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Published by: liketotally on Oct 27, 2011
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 Refer to the exhibit. Which two conclusions can be made based on the output of the
show mac address-table
command. (Choose two.)Port Fa0/6 is configured as a trunk.Port Fa0/2 will not have the MAC address expire.Port Fa0/5 is configured for VLAN 30.VLAN 100 is connected to a hub.VLAN 20 was learned via a neighboring switch.A network administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue in a Layer 2 switched network. Afterissuing the
show mac-address-table
command on the access switch, the administrator observes that thereis no entry for the host that is experiencing the problems. The host machine is powered on and appears tobe functioning normally. What can be deduced from this?ARP does not function on the host machine.The host machine is connected to the wrong port on the local switch.The host machine does not have a physical connection to the switched network.The
show mac-address-table
command only displays the MAC address of devices that are connected tothe native VLAN.The
show mac-address-table
command only displays the destination MAC address, so there should not bean entry for the host machine until data is sent to it.
 Switches B and D are running different versions of STP.Switches B and D have not agreed on the STP root for VLAN 10.Switches A and B are not configured as a trunk link.Switches A and B are not configured as an EtherChannel.What is one of the first indications that spanning tree has failed and a broadcast storm may be underway?Access ports move into blocking state.All 802.1Q trunks shut down unexpectedly.MAC address tables rapidly fill and prevent data frame forwarding.Routers or Layer 3 switches run at a very high CPU utilization load.A switch console displays the message
. What does this mean?The ports that are configured for EtherChannel have been disabled because of an inconsistency in theconfiguration.The root bridge for the Spanning Tree Protocol cannot be found.The spanning-tree timers on the port do not match the timers on the port of the neighboring switch.The PortFast feature has been enabled, but a switch has been detected on that port.A network administrator created an EtherChannel that consists of four physical links. Upon examination of the log files, the administrator observed the following message.Nov 30 15:05:45: %EC-5-CANNOT_BUNDLE2: Gi1/1 is not compatible with Gi1/2 and will be suspendedWhat is the cause of this error message?The switch was not able to create the EtherChannel link.Only one switch is properly configured for EtherChannel.The switch has suspended a physical link because of incompatibilities.There is an uneven distribution of traffic on the EtherChannel bundle members.The Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is incompatible with the version of the IOS that is runningon the switch.
What is true of a switched virtual interface (SVI) on a Layer 3 switch?It carries traffic for multiple VLANs.It is a physical interface in a single VLAN.It is created when the associated VLAN is created.It provides a default gateway for hosts in a VLAN.What is the purpose of the
no switchport
command?to disable the interfaceto make the interface a routed portto initiate spanning tree on the interfaceto change the interface to a trunk portThe command
show ip cef 
displays the contents of which table?Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)IP routingForwarding Information Base (FIB)adjacencyRouting Information Base (RIB)The
show mls cef 
command is available on which platform?35603750450065002960About which process can detailed information be found from the output of the
show platform forward
 command on the Catalyst 3560, 3750, and 4500 platforms?errorsforwardingcountersbufferingqueuingWhich three types of ports or interfaces can be affected by the Spanning Tree Protocol? (Choose three.)routedaccesstrunkloopbacknullSwitch Virtual Interface (SVI)A network administrator received several complaints from end users that they are unable to access anyresources on the Layer 2 switched network. The administrator unplugs one of the redundant links that isrunning to the affected area of the network, and the users report that the problem disappears. When thecable is reconnected, the problem reappears. What is the most likely cause of the problem?The network cable is faulty.The immediately upstream switch is faulty.Spanning tree has failed or has been disabled.The link cable is connected to an incorrect VLAN.The switch port is improperly configured as an access port.

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