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All Hands on Deck - Prologue Fall 2011

All Hands on Deck - Prologue Fall 2011

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Published by Prologue Magazine
All Hands on Deck: A Sailor’s Life in 1812 By Sarah H. Watkins and Matthew Brenckle
A tour of the USS Constitution Museum’s newest exhibit about life on "Old Ironsides."
All Hands on Deck: A Sailor’s Life in 1812 By Sarah H. Watkins and Matthew Brenckle
A tour of the USS Constitution Museum’s newest exhibit about life on "Old Ironsides."

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Prologue Magazine on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ver wonder i a sailor’s lie is or you? Visitors to “All Hands on Deck: A Sailor’s Lie in 1812,” the USS Constitution Museum’s newest exhibit, can fnd out. Designed to be bothhands-on and minds-on, the exhibit allows amilies to scrub a deck, swing in a hammock, fre a cannon, and url a sail as they learn about history together. “All Hands on Deck” is the culmination o years o researchinto the lives and experiences o the men who served on board USS 
at the moment when the ship earned her nickname, “Old Ironsides,” and became a national symbol that endures today as one o Boston’s most amous attractions.
By Sarah H. Watkins and Matthew Brenckle
All Hands on Deck 
Fld by ach cdcd ah Naial Achiv, h xhibibig h pa  li ig iva-iv ipiv chiq. B all, vy apc i imdby h had-w xpic  h m ad wm wh livdhgh h Wa  1812.Bca  h waim x-pli, h ai ha pvd
a a avalmm, a hi vici wd mh mighy Ryal Navy. Whil h hip’ a a a aialymbl ha d h vival, i ha dd  bc hppl wh mad h hip’ vici pibl. Tad  idividal livd, wkd, ad gh  bad h. T x-hibi ip
m h iid , givig vic h  im  h hip’ cmpay.By cig  h ppl, icldig cmm am,c, ad mai, h xhibi allw vii  lk byd acic ad chlgy. T xhibi xami ail-’ mivai  liig ad hw hy adjd li i h l-caid wd wld. I al  aglimp  li ah, cidig wh ad wha h ail- l bhid ad h impac  paai ad l aid cmmii. A “All Had  Dck” dma, wh ail -d h highly glad, idpd hipbad cm-miy, hy w cd  d pychlgical adphyical hadhip  h ak  hip ad cy. Tihad xpic gd a mial bd amg hip-ma ad ld hm  gad hi mma a a -ga amily. F hm, h hip wa hm.T xhibi’ al ci hw hw h cw’ paici-pai i aval vici v Ga Biai dig h Wa 1812 cibd  Amica’ mgig aial id-iy. T y  
ad h cw i paiclaly imly a  cy ppa  h bicial  h Wa  1812.
(“Old Ironsides”) deeated HMS
on August 19, 1812, and became a national symbol.
Lie-sized photographs
actors in authentically reproduced costumes populate the exhibit and add a sense o realism to the visitor’s experience.
37All Hands on Deck 
Visitors Prepare to Go to SeaAs Sailors on the Constitution
 Wh vii  “All Had  Dck,”hy xpic h bl  a by B- wa a pvii ad livck a hid abad. Hadbill pd h wall idica ha hy a appach-ig a ciig c  USS
. H vii  c li-izdph c  ail ad civilia. U-ig h phyical dcipi  acal idi-vidal m h im—ag, high, y adhai cl, ad ca  a, all gladm iz ll (phyical dcipi adlim dail  Mai piva adNCO), pi--wa cd, ad a-ma pci cica—w gh ac- wh had h igh lk ad  h ail-’ pl. A xiv viw  clhig cipi ay acc ad Navy cacppal a h Naial Achiv ld pial a a ail. Sm qi licilagh, h lk  dibli  dig.F iac, h ci ak, “Hav yv wg i a hammck? A y willig lp x  200  y cl id wh a badly i d  a bah?” T -ci alli h aw, ad h ci ji h cw.Nx, aiac ad x pal pmpvii  hik ab wha ail d-d  big  a wih hm ad whai wa lik  bid awll  lvd .Oc  dck, hy a “wlcmd” bad by a mk-wildig mai -y wh wa hm ha hy m dhi dy   h cqc.h pac mimic
 dck, wih plakig blw, iggig abv, hblwak  h hip  ih id, add  h hip ad a.
Visitors can swing on a hammock like the ship’ssailors, try the tough work o scrubbingthe deck, and work at urling a sail.
xacly wha
m w adallwd   ca a wadb  had-w gam. Skilld mak-p aigav h ac h ddy chk ad diy had  al wah-ba a. T g- ppla h xhibi ad ld a i-vald lvl  chaac ad viimilid h dig.Oid h “H  Rdzv”(mpay ciig c), vii  aigial badid iyig ciiz ha“Wa i dclad.” L. Chal W. Mga,pibl  ciig, ivi viii h wa bildig  v hicy ad gh  “ ad ad ail-’ igh.”Iid, vii ak  acig a -ci ad ci. T ci ak h -ci a i  qi  gag hi  h
Fall 2011

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