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Published by liketotally

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Published by: liketotally on Oct 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What are two motivations for measuring network performance? (Choose two.)capacity planningcontrolling traffic flowdiagnosing performance problemsincreasing network securitymonitoring user activitytroubleshooting logging activityWhen should high-impact network changes be made on a production network?immediatelyduring regular business hoursduring peak network traffic timesduring scheduled maintenance windowsWhich two network maintenance tasks should be performed as part of a network maintenance plan?(Choose two.)network monitoringIP address administrationservice-level agreement compliancecommand line device managementaccommodating adds, moves, and changesWhich two network procedures should all network maintenance plans include? (Choose two).replacing failed devicesdetermining business hoursaccommodating adds, moves, and changesestablishing a list of non-essential applicationsresponding to all external queriesWhat are two benefits of scheduling maintenance as part of the network maintenance planning effort?(Choose two.)reduced network downtimemore promotion of the use of a common calendarless need for network monitoringpredictable lead time for change requestsimmediate solutions to noncritical issueseasier for budget planning purposesWhat are two benefits to a scheduled maintenance? (Choose two.)reduces network downtimeallows failed devices to be corrected immediatelyallows the engineers to make the corrections during peak utilization timesensures software patches and backups are completedWhy is it important to have a disaster recovery plan for a network?to reduce network coststo reduce downtime when a device failsto increase network capacity during peak timesto increase network throughput during peak timesWhat must be considered when creating configuration backups to be used during disaster recovery?a clear versioning and naming systemservice contract informationexact hardware serial numberslocation of single points of failure
An administrator has a written procedure of the steps to follow if a device fails. Which two items shouldthe administrator have in order to reduce the amount of downtime the failed device could cause? (Choosetwo.)existing IOSSNMP logsCisco Feature Navigatorcopy of current configurationAn administrator needs to ensure a server is created to store all network device backups. Which serviceshould be enabled on the server to allow it to receive backups?TelnetCCPNTPFTPWhich two statements are true about NTP servers in an enterprise network? (Choose two.)There can only be one NTP server on an enterprise network.All NTP servers synchronize directly to a stratum 1 time source.NTP servers at stratum 1 are directly connected to an authoritative time source.NTP servers ensure an accurate time stamp on logging and debugging information.NTP servers control the mean time between failures (MTBF) for key network devices.Which Cisco web-based resource provides a complete bill-of-materials based on selected hardware andsoftware configurations?Cisco Power CalculatorCisco Feature NavigatorEmbedded Event ManagerDynamic Configuration ToolCiscoWorks Resource Manager EssentialsWhat are two ways to simplify access to network maintenance documentation? (Choose two.)a wikian issue tracking systemSNMP Object NavigatorCisco Feature NavigatorCisco Dynamic Configuration ToolA network technician receives a report from a user about a connectivity issue to a branch office resource.The details of the issue are documented and assigned a priority. Another team member reviews the issueand researches how similar issues were resolved in the past. The issue is escalated to another team forresolution. What type of maintenance tool matches the process described?Management Information Base (MIB)Dynamic Configuration Toolissue tracking systemsyslog server logging systemWhich two actions are considered part of network monitoring and performance measurement? (Choosetwo.)measurement of network delay, jitter, or packet lossmonitoring of interface status, interface load, CPU load, and memory usagemonitoring the procedures used to install software, configurations, and licensesmonitoring the performance of the tools required to transfer the software and configuration to the deviceensuring the availability of documentation of the exact hardware part, serial, and service contract numbersfor the devices
Which network performance statistics should be measured in order to verify SLA compliance?NAT translation statisticsdevice CPU and memory utilizationpacket round-trip time (RTT), jitter, and packet lossnumber of error messages that are logged on the syslog serverRefer to the exhibit. Based on the information presented, why would a syslog server not receive debugginginformation?Debugging information cannot be sent to a syslog server.The
logging trap 7
global configuration command still needs to be issued.The logging buffer is too small to store debugging information and must be increased.The
logging console debugging
global configuration command still needs to be issued.The
logging monitor debugging
global configuration command still needs to be issued.Successful disaster recovery is dependent on the existence of which two items? (Choose two.)network management personnel on-site 24/7up-to-date server patchessoftware provisioning toolsup-to-date hardware inventorywell-defined trust boundariesRefer to the exhibit. A network administrator is tasked with creating a backup of the startup configurationfor router R1 to a server with IP address Which option will provide the most secure way totransfer the file?R1#
copy startup-config
copy startup-config ftp://RED:san-fran@
copy startup-config
copy startup-config

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