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Diary Update 2 (Hotel Paradis)

Diary Update 2 (Hotel Paradis)

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Published by api-3801469
Crummy hotel, Southern Germany,
Crummy hotel, Southern Germany,

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Published by: api-3801469 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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update # 2
update # 2(hotel

sitting on the floor of room number 4
in the hotel paradies, 29 deutch marks
for a night. uli\u2019s bastard father wanted
me out. he treats all her friends
unkindly, she says, except beatrice.
anyway, perhaps i\u2019ve stayed there too
long. and also uli had been in a deep
depression from when she came back
from the states until my arrival here,
and he probably attributed the blame
to me. nevertheless, we both
constantly followed uli\u2019s advice and
stayed out of his way. he treats her
horribly. he\u2019s a beast, like his older
daughter sabina - the witch of
nosferatu - who was my lover (god
knows why!) and through whom i met

i talked to my dad today. i had phoned
him a number of days ago but he
never returned my call. i suppose he
didn\u2019t think it urgent. regardless, i
tried and tried to call him but there
was never an answer. he said he had
been at jeri\u2019s. i then called my mom -
collect! - and she was very kind. talked
to my brother as well. he\u2019s so young
and cute, so innocent. he\u2019s wonderful.
i had asked my mom to keep calling
my dad and tell him to keep me
abreast of the situation. after coming
back from work, uli and i had coffee
and cake with beatrice. it was then my
father called. no, he said, the deposit
money was not yet available. very
surprisingly, he added that i can call
him from wherever i will be and that a
ticket back to the states i will then
have. wow. with that in mind, i am
hitchhiking north to luxembourg.

woke up just now and looked at the
clock: 8:17am. i didn\u2019t sleep very well.
it\u2019s beautiful outside. i know it
because the sun cascades through my
curtains. i\u2019m going to wash and then
go to breakfast - it\u2019s part of the
bargain, the priced luxury of this not
so luxurious hotel paradies\u2026 ok, i just
had breakfast and lots of coffee. from
the dining room i took a knife and a
spoon. i\u2019m sure they\u2019ll come in handy
at some point. i plan to get a
switchblade or a jackknife for
protection once i get on the road.
upstairs in the hotel i found a door
open. inside, i saw soap - it\u2019s all
written in german so i don\u2019t even
know if it\u2019s for body or hair but it
smells good so i take it. either way it\u2019ll
be useful.

last night i finished reading \u2018lie down
with lions\u2019. i love ken follet. it\u2019s great
\u2018escape\u2019 reading. this morning i took
orwell\u2019s \u20181984\u2019 to the john. i had
planned to read this book even earlier
in time than the book\u2019s title but never
did. i found its initial pages very good,
and i also walked out with 2 rolls of
toilet paper - a necessary item for a

i feel all right today and eager to start
my journey which has lacked
excitement. i feel light though my
carryon are heavy having steadily
gained more weight. i have borrowed
ursula\u2019s sleeping bag. i had asked her
for an old blanket or anything she
wanted to throw away that i could use
for warmth, and while looking she
found her sleeping bag which she
thought she had left at school in
florence, italia - typical of her likable

i feel good, and so do cigarettes.
northbound on the autobahn. the
german sun gaily watches my torso,
holding me present, pushing me

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