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H&K Catalog 2009

H&K Catalog 2009

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Published by Mario Lopez

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mario Lopez on Oct 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2<glbal website: www.heckler-kch.cmusa website: www.hk-usa.cm>3
Picatinny Rail foR accessoRies
Integral MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail molded into thepolymer rame dust cover or mounting lights, laser aimers, and other accessories. HK45 shown withSureFire weaponlight.
o-Ring foR accuRacy 
HK45 and HK45 Compacts have proprietary O-ring barrels or precise barrel-to-slide lockup and optimalaccuracy. HK45 and HK45 Compact barrels are madeusing the amous HK cold-hammer orging process.
ModulaR BackstRaPs
 Each HK45 comes standard with an extra backstrap;medium and small interchangeable backstrapsensure an optimal t or most shooter’s hands andcomplement the ergonomic prole grip.
The HK45 is Heckler & Koch’s newest semi-automatic pistol and is availablein both a ull-size rame and compact models. The HK45 and HK45 Compactwere developed as product improvements o the highly-regarded andultra-reliable HK USP45 and USP45 Compact amily o pistols that wereintroduced in the 1990s.New user-inspired enhancements ound on the HK45 and HK45 Compactare also present on several recent Heckler & Koch semi-automatic pistols,including the P30, P30L, P2000, and P2000 SK. These eatures includechangeable backstraps, improved Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails,better ergonomics, and more ambidextrous controls.The HK45 and HK45 Compact were originally developed as possiblecandidates or the Joint Combat Pistol (JCP) and Combat Pistol (CP)programs administered by the U.S. military in their search or a new servicehandgun.Well-suited or personal deense use, the HK45 and HK45C (Compact)are available in, or can be converted to, a wide variety o variants thatuse dierent trigger ring modes, including SA/DA (single action/doubleaction) and DAO (double action only). The DAO mode uses the uniqueHeckler & Koch LEM (Law Enorcement Modication) ring system or improved double action trigger pull.By using the modular approach to the internal components rst pioneeredby HK on the USP, the control lever unction o the HK45 can be switchedrom the let to the right side o the pistol to accommodate let-handedshooters (additional parts required). Let and right mounted control leversprovide saety and/or decocking unctions as required and can be tted tothe pistol simply by changing parts. For true ambidextrous use, a controllever can also be mounted on both sides o the pistol i required.Extensively tested and operationally proven, the HK45 Series is a newparadigm or Heckler & Koch handgun design and manuacturing.
HK45 & HK45 Compact Pistols
Patented Lock-Out Saety deviceand interchangeable backstrapsContoured and radiused machined steel slidewith orward slide grooves (ront cocking serrations) and anti-glare longitudinal ribs (top)P30L identical to standard P30but with
inch longer slide,barrel, and sight radius
Recent HK pistol designs, the P30 and P30L (Long Slide) are modern policeand security pistols that combine unction and saety. Ergonomic eaturesinclude a special rame with interchangeable backstraps and lateral grippanels, allowing the pistol to be individually adapted to any user. Multipletrigger ring modes include HK’s Law Enorcement Modication (LEM)enhanced double action only and conventional single action/double actionwith a serrated decocking button located on the rear o the rame. Other ambidextrous controls include dual slide and magazine release levers.A Picatinny rail molded into the ront o the rame makes mounting lights,laser aimers, or other accessories easy and convenient. The P30 Series hasa double action hammer with a ring pin block saety that eliminates theneed or a manual saety. Extensively tested, the P30 Series have alreadybeen adopted by several European police agencies. Excellent weight andbalance make both the P30 and P30L naturally pointable, easy to control,and accurate to shoot. The P30 and P30L are both available in 9 mm; theP30 is also available in .40 S&W.
P30 and P30L Pistols
Polygonal bore or increasedvelocity, easier cleaning,and longer barrel lieLow prole slide and slimline,compact dimensionsAmbidextrous controlswith dual slide releasesand enlarged magazinereleaseAn improved USP-style control lever,a combination saety and decocking lever, is rame mounted on the HK45and is quickly accessible. The HK45control lever has a positive stop andreturns to the “re” position ater decocking.The HK45 uses the an ergonomicprole grip similar to the recentlyintroduced HK P30.The HK45 Compact is unctionallyidentical to the HK45 with ashorter barrel/slide and a shorter,“slim-line” grip. Shown with an8-round magazine.Single action/double action model with a rame mounted controllever. Also available as a “slick-sides” double action only (DAO)model using the HK LEM (Law Enorcement Modication) ring system or improved double action trigger pull.
HK45 CmpactCaliber .45 ACPHK45 Cmpact .45 ACP
with 10-round magazine withextended foorplate and grip backstrap
P30L (Lng Slide)Caliber 9 mm
Corrosion proo ber-reinorcedpolymer rame with changeablebackstrap inserts and grip panels
HK45Caliber .45 ACP
The ull-size rame model o the HK45measures 8.03 inches (204 mm) in overalllength with a 4.47 inch (113.5 mm) barrel.Despite its “ull-size” designation it issmaller than both the USP45 and USP40/9.
Conventional single action/doubleaction (SA/DA) with a centrallylocated decocking button (right).Multiple trigger ring modesplanned and include HK’s LawEnorcement Modication (LEM)and double action only.
One piece machined slide maderom nitro-carburized steelcorrosion resistant “HostileEnvironment” blued nishPolygonal bore prole or increased velocity, easier cleaning, and longer barrel liePicatinny rail or installing accessories15-round 9 mm magazineThe HK45 is the rst Heckler & Koch modelmanuactured in the company’s Americanactory in Newington, New Hampshire.
P30 with changeablebackstrap insertsand grip panels(lateral plates) or custom t
Ambidextrous controls withdual slide releases andenlarged magazine release
n ab  sm s
n ab  sm s
Interchangeable backstrapsallows custom t or allshootersStandard low prole drit adjustablethree dot sights are luminescentO-ring barrel and Heckler & Koch’sinternal mechanical recoil reductionsystem lessens the recoil orces impartedto the weapon as much as 30%
P30  P30l n ab  sm s
P30 Caliber 9 mm(als in .40 S&W)
Militar/Law Enorcement/Civilian
Made in
Limited color options availablelate 2009 including “fat darkearth” (TAN)“No-snag” bobbed hammer 
4<glbal website: www.heckler-kch.cmusa website: www.hk-usa.cm>5
Militar/Law Enorcement/Civilian
P2000SK .40 S&W
with 9-round magazineAmbidextrous slide release (locatedon both sides o the rame)Polygonal bore or increased velocity,easier cleaning, and longer barrel lieIndustry-standard mounting rails allows a wide selectiono accessories to be installed(see below)Ambidextrous magazinerelease lever Modular grip panels options include extralarge, large, medium (standard), and smallto t all sizes o handsTrigger pull on LEM models is7.3-8.5 pounds. Trigger pull canbe adjusted by an HK armorer tothe 5.5 pound range.Patented Lock-OutSaety deviceChoice o conventional DA/SA or LEMtrigger mode on the P2000 and P2000SK. Double action/single action varianto the P2000 and P2000 SK is readilyidentiable by the presence o theserrated button and spurred hammer (let pistol, below). LEM (DAO) modelappears on the right.No snag, bobbed hammer or eective concealmentExchangeable back straps or modular gripPatented Lock-OutSaety deviceExtended rubber foorplatemagazines availableAmbidextrous slide release lever Industry standard mounting railsallow lights, aimers, and other accessories to be installed by sliding them onto the open rail system
P2000 .40 S&W
with 12-roundmagazine
The rst o the many recent additions to the Heckler & Koch handgunline, the P2000 and P2000 SK (Subcompact) incorporate eatures o the successul HK USP Compact pistol with the latest innovations o HKengineers. A renement o a design created or several European policeagencies, the P2000 and P2000 SK are available with a traditionalsingle-action/double-action trigger mode and the LEM (Law EnorcementModication) trigger system rst introduced by HK in 2001 on the USPCompact “LEM” model.The HK Law Enorcement Modication trigger system combines theadvantages o a cocked striker component (constant level o trigger pullrom rst to last round red) with a double-action hammer system.Using such an enhanced trigger system consolidates ease o use andsaety into a convenient, innovative trigger operation—one that reduces thechance o unintended ring. And in case o an ammunition-related ailureto re, all that is needed is an additional second or third squeeze o thetrigger without the need o rst pulling the slide back to re-cock the pistol.The enhanced LEM trigger system combines the reliability o a doubleaction revolver trigger with the crisp trigger o a single action pistol.On variants using the conventional double-action/single-action (DA/SA)mode o operation, an ambidextrous decocking button is mounted on thelet, rear portion o the rame. It allows the user to saely lower the hammer rom the cocked single-action position to the uncocked double-actionposition. This DA/SA variant o the P2000 and P2000 SK is readilyidentiable by the presence o the serrated decocking button and spurredhammer.A set o simple-to-install modular grip inserts allow all P2000/P2000SK models to be custom-tted to any shooter’s hand. An ambidextrousmagazine release and dual slide release levers make handling P2000Series pistols natural and easy or right and let-handed shooters alike.The addition o “industry standard” mounting rails to the P2000 andP2000 SK allows the widest variety o lights, aimers, and accessories tobe added by sliding them onto the open rail system. The HK P2000 USmodel uses widely available, reliable USP Compact magazines. The samemagazines t the P2000 SK or added repower.
P2000 and P2000 SK Pistols
Low prole slide and slimline,compact dimensionsFlat foorplate magazineor concealment
P2000 SK 9 mm x 19
with 10-round magazineThree dot sights or quicktarget acquisition, optionaltritium sights availableP2000 SK can also usehigh capacity USPCompact magazines(shown with accessory“X-Grip” magazine sleeve).
gRiP Panels
Exchangeable grip panels (back straps) accommodate a wide variety o hand sizes and shooting grips.
smallmediumlargeextra large
Hk Pistols Pass tHe tougHest test 
The P2000, P2000 SK, and the USP Compact LEM weresubjected to the most punishing pistol evaluation to date by theDepartment o Homeland Security’s Immigration and CustomsEnorcement branch. The evaluation was perormed with themost potent ammunition loads or three calibers (9 mm, .40S&W and .357 SIG). Ater three million rounds were red, HKnished ahead o ve other competing manuacturers, earning a“Superior” technical rating. On August 20, 2004, HK was awardedthe largest pistol contract in U.S. law enorcement history. Fivemonths later, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), thelargest U.S. ederal law enorcement agency, ocially adoptedthe P2000 pistol in .40 S&W, replacing both legacy Glock 17s andBeretta 96Ds.
law enfoRceMent Modification (leM) tRiggeR systeM
Developed especially or a U.S. government agency, the Law Enorcement Modication (or LEM or short), is a unique trigger mechanism created specically to improve the trigger perormance and reduce the weight o the Double-Action Only (DAO) trigger pull in the P2000 SK, P2000, P30/P30L, USP, USP Compact , and HK45/HK45 Compact pistols. With thismechanism, HK pistols can be red like a standard DAO semi-automatic pistol where every round is red by simply pulling the trigger ully rearward with the hammer starting at theorward rest position. The design o the proprietary HK LEM system allows the weight o the DAO trigger pull to be reduced to a smooth and constant 7.5-8.5 pounds because the two-part hammer is precocked every time the slide moves rearward.

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