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Pathway to Faith

Pathway to Faith

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Published by Bob Yacobucci
A two page document discussing why Christians believe in God, and how we are to arrive at the type of faith God calls for us to have in Him.
A two page document discussing why Christians believe in God, and how we are to arrive at the type of faith God calls for us to have in Him.

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Published by: Bob Yacobucci on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PagePathway to Faith October 24, 2011
Pathway to Faith
By Bob YacobucciOctober 24, 2011One of the things I find interesting about the Bible is as much as there is for a non-believer to ridicule, abeliever finds insightfulness, wisdom, truth, and guidance. Why is this? Why do two people who seemrelatively similar in every other aspect have such a differing opinion of the existence of God? I do notconsider myself unintelligent, or gullible, and I will grant my non-believer friend
the same respect. I’ve
been accused by a non-believer of being indoctrinated into a religion at a young age and I need to openmy mind, as if to say, that because of my history I have a close mind about the possibility that there isnot a God. Oh, if they only knew how many times I have doubted there is a God they would know thatthis can be furthest from the truth. My parents are long gone and along with them my perceivedrequirement to believe in God; my brain analyzes more about our world than I care to admit. And as
much as I have reanalyzed the “God” qu
estion, I keep coming back to the same
conclusion, “There is aGod!” This is not because I need some fanciful green monster in the sky to comfort me, it is because I
have read the Bible and objectively come to some conclusions. I cannot look at the world around meand say with conviction
, “
This was all an accident
”, anymore than
I can convince a non-believer to say,
“God waved a magic wand and made
all happen.”
Science cannot prove or disprove God, andneither can a Christian prove God to others by quoting hundreds of Bible verses.So what are Christians basing their belief on? We know from the Bible our belief is not to be based onproof, but instead on
“Faith.” What kind of faith though?
If someone were to say to us,
“Have faith the
tooth fairy
exists!” how apt are
we to believe in the tooth fairy? Most likely we would discount thestatement and walk away. So we cannot assume that just because we are conversing with a non-believer and use the words
, “Have faith!”
that they will believe and walk away with some greatrevelation. To me,
the word “faith” is a pretty weak word when
left standing on its own. We need toprovide something deeper than a word because faith without reason will falter.
Let’s take a diversion for
a bit and discuss the opposite of faith which is proof. We
sometimestempted to prove to ourselves, and others, that God does exist.
I’ve learned a long time
ago that thisalways leads to a dead-end. If we
were to say, “Have faith that 10 + 10 equal
well that would beoxymoron statement because proof does not require faith and so we should resist trying to do the samewith God. Whew, that was a mouthful of words! To sum this up, the Bible is pretty clear in saying thatGod requires us to believe through faith, not proof, so the pathway to faith cannot be paved with proof.
Okay, so let’s get back on track with the word “faith
We know that faith in God just does not pop intoour heads so it must be based on something. Something must allow faith to enter in into us and growinside of us. I
make an educated guess that 100% of the people reading this article have faith thattomorrow morning the sun will rise in the sky (assuming we are not living somewhere near the northpole). Ah, faith in something is possible which means there is some common ground between bothbelievers and non-believers! Even though it is possible that the sun could go out like a candle in the next

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