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vienna secession: six poems for samtycke (consent) aka an anon

vienna secession: six poems for samtycke (consent) aka an anon

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Oct 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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vienna secession: 6 poems for samtycke (consent) aka an anon 
-belvedere-poets for cannibals-amerikanakia-Ivy League Bulimic -green fascism-beloved syllables
 samtycke i cannot fashion words to fit your gracethey hold nothingwhere your two hands were invisiblethere i found your eyesboiling out of your mind like cool reptile and pale you were one dayi was worried for youand then long it was the waiting while all tumbled down id scurry this or any other waybeneath the words of your keepingthis or any other tongueholds no meaninglike the heartache of goodbyeas tenderly ill tiptoe into my future waiting for then another moment to comei could walk past you without askingfor the flowers that you grow and then were it where our words fell into glass and crystal under juvenaliaand the floors creak in painand the police have after my camerawhere i seek to capture your faceyou are there in a sad visionkissing her but i’m happy anyway and then our words sing symphony and sonata as we look across the lawn, discontent with somuch restriction, which makes it alland so nice i like this ironand the chains from which you singbut utopias were present only in dreamswhere there we sat at long saloncontent to burn away
the present content of past knowledgeas your wits have their way and fast you go through fields of time and race i by your sideand it were not for beauty that i love you but your mind
 poets for cannibals
 i tried to find you there by lotus star but shadows were all i’d seeby way to london riots in julypainful was not knowing when you’d walkout of the wooden walls of timeand there you stoodregalia of this or thatand money was flying from the heavenslike cats there was no way back to dreaming, the pain of swiss trainsor the convoluted regalingnovalis ragedshe had a way with bloody steakswhen they were all that grewupon the bones of corpsesoslo grew bright upon the iron maidenand brown women there were soldand soon sean’s blood flew forthupon amy’s roseand i was starved by years the trauma of the diesel in the air prior the riotsi drank tea to throatnothing to the cavern there in timewhere swirled all in perfect unisonin silence there was a still point then one afternoon,weaving to and froand then the words were spit of smog in ragsvedand tea could not quenchher thirst for consent was ragingas he wielded money like a curseand love was not the flavor of his unkempt desireand sex by surprise did conspireto ruin men forever in their way nowof seeming more as apes the dayand there i saw his face, he didnt have to say anything
and there definedas karoshi sokushinbutsuwe both inclinedto be living as we diedinto a cruel momenton a day thirteenand there where shadows swept usi did no thingbut witness a certain viciousway humans haveand there said just a few wordsto let it pass now samtycke hold me close by eveningwhere your beauty is my desireand ill hold my stomach full of crumbs for sylviawhen her gaseous head smelled burnt 
 i do love youby the light of this firebomband suck coffee into my yellow teethto hide the nothing lest i sleep and there where all was upside downthe instrument of privilegethe queen is deadand your furyhold me fast under the cursethe fronting of the geniusholds a better way in timeand samtycke, i just really like you, in the eighties, in julyi like you by a texas lakein a cold dreary roomwith theatrical type writersand your versei see what you are writingand i truly understand we are mall rats alland Assange our manive my hand your knee nowamerikanakiai read all the cablesi can die nowwikileaks with samtycke bombs in my hand 

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