iron rods,on 14 August; his jaw was fractured and he lost five teeth. Beforebeating him, they had asked Ashfaq if he was a Muslim or a Christian,and when he said that he was a Christian, they chided him for joiningin the celebrations and told him to become a Muslim if he wanted tobe included. Pakistani Christians are denied many opportunities andprivileges that the Muslim majority enjoy. Pray that the authoritiesmay do more to protect them from attacks of this kind.
Thursday 3
Every week in India, two or three violent attacks arecommitted against Christians. Over 60 were recorded during the firsthalf of 2011, and Hindu extremists are continuing to target churches,pastors and Christian families. There have also been numerouscases of Christians being falsely accused and arrested on chargesof “forcible conversions”. The Evangelical Fellowship of India, whichrecorded the incidents, said the Christian community had been left“vulnerable and helpless in the onslaught of violence” because ofthe “blatant disregard for the law” by Hindu extremists, coupled withthe inaction and bias of the police. Pray that the authorities will takeThank you for your prayers for our persecuted brothers and sisters inChrist, which make such a difference to them. We sometimes have tochange or omit their names for security reasons, and we have onlylimited space to share their stories. But the Lord knows the peopleand places we are praying about. Thank you for your understanding.
Tuesday 1
Many Pakistani Christians found themselves in grievousdistress for the second time in little more than a year as surgingfloods devastated large swathes of Sindh province in September.Millions of people were affected and hundreds of thousands ofhomes swept away, along with crops and livestock. Thousands wereleft in emergency camps or in appalling conditions by roadsides.Some affected areas were only just recovering after the disastrousfloods of 2010.Christians sufferall the more in thischaos, as they arevery poor and areleft with no meansof support orsurvival and areoften overlookedin the distributionof aid. A localchurch leader
Some Christian families in Pakistan have seentheir homes destroyed by floods a second time
decisive action against this disturbing trend and that all Hindus willallow their Christian neighbours to live in peace.
Friday 4
The southern state of Karnataka, which is governed bythe Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has been worsthit by this year’s anti-Christian violence in India. The incidentsinclude pastors and Christians being threatened and beaten,and Christian property being seized or destroyed. Christians inKarnataka are concerned that Hindu extremists are gearing upfor a major campaign of large-scale violence in light of increasedpolice interference with the churches. Pastors have been told thatunless their churches have been registered at the nearest policestation, police will not be able to protect their buildings; they are alsosupposed to obtain official permission before holding gatherings.Pray that the Christians’ fears will not be realised and that the policewill carry out their statutory duties without imposing unreasonableand restrictive conditions on the churches.
Saturday 5
Nine-year-old “Simon” was forced to run from his homeinto the jungle in great haste when savage anti-Christian violencebroke out in August 2008 in Orissa State, India, leaving thousands ofChristians homeless. During Christian counselling sessions fundedby Barnabas, Simon opened up about the traumatising events heendured. Now his fear is slowly fading and he is enjoying goingto school. Barnabas is enabling the running of a Christian traumacounselling centre and school for one year in Orissa. Pray that the 800Christian children receiving help will be healed from the effects of theirpainful past and that the schooling will open doors for their future.
Sunday 6Pray for a parliamentary enquiry that has beenlaunched in the UK by “Christians in Parliament”, an all-partygroup. Its goal is to seek clarity on what Christians may ormay not do under British law, after various high-profile courtcases involving believers who were penalised for trying toexpress or live out their faith publicly. The initiative comesafter the Equality and Human Rights Commission abandonedplans to give Christians greater freedom to follow their beliefsin the workplace. Pray that the enquiry will reverse theincreasing discrimination and marginalisation experiencedby Christians in the UK. Please also continue to pray forBarnabas Fund’s Operation Nehemiah, which promotesthe Christian values of freedom of conscience, speech andreligion in Britain and elsewhere.Monday 7
In an ominous development, a radical Muslim groupcalled Sharia4Belgium has established a sharia court in Antwerp.They say that its purpose is to create a parallel legal systemin Belgium and to challenge the state’s authority. The court isalready mediating family law disputes for Muslim immigrantsin Belgium, and the group says that it will eventually expand itsremit to include criminal cases. Critics believe that the court willundermine the rights of Muslim women in marriage and educationand make it harder to investigate “honour crimes” against women.Sharia4Belgium are committed to bringing everyone in the countryunder the authority of sharia. Pray that the reach of sharia willnot be extended within European countries, and that it will not beincorporated into national law.
November 4 – 7

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