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Step Mom

Step Mom

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Published by api-3808345

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Published by: api-3808345 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ronald BassSecond Revised DraftPrevious Drafts by:Gigi LevangieElizabeth Chandler Jessie Nelson &Steven Rogers
INT. RACHEL'S BEDROOM - EARLY MORNINGA billowy white screen. An alarm clock BLARES. As MAIN TITLESBEGIN, the lovely sleeping face of RACHEL KELLY rolls intoframe.Then out of it. Alarm keeps BLASTING. Back she comes, pullingthesheets OVER her head. Motionless now, as we hear...... the DEAFENING SILENCE of the alarm shutting off. A beat.Rachel SITS BOLTS UPRIGHT. LEAPS out of the room. From thebackwe see that she's dressed only in a pair of men's boxers.She makes it halfway down the hall, does a U TURN back into thebedroom, frantically YANKS a robe hanging from the door, takingthewall hook WITH her. She FLINGS her robe on as she RUNS down thehall, wall hook STICKING OUT of her back. BURSTING INTO...INT. BEN'S ROOM - EARLY MORNINGRACHELBen! You overslept again damn it!The room looks like a 6 (but I'm almost 7) year old exploded.Posters of MAGICIANS on all the walls. Rachel darts about theroommismatching the clothes she forgot to arrange the night before.RACHELGet Up Get Up Get Up!The LUMP under the cover doesn't move.RACHEL
Ben you're late. I'm serious. I'mwearing a very serious face. Don'tmake me start counting ONE...No movement. Rachel tugs the sleeve of a shirt hanging on achair,and out comes a magician's bouquet of FLOWERS.RACHELTWO.She pulls a dirty handkerchief out of the pocket of the shirt --it's an endless MAGICIAN'S HANDKERCHIEF.RACHELDon't make me say three I'm about tosay three.(a beat, then)Three!She RIPS the covers off and a blow-up DINOSAUR sleeps in Ben'splace.RACHELBen I'm not kidding around. You makeyourself appear this instant!A WHITE BUNNY saunters across her toes. Rachel SCREAMS -- thengathers her wits and searches under the bed -- under the bureau--she opens the closet doors and shoving clothes aside.RACHELYou might think this is funny but thisis actually NOT funny.Unseen by Rachel, six-year-old BEN sits, perched on the highestcloset shelf, knees under his chin, holding his breath. Hiseyesgleeful as Rachel frantically closes the closet door.INT. HALLWAY - EARLY MORNINGRachel hops over the Bunny, navigates through strewn toys andbooksSTUBBING her baby toe. She limps in agony past a big picture ofthe kids with their daddy and heads towards a door with a KEEPOUTEVERYONE! sign.RACHEL(bellowing)ANNABELLE! WAKE UP!ANNABELLE'S BEDROOM - EARLY MORNING
ANNABELLE, 10 years old, sits on the edge of her bed, fuming,allof her limbs crossed. She holds up a filthy purple tee shirt.ANNABELLEYou forgot to wash my purple shirt. Itold you a hundred times it was PurpleDay at school today.RACHELI didn't forget. I was up all nightthinking about it and I concluded you'retoo special to look like everyone else.(she grabs an orangeyred tee shirt)Orange Red. That's your color. Fewcan carry it off. Now please. Helpme find your brother.ANNABELLEYou lost Ben?!RACHELOf course not. Does he look lost toyou?(big breath)BENNNNN!!!INT. SUBURBAN EXTREMELY WELL-STOCKED KITCHEN - EARLY MORNINGRachel, smoking a cigarette and drinking a diet coke, FLINGSopenpantry doors, closet doors -- looking for Ben -- attempting toputstone hard butter on toast at the same time. She glances at theclock -- 7:55. Oh dear. Annabelle sits at the table, in agrumpyorangey red mood. Rachel hands her what was once a piece oftoast.ANNABELLENo. I told you. I like apple butternot butter butter.RACHEL(hands her an apple)Here.ANNABELLENever mind. I'll just eat my lunch.RACHEL(forgot)I'm almost done making it.(to the non-existent Ben)Alright Ben -- you deal with the tardy,you write yourself a note, your daddy

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