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International House Brochure 2012

International House Brochure 2012

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Published by: Intercambio Combr Erick on Oct 27, 2011
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+44 (0)20 7611 2400
for the teachingof English
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 We  loo k  f or ward to seei ng  you at IH Lo ndo n soo n!
 Va r i nde r  U n lu
D irector of Stud ies, Ge nera l E ng l is h
+44 (0)20 7611 2400
Study in London
 great place to learnearning outside the classroomwhat are the facilities like?
Our school is in the centre o London – just a ew minutes romCovent Garden. Our location makes IH London an exciting andinspiring place to study. With students o so many nationalitiesyou’ll soon make riends rom many dierent backgrounds toexplore the city.Many o our experienced teachers trained with us. Theyunderstand that students learn in dierent ways and as we keepclass sizes small (between 12 - 14 students) you will always getthe support you need.At IH London we think it’s very important that you learn thelanguage you need or daily lie. That’s why your teacherwill give you suggestions or using English in real liesituations – or example catching the bus, ordering in a caéor going shopping.Discussing your experience in class aterwards, and gettingeedback rom your teacher, will help you learn.We also run a antastic Social Programme with activities in theevenings and at weekends.
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.Our modern, air-conditioned school is a lively place, well-equipped with the latest technology to help with your studies.The classrooms are bright with lots o space and there arecomortable areas to relax or do homework as well as a caé i youget hungry. There is a large sel-study centre with computers oryou to use or study outside the classroom. We have a library ullo useul books, DVDs and journals with riendly librarians aroundto help you fnd what you need.
Some of the facilities in our building include:
Interactive whiteboards in most classroomsDigital ‘language lab’ where you can practise pronunciationTV, video and audio acilities in all classroomsLarge computer centre with ree Internet accessFree wireless Internet access throughout the buildingLibrary with over 10,000 books and journalsCaé with hot and cold ood and drinksDedicated Accommodation Ofce to help you fndsomewhere to stayWhen the school is busy in the summer time we also use extraclassrooms a short walk away rom our main building.

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