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My Nephew Jackson, on Gay Marriage.

My Nephew Jackson, on Gay Marriage.

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Published by P_Crockett

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Published by: P_Crockett on Oct 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Nephew Jackson, on Gay Marriage.
Paul Hampton Crockett
My sister Lisa's family: Jackson Paul Hampton Cole sits between Mom and Dad Casey. DanielCrockett Cole on far L.
 A COUPLE OF WEEKS BACK I called my sister Lisa, who's made her home in Arlington, TX, trying to figure out where on Earth our wandering gypsy parentsmight have temporarily touched ground. So we chatted a bit. "Oh, that remindsme," she said. "I meant to tell you about this essay Jackson wrote. He's applyingfor college now, and the other day he brought to me this essay he'd done on 'gay marriage.' It's not like I suggested the topic, or anything. He chose it completely on his own, and I think he did a good job with it. I'm proud of him.""Well, that makes two of us," I said. Then again, Jackson has always made meproud. Starting from the inception, with his name. I can imagine no honorgreater or more profound, nor one more daunting, than for one of your blood, younger, to carry your name while you're still around!
2003, with Daniel.
Then, as I’ve watched him grow over the years, I’ve seen taking shape a truly fineman. He’s the kind of guy people tend to like, because he’s a mellow fellow quick  with a smile and bearing no axes to grind, and he enjoys people. He is loving theladies, and they are loving him right back. He keeps his eyes and his heart open wide, and seems uninterested in judgment. He excels at athletics, having madehis mark on the gridiron before moving on to his current passion of baseball.
2004. Jackson is the animal in red taking the boy with the football
. Back then, he said,"Mom, that guy wasn't going
." We both thought that was funny.
So Jackson is a very physical guy, in great shape, and also tall for his age. Yet hecan be as gentle as he needs to be. He is also fundamentally kind, and braveenough (for example) to call out his peers on bullying behavior at school (in favorof some tortured soul that, quite probably,
no one
had ever before stood up for,and who will certainly never forget Jackson).No one told him to do that, either. He took a stand because he
, and becauseit was the right thing to do, all the way around. Jackson had their respect. The bullying stopped.Now, back to the essay. Lisa said "And by the way, he writes about you in it. Ishould find that and get you a copy."So, she did, and it blew me away. With his permission, of course, I wanted toshare what he'd written, and part of the reason was to offer to all of you animportant and inspirational reminder that you just might be touching more lives,or perhaps be more of an influence for the good in any of them, than you mightever realize. It is our relationships-- family, friends, and others we care about--that give life its savor, even make it worth living. Yet for a number of reasons, itseems as if the larger part of that which is truly and essentially important in thisregard often goes unsaid during our lifetimes.Sharing at funerals is fine, as far as it goes, but it seems there must be a better way. And
, there clearly is, and maybe the challenge lies in its very simplicity:
 just do it.
 No reason
is the best reason, because it's free of agenda.
 Just because.
 As singer/songwriter James Taylor put it, "Shower the people you love with love/ Show them the way that you feel." And also because these are hurtin' times, and simply offering up anacknowledgment of gratitude that is sincere won't cost you a penny, yet justmight leave another much richer than before.

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