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Published by api-3801159

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Published by: api-3801159 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. which two statements are true about identifying unused indexes? (choose two.)
a. performance is improved by eliminating unnecessary overhead during dml operations.
b. v$index_stats displays statistics that are gathered when using the monitoring usage keyword.
c. each time the monitoring usage clause is specified, the v$object_usage view is reset for the
specified index.
d. each time the monitoring usage clause is specified, a new monitoring start time is recorded in
the alert log.
answer: ac

2. you need to create an index on the sales table, which is 10 gb in size. you want your index to
be spread across many tablespaces, decreasing contention for index lookup, and increasing
scalability and manageability.
which type of index would be best for this table?
a. bitmap
b. unique
c. partitioned
d. reverse key
e. single column
f. function-based
answer: c

3. the database needs to be shut down for hardware maintenance. all users sessions except one
have either voluntarily logged off or have been forcibly killed. the one remaining user session is
running a business critical data manipulation language (dml) statement and it must complete prior
to shutting down the database.
which shutdown statement prevents new user connections, logs off the remaining user, and shuts
down the database after the dml statement completes?
a. shutdown
b. shutdown abort
c. shutdown normal
d. shutdown immediate
e. shutdown transactional
answer: e

4. what provides for recovery of data that has not been written to the data files prior to a failure?
a. redo log
b. undo segment
c. rollback segment
d. system tablespace
answer: a

5. you intend to use only password authentication and have used the password file utility to
create a password file as follows:
$orapwd file=$oracle_home/dbs/orapwdb01
password=orapass entries=5
the remote_login_passwordfile initialization parameter is set to none.
you created a user and granted only the sysdba privilege to that user as follows:
create user dba_user
identified by dba_pass;
grant sysdba to dba_user;
the user attempts to connect to the database as follows:
connect dba_user/dba_pass as sysdba;
why does the connection fail?
a. the dba privilege was not granted to dba_user.
b. remote_login_passwordfile is not set to exclusive.
c. the password file has been created in the wrong directory.

d. the user did not specify the password orapass to connect as sysdba.
answer: b

6. which data dictionary view(s) do you need to query to find the following information about a
\u2022 whether the user's account has expired
\u2022 the user's default tablespace name
\u2022 the user's profile name
a. dba_users only
b. dba_users and dba_profiles
c. dba_users and dba_tablespaces
d. dba_users, dba_ts_quotas, and dba_profiles
e. dba_users, dba_tablespaces, and dba_profiles
answer: a

7. you omit the undo tablespace clause in your create database statement. the
undo_management parameter is set to auto. what is the result of your create database
a. the oracle server creates no undo tablespaces.
b. the oracle server creates an undo segment in the system tablespace.
c. the oracle server creates one undo tablespace with the name sys_undotbs.
d. database creation fails because you did not specify an undo tablespace on the create
database statement.
answer: c

8. which password management feature ensures a user cannot reuse a password for a specified
time interval?
a. account locking
b. password history
c. password verification
d. password expiration and aging
answer: b

9. which view provides the names of all the data dictionary views?
a. dba_names
b. dba_tables
c. dictionary
d. dba_dictionary
answer: c

10. you are going to create a new database. you will not use operating system authentication.
which two files do you need to create before creating the database? (choose two.)
a. control file
b. password file
c. redo log file
d. alert log file
e. initialization parameter file
answer: ae

11. which initialization parameter determines the location of the alert log file?
a. user_dump_dest
b. db_create_file_dest
c. background_dump_dest
d. db_create_online_log_dest_n
answer: c

12. temporary tablespaces should be locally managed and the uniform size should be a multiple
of the__ ______.
a. db_block_size
b. db_cache_size
c. sort_area_size
d. operating system block size
answer: c

13. you can use the database configuration assistant to create a template using an existing
database structure.
which three will be included in this template? (choose three.)
a. data files
b. tablespaces
c. user defined schemas
d. user defined schema data
e. initialization parameters
answer: acd

14. john has issued the following sql statement to create a new user account:
create user john
identified by john
temporary tablespace temp_tbs
quota 1m on system
quota unlimited on data_tbs
profile apps_profile
password expire
default role apps_dev_role;
why does the above statement return an error?
a. you cannot assign a role to a user within a create user statement.
b. you cannot explicitly grant quota on the system tablespace to a user.
c. you cannot assign a profile to a user within a create user statement.
d. you cannot specify password expire clause within a create user statement.
e. you cannot grant unlimited quota to a user within a create user statement.
answer: a

15. which statement is true regarding enabling constraints?
a. enable novalidate is the default when a constraint is enabled.
b. enabling a constraint novalidate places a lock on the table.
c. enabling a unique constraint to validate does not check for constraint violation if the constraint
is deferrable.
d. a constraint that is currently disabled can be enabled in one of two ways: enable novalidate or
enable validate.
answer: d

16. which structure provides for statement-level read consistency?
a. undo segments
b. redo log files
c. data dictionary tables
d. archived redo log files
answer: a

17. you just issued the startup command. which file is checked to determine the state of the
a. the control file
b. the first member of redo log file group 1
c. the data file belonging to the system tablespace

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