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Lakukan Pembayaran Yang Aman Dengan PayPal

Lakukan Pembayaran Yang Aman Dengan PayPal

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Published by emdi_diana

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: emdi_diana on Oct 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lakukan pembayaran yang aman dengan PayPal
Pembayaran Anda untuk pembelian ini diproses secara aman oleh PayPal. Berikut adalahbeberapa cara PayPal melindungi informasi Anda:
Kami menggunakan alat enkripsi dan pencegahan penipuan tercanggih dalam industri ini.
Kami akan menindaklanjuti dengan email konfirmasi setiap kali Anda melakukanpembayaran.
Informasi keuangan Anda tidak akan diberikan kepada siapapun, bahkan pedagang.
Ingin mendapatkan lebih dari PayPal?
Daftar untuk memperoleh rekening PayPal sekarang. Anda akan menikmati ketenangan denganlangkah keamanan tercanggih dalam industri ini dan kenyamanan yang lebih selama checkout:
Anda dapat membayar secara mudah dan aman melalui rekening bank Anda atau melaluikartu kredit di ribuan toko online.
Anda tidak perlu mengeluarkan kartu kredit Anda setiap kali Anda membayar. Informasipengiriman dan penagihan akan diisi secara otomatis di situs pembayaran aman kami bilaAnda checkout, sehingga Anda tidak perlu memasukkannya berulang kali.
PayPal menawarkan perlindungan pembeli pada transaksi yang memenuhi syarat untuk harga pembelian penuh plus biaya pengiriman.
User Agreement for PayPal Service
Last Update: Jun 15, 2011Print 
This Agreement contains seventeen sections. You may jump directly to any section by selectingthe appropriate link below. The headings and subheadings below are for reference only and donot limit the scope of each section. Underlined words in this Agreement and on our websitehyperlink to relevant information.
Jump to section:
Consumer advisory - The PayPal payment service is regarded as a stored value facility underSingapore law.PayPal Pte. Ltd., the Holder of the PayPal stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers (users) are advised to read these terms andconditions carefully.This Agreement, the Privacy Policy and each of these policies may be changed from time to timeupon reasonable notice to you. Upcoming material changes will be posted 30 days prior to theireffective date on the "Policy Updates" page, accessible from "Policy Updates" link on theAccount Overview page once you have logged in. In addition, you can set your Preferences toreceive email notification of policy updates. You may review the current Agreement prior toinitiating a transaction at any time at our User Agreement page. In addition, when usingparticular Services, you agree that you are subject to any policies or rules which are posted inconjunction with those Services. All such posted policies or rules are hereby incorporated byreference into this Agreement.
This is an important document which you must consider carefully when choosing whetherto use the Services at any time. This entire Agreement and its policies, highlight the risks inusing the PayPal Service as well as providing guidance on how to carry out onlinepayments via PayPal.
Please note the following risks, amongst others, that could occur when using the PayPalservice:
Payments received in your PayPal account may be held or reversed at a later time(in some instances up to 180 days following the time of receiving the payment) if such a payment is subject to a chargeback, reversal, Claim or otherwise invalidated.This means that for some of our sellers, payments received into their Account maybe returned to the sender or otherwise removed from their Account after they havebeen paid and/or delivered any goods sold.
You can help protect yourself from the risks of your payment being removed fromyour Account by following the criteria set out in the PayPal Seller Protection Policy
and by following the other guidance provided to sellers as set out in the "SecurityCentre", accessible via every page of the PayPal website.
You should be aware of the possibility of unauthorised transactions from your
account or receiving payments from unauthorised transactions from a third party’s
You can help protect yourself from the risks of unauthorised transactions by
regularly checking your Account transaction history. Refer to PayPal’s “ElectronicFund Transfer Rights and Error Resolution” policy.
We may close, suspend, or limit your access to your Account or our Services, and/orlimit access to your funds for up to 180 days if you carry out activities which are incontravention of this Agreement and its associated policies incorporated byreference.
You must consider such risks and guidance, as well as any other risks set out in thisAgreement and its associated policies, before using PayPal.
 This User Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and PayPal Pte. Ltd. and appliesto your use of the PayPal payment service and any related products and services available
through PayPal‟s websites located at any URL such as: www.paypal.com, www.paypal.com.sg,
www.paypal.com.hk, www.paypal.com.mx etc.. (collectively, the "Services"). The Services areprovided by PayPal Pte. Ltd. and if you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not use or access the Services.You must read, agree with, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in thisAgreement and the Privacy Policy, which include those terms and conditions expressly set outbelow and those incorporated by reference, before you may become a member of PayPal. Westrongly recommend that, as you read this Agreement, you also access and read the informationcontained in the other pages and websites referred to in this document, as they may containfurther terms and conditions that apply to you as a PayPal user. Please note: underlined wordsand phrases are links to these pages and websites. By accepting this Agreement, you also agreethat your use of other PayPal websites and Services will be governed by the terms and conditionsposted on those websites.For additional information about the Services and how it works, please also consult the PayPalHelp Center. In this Agreement, "you" or "your" means any person or entity using the Services ("Users").Unless otherwise stated, "PayPal," "we" or "our" will refer collectively to PayPal, Inc. and itssubsidiaries including PayPal Pte. Ltd.,PayPal Asset Management Inc. Unless otherwisespecified, all references to a "bank" in this Agreement include savings associations and creditunions, and all references to a "credit card" include Visa- and MasterCard-branded debit cards.
In order to use the Services, you must register for an account. Users may only hold

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