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Dark Curtain - Autism In America

Dark Curtain - Autism In America

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Published by Gary Null
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Published by: Gary Null on Oct 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Nutrition Institute of America
: T
Gary Null PhD, , Richard Gale MA, Dorothy Smith PhDIntroduction
America’s national health is in the midst of a perfect storm. We have an epidemic of obesityin adults and children, an epidemic in heart disease and stroke. There is an epidemic incancer, inflammatory conditions, psychological disorders and diabetes. At the same time,Americans are taking more medications per person than any other country in the world. Wehave more uninsured Americans than any western nation. The US will spend more than $2.5trillion on healthcare delivery systems by the year’s end. It is therefore understandable thatanother epidemic is not receiving much attention: autism.Autism spectrum disorders are devastating neurological and biological disorders, typicallydiagnosed in children between 18 months and five years of age. Increasingly, we are beingtold that autism is a genetic-based disease. A new case of autism is diagnosed every twentyminutes. More children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders this year thancancer, diabetes, Downs Syndrome and AIDS combined. Yet autism receives less than fivepercent of research funding among all childhood illnesses. A recent study by neuorscientistsKamila and Henry Markram, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, hasshown that for the autistic child the imaginal world is experienced “[w]here every sound jarslike a jackhammer, every light is a blinding strobe, clothes feel like sandpaper and evenyour own mother’s face appears as a jumble of frightening and disconnected pieces.” Toexperience the world in this way leads obviously to “social problems, language impairmentand obsessive behavior.” It is a condition where our ordinary sensory input is overwhelmingand the brain enters an extreme state of hyperactivity. The world is “not only intense butalso aversive.” 
Autism cannot be prevented unless there is a diagnostic test an expecting mother couldtake that would allow her to know whether or not she would have a child susceptible withthis condition. What has been given wide attention in the mainstream media is theunequivocal confirmation from every major medical association, federal health agency—theFDA, CDC, American Academy of Pediatricians—and the entire pharmaceutical industry thatvaccinations in any quantity or combination, as well as the vaccine mercury-lacedpreservative thimerosal, have nothing to do with the dramatic increase of autism. In fact,
June 3, 2009
 Nutrition Institute of America
these governing entities are so emphatic in their reductionist genetic story that a recentvaccine court finding may be the final nail in the coffin for those who research the vaccinecausality to autism. End of story.However, some lingering questions remain. What if everything we have been told, bothabout vaccines and autism, could be challenged and that the pliant media, an indifferentand compromised Congress, and the politicized federal agencies simply refuse to considerthe scientific evidence that contradicts their theory? Fortunately the public is gradually andslowly waking up. According to a national survey conducted by the Florida Institute of Technology in 2008, there is a significant increase in people who now believe autism iscaused by childhood vaccines.
I have been investigating all of the scientific documentation about the health risks of vaccinations, the epidemiology and statistics of autism, and past and present healthlegislature and legal cases for well over a decade. In addition to researching the causes of autism spectrum disorder, there are also the larger questions concerning the safety andefficacy of vaccines and the risks of other environmental contaminants and toxins thatmight play a role. These two stories—vaccines and the environment—are interwoven. Afterconducting personal interviews of hundreds of parents with autistic children, pediatricphysicians, toxicologists and medical researchers, they all share something in common.That is, there are numerous young children who displayed all the signs of normaldevelopment until a vaccine or a series of vaccines were administered. Afterwards, normaldevelopment ceased and the children retreated into a foreign world regarded as abnormal.A frequent story heard by parents of autistic children is that following a vaccination, theirchild shortly thereafter became absent and lost to them. Could all of these people bewrong?I have also witnessed many children who reversed their autism and regained a normal life.This would be impossible, given both conventional and alternative therapies now beingemployed, if autism were solely an inherited genetic condition. People in the westernnations are full of organic and inorganic mercury because they live in a modern, heavilytoxic environment. It is more likely that the genetic component scientists associate withautism has an external, environmental factor. Many studies have confirmed that mercurypasses through the placenta from the mother to the fetus. A more recent study at theprestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden has confirmed mercury also passes to the infantduring breastfeeding.
The presence of any mercury during fetal development cansignificantly affect cell mitosis and alter a child’s DNA. Thimerosal specifically has been
June 3, 2009
 Nutrition Institute of America
shown to induce DNA breaks, membrane damage and cell death when human neurons andfibroblasts were cultured, which clearly contradicts all industry and government claims tothe contrary.
 The only way we can truly understand autism and begin to develop a viable therapy is tolook at autism as a puzzle, with each piece providing a different set of insights. We shouldalso bear in mind that official government health statements have historically been biased,inaccurate, at best, and intentionally deceitful at worst. In this paper, we will deconstructthe arguments espoused by our government’s medical agencies and the declarations of theprivate vaccine manufacturers that claim vaccines are both safe and effective and have norelationship to autism.
Autism: A Growing Epidemic
 The past twenty years have harbored a silent epidemic in America. Four horsemenapproach--the vaccine manufacturer, the elected politician, the government overseer, andthe reporter to praise them—raising a toxic cloud around our children:. It is well establishedthat there has been at least a 600% increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disordersin all 50 states corresponding to the CDC-mandated immunization program. Hundreds of thousands of children are now suffering from those disorders, and independent scientificresearch strongly indicates that vaccines play a substantial role in steering this epidemic.According to some of the latest statistics, published by the Autism Society of America,autism is the nation’s fastest growing developmental disability with almost a 17% annualgrowth rate. One in 150 children being born in the US will become autistic if the ingredientsin vaccines remain the same, if there is no change in how vaccines are manufactured, and if the toxins aren’t removed from the environment. This rate does not include other severeneurological disorders such as Asperger’s and PDD, which are more rare. New Jersey—thefirst state to make flu immunization mandatory, has the highest rate of autism, now at 1 in90 children. Since boys have a 1 in 4 greater chance of becoming autistic, a boy child is 1in 45 times more likely to fall a victim.
Government, Industry and Public Opinions
Americans tend to follow what the majority and dominant party line believes. The orthodoxopinion, determined by mainstream power brokers and the media is extremely persuasive.Most medical journalists rely upon their canned experts to interview on any given medical
June 3, 2009

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