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Deep Magic May 2004

Deep Magic May 2004

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Published by Deep Magic

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Published by: Deep Magic on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Published by The Amberlin Group, LLC.Staff Chief Editor - Jeremy WhittedManaging Editor - Brendon Taylor Contributing Editor - Jeff Wheeler Copyediting Manager - JW Wrenn Technology Geek - Steven Richards Writing Challenge Editor - Usman Tanveer Malik Book Reviews Editor - Matthew Scott WinslowSciFi Book Reviews Editor - Rochelle Buck Copyeditor - Mark Reeder Copyeditor - Scott ClementsCopyeditor - Keri StevensonCopyeditor - Lynn EasterwoodSubmissions Review - All EditorsGraphic Design - Jeremy Whitted Art Director - Jeff Wheeler  Associate Art Director - Reuben Fox Marketing - Jeff Wheeler Legal - Brendon Taylor  We would like to thank our volunteer proofreaders: A. M. StickelIsaac Nydegger L. D. ReeceMike Loos Website:http://www.deep-magic.net Feedback:feedback@deep-magic.net Cover by Chris Dien
Deep Magic strives to produce and publish morally responsible art and literature. Although great effort has been made to refer our read- ers to like-minded websites, Deep Magic is not capable of controlling the content in other sites linked to or referenced herein. Thus, Deep Magic encourages its readers to use their own discretion when visiting other sites identified on our site or in Deep Magic: The E-Zine of High Fantasy and Science Fiction.
 All Content copyright © 2004 The Amberlin Group, LLC
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 A subscription to Deep Magic is absolutely free.Each month, we will notify you when a new issue isreleased. You will also be notied periodically whenDeep Magic has special newsor offers.Go to thewebsite and subscribe today.
If you are familiar with the internet at all, you knowhow common dead and broken links are. If you ever try toaccess a link from this e-zine and it no longer works, don’tgive up. Go tohttp://www.deep-magic.netwhere you will ndarchives of previous issues. As we catch dead and brokenlinks, we will make a note on the corrections page for thatissue. If that is the case, you will nd the corrected URLthere. If we have not already caught the defective link, pleasesend an email tofeedback@deep-magic.net, and we will do allwe can to track down an updated URL for the information youseek. However, please keep in mind that sometimes content istaken down and is gone forever.
 Table of Contents
Deep Magic: The E-zine of High Fantasy and Science FictionMay 2004
Note From the Editors
May 2004
his past month was an exciting month at Deep Magic as we saw our subscriber and downloadnumbers continue to increase. The launch of our new world-building project, Kenatos, hasalso been an immediate success. This was no more apparent than with our writing challenge,which was the most successful yet. And we’re going to do something special with the results. Inthis issue, we printed ten of the writing challenges we received. After you read through them, re-turn to the page where you downloaded this issue and vote in the poll. You are deciding which of these challenges (as many as you like) will be included in the ofcial Kenatos Bestiary! For thosewhose challenges didn’t get published, we invite you to rework the piece and submit it directly tothe Kenatos project. We are always on the lookout for new creatures, races, stories, etc. for Kena-tos.This month, we hope to bring two new elements to Deep Magic. First, the Kenatos websiteis under construction and will hopefully be available soon. In addition, we are currently in betafor our new online submissions system. So for all you writers out there, stay tuned. You cancheck our forums for up-to-date information.The writing challenge this month is another Kenatos-related exercise, so don’t miss it. And don’t skip the other regular features in this issue. The Geek’s Guide to Grammar andPage Turners: Deep Magic Looks at Books are back for another round. So are the stories. KeriStevenson continues her novel
Royalty of Wind, Fire, and Clay
and Bret Ludwig chimes in witha fantasy short of his own entitled
The Archer and the Dove
. Two Science Fiction pieces are alsoincluded:
 A Taste of Time
by Abby Goldsmith and
The Interstellar Public Health Inspector
byNigel Atkinson. As an added bonus, we have reprinted a chapter from Terry Brooks’ new book,
Sometimes the Magic Works
, which explores the craft of writing. For aspiring writers, there aresure to be some nuggets of wisdom and advice for you.We would like to look ahead a few months and give all you authors a chance to submitto a couple themed issues we are planning. In August, we are planning a Children’s issue, so if you would like to submit a story aimed for children or youth, please do so no later than June 20.In October, once again, we will be doing our Horror issue. If you enjoy putting a little scare intoyour stories, send them along. Just make sure, of course, that it is still appropriate for our ‘safeplaces for minds to wander’ theme.If you haven’t dropped by our forums recently, you should pop in and say ‘hello.’ We’vebeen getting more activity there as staff and readers discuss the Deep Magic issues. Registeringis free, your email address is kept strictly condential, and you can always get the latest fromboth staff and fellow readers. As always, we thank you for downloading Deep Magic, and we hope you enjoy our latestoffering. All the best,The Editors
Safe Places for Minds to Wander 

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