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Published by: api-3736604 on Oct 17, 2008
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The Core FAQ File

-- 03MX

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2Table of Contents:- Pages

I) Computer Networks - 3 - 40
II) Database Management System - 41 - 82
III) Operating System - 83 - 129
IV) Object Oriented Programming - 130 - 177
V) Data Structures and Algorithms - 178 - 216
VI) \u2018C\u2019 Code Snippets \u2013 217 - 230

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3Part \u2013 I
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4Topics Covered:-

i) Introduction to Network and Physical Layer \u2013 Nigitha S J
ii) Data Link Layer and Medium Access Control Sublayer
-- Jeevan Prakaash D
iii) Network Layer and Transport Layer \u2013 Sameera S, Gohila G
iv) Application Layer & Network Security \u2013Raghu shankar R
v) TCP/IP - Sree Vidhya B

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1. What is Computer Networks?
Interconnection of autonomous computer . One system cannot force other system to shut
2. What is Data Communication?
Data Communication is the exchange of data between two devices via some form of
transmission medium.
3. What is Protocol?
Set of rules that govern data communication.
4. What is Line Configuration?
Line Configuration refers to the way two or more communication devices attach to a link.
5. What is Link?
Link is the physical communication pathway that transfers data from one device to
6. State the Categories of line configuration & explain them.
i. Point-to-Point
A Point-to-Point line configuration provides a dedicated link between two
ii. Multipoint
A multipoint line configuration is one in which more than two specific devices
share a single link.
7. What is Topology?
Pattern of interconnection of nodes or system..
8. What is Mesh Topology? State its advantage & disadvantage.
In a Mesh Topology, every device has a dedicated point-to-point link to every other
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61] The use of dedicated links, eliminates the traffic problems.
2] It is robust.
3] Another advantage is privacy or security.
The main disadvantage of a mesh is related to the amount of cabling & the number of I/O
ports required.
9. What is Star Topology?
In a star topology, each device has a dedicated point-to-point link to central controller,
called a hub.
10. Define the term Transmission mode.
It is used to define the direction of signal flow between two linked devices.
11. Explain the three types of transmission modes.

1] In Simplex mode, the communication is unidirectional. Only one of the two
stations on a link can transmit, the other can only receive.
2] In Half-duplex, each station can both transmit and receive, but not at the same
3] In Full-duplex mode, both stations can transmit and receive simultaneously.

12. Connection-Oriented Service

To use connection-oriented service, the user first establishes a connection, uses the
connection and then releases the connection. The sender sends the data in one end, and
the receiver takes them out in the same order at the other end.

13. Connectionless Service

In connectionless service, each message carries the full destination address and each
one is routed through the system independent of all the others. Here the Order of injection
is not same as order of delivery.

14. Define Gateway.
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7A device used to connect two separate networks that use different communication
15. Define Repeater.

A device used in a network to strengthen a signal as it is passed along the network
cable . It works at the Physical Layer of the OSI model.
A device that receives, amplifies, and retransmits a signal. Consists of a transceiver
(transmitter and receiver). It is used to boost signal levels to extend the system distance .

16. Define Router.

A communications device between networks that determines the best path between them
for optimal performance. Routers are used in complex networks of networks such as
enterprise-wide networks and the Internet.

17. Define Switch.
A network traffic monitoring device that controls the flow of traffic between multiple
network nodes.
18. What is the function of Physical Layer?

1] It transmits a bit stream over a physical medium.
2] It defines the characteristics of the interface between the devices and the
transmission medium.
3] It also defines the type of transmission medium.
4] It defines the direction of transmission between two devices i,e; transmission

19. Data rate.
The number of bits sent each second is known as transmission rate or data rate.

Physical Layer is one of the network support layers.
Physical Layer is reliable bit pipe.
Physical Layer -the first layer of the OSI model, responsible for the mechanical and
electrical specifications of the medium.

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1) What are the functions of Data Link Layer?

The functions of Data Link Layer are to provide
1) Well define interface with Network layer
2) Deal transmission errors
3) Regulate the flow of Data

2) What is a frame? What does it compose of?

The Data link layer takes the packets it gets from the network layer and
encapsulates them into frames. Each frame consists of
1) Frame Header
2) Payload Field ( for holding the packet)

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