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L Bluder - 10 27 11

L Bluder - 10 27 11

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Published by iahawkblog

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Published by: iahawkblog on Oct 27, 2011
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L. Bluder - 10.27.11
 An Interview With:
LISA BLUDER: Can't believe another yearis rolling around again. They say as you get older,they come around faster, and I think that's very,very true right now.Happy for Jaime Printy beingacknowledged as one of the top five players in thisconference. That is a very difficult thing to do. It'sa great accomplishment. This is such anunbelievable conference, and now with theaddition of Nebraska it's even tougher. But for herto be acknowledged as one of the top five playersas a junior, I think, really is a tremendousaccomplishment for her.Congratulations to Penn State for beingthe preseason favorite. I definitely see thathappening. I think they're a tremendous team, andCoquese has done a great job.We're looking forward to the year. Wethink we've got a great non-conference schedule toprepare us for the Big Ten, but obviously gettingready to tip it off pretty quickly here.
Q. You mentioned Jaime. Let's startthere. She's already proven what she can doas a scorer. What are you looking for from herthis year as opposed to years past in terms ofhelping her grow and helping your team win?
LISA BLUDER: Like I said, Jaime hasproved herself already on the offensive end.Everybody knows she's an incredible three-pointthreat. But she's more than that on the offensiveend because she's proven that she can get to therim, she can accept contact and still convert thebasket. She's a fabulous free-throw shooter, soshe can make you play the old-fashioned way withthe old-fashioned three instead of the new three.See, I'm that old.But Jaime can continue to work on herleadership skills. She can continue to work on herdefense and rebounding. Those are all things thatcan make her a more complete player. I thinkshe's already a pretty complete player on theoffensive end. I'd like to see her finish that out,becoming a more conscious defensive player thanshe is right now.
Q. You obviously lost a lot in KachineAlexander, but more than just the numbers, theenergy that she brought every single day.Who's got to pick up the slack for that?
LISA BLUDER: You know, the energy isthe hardest thing, really. Isn't that funny, such anintangible thing? You can all say, who's yourdefense stopper, who's going to get thoserebounds, but when you think of Kachine peoplethink of that energy right away. What a greatexample to really other kids around the country ofhow important such an intangible like that is to ateam and to being a successful player.Really that's something we're still workingon. Kachine was such a dominating personalitythat nobody had to assume that role the last fouryears. So now somebody has got to learn toassume that role. Usually big players are notthose type of personalities, but Morgan Johnson istrying really hard. She's got the most personalityout on the floor. She was often a recipient ofKachine's emotion on the floor.But we're really trying to find that personstill. You know, who's going to come up with therebounds and the defense. You don't have oneperson, okay, you're going to pick up the defenseand the rebounding of Kachine. That's got to be ateam effort.
Q. For the first time in a number ofyears you have some real legitimate depth onyour team. How do you expect that to changethe way you can play the game?
LISA BLUDER: Yeah, it's been so long,you're right, it's been a long time since we've had12 healthy bodies. In practice it's really nice. Butyeah, in games it's going to make a difference onhow we can play. I think that we will be able to bemore up tempo, and I feel like our team has alwaystried to push the ball pretty hard. And that'ssomething that I think we can do even more, and Ithink it can also adjust how we substitute because
October 27, 2011
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L. Bluder - 10.27.11
 you're not just substituting when a player has foultrouble or when a player is hurt, but now you cansubstitute for lack of effort or any amount of otherthings. So it makes you a lot, I think, able tosubstitute and use the bench as a motivator wherewe have not been able to use that in the lastseveral years.But we think that defensively we can dosome different things more in the three-quartercourt as well as full court.
Q. I was just going to ask, are yougoing to be able to coach now and not worry somuch about foul trouble and not feel like, allright, we've got to protect?
LISA BLUDER: I hope so, although we'rea team that's not bringing All-Americans off thebench, that sort of thing. So we have to make surethat our top players are still playing smart. I wantthem to play hard, but they also need to playsmart, too.
Q. Speaking of All-Americans, withSamantha Logic coming in, what does shebring as a freshman? I read about yourEuropean tour and what she brought there, butwhat does she bring to this team and how doyou expect her to impact it?
LISA BLUDER: Samantha, you wouldn'tpick her out of the lineup as the All-American quitehonestly, but when she gets on the court, you'dbetter be ready to play. She has a grit about herthat I really enjoy, and Kachine had that type ofedge. I think really good players have a little bit ofan edge to them, and she has that. She is atremendous competitor at whatever she does.She's a very good passer. She's versatile, she canrebound, she's not scared to be physical at all, andI like that about her.But she just has a real good ability to seethings unfold before they actually happen on thefloor, and that's kind of a gift.
Q. You had an unfortunate seed at theNCAA Tournament where you were playing atprobably one of the best low-seeded teams inhistory on their home court. Is there anypossible changes that can be made to preventthat in the future, or is neutral site just notrelevant or doesn't work well enough in thefirst couple of rounds?
LISA BLUDER: Yeah, I have made theNCAA gods mad at me, I know that. I don't knowwhy, but I have. It was a great game. We playedGonzaga there. That was a really, really goodwomen's basketball game. You know, we've triedto go to more neutral sites with the eight sitesinstead of 16; it didn't work. So we won't beanxious to go back to it. I know they won't be.You try it once, it didn't work. You're not going torush back to that same sort of thing again. We'reobviously not there yet. It's really unfortunatebecause the national tournament should not beplayed on somebody's home court. But that'swhere we are, and so we have to deal with it. Wecan't control it.
Q. Is there any particular player thatyou would identify as the diamond in therough, perhaps Morgan Johnson or someonelike that, that may just very well, or you'rehoping will very well step up this year andmake a huge impact?
LISA BLUDER: You know, we've alwaystried to be a very balanced team, and I think thatwe will be again this year. I think we'll havetremendous balance on our team. You talk aboutMorgan Johnson, she's a three-year starter. Youtalk about Kamille Wahlin, four-year starter at thepoint guard position for us. We've got a lot ofreally good point guards in this conference, but Ireally like Kamille Wahlin and the way she leadsour team.We've talked about Jaime Printy. KellyKrei is somebody that people forget about on ourteam that is really playing well as a senior, and Ithink this happens sometimes with seniors, they'vekind of been role players up until their senior yearsand all of a sudden a light bulb turns on, oh, mygosh, it's my senior year, it's my time to make animpact. Kelly is playing with a little bit moreassertion than she has in the past, and I really likethat. We have another kid that was not onanybody's radar last year, Kalli Hansen, collegetransfer from Kirkwood, won two national titles herfreshman and sophomore year. Really was kind ofa role player for us last year, and this year she maystart, she may not start, but she will play a lot ofminutes, and she is doing some really good thingsin practice. If she can stay healthy, she could besomebody that people just don't think about whenthey think of the Iowa Hawkeyes until they see usthis year.
Q. When I watch your team, to me a bigpart of your success will be Morgan and her

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