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deadly destructive genetic pollution

deadly destructive genetic pollution

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deadly Destructive Genetic Pollution
I think it is time I write a brief article to bring your attention to this very serious threat.It is time for everyone to realize what Monsanto and other insane lunatic NWO Corporations are doing tothis once natural and beautiful planet and all living things.Which is why
"God is crying"
 http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/god-is-crying/The known list of horrific crimes against life itself are unlimited as the ones doing this have no limit to their insanity. They are completely out of control because the public can no longer impose limits of reason and justice upon the insane criminal corporate NWO structure of business.Ever since the
"Creation of first Corporation"
the world has been completely subverted and taken over byself serving evil secret societies. http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/creation-of-first-corporation/Okay go ahead and think the messenger is the insane one.Will, you will never know truth until you learn to think for your selves and stop being programmedSheeple.Want to know what the first corporation was and how that was the beginning of the take over of this planet by the insane? Just read my article with the same title for starters.We no longer have a society run by the sane and truth loving peoples of this planet.Seriously, we now have the insane ruining this planet.Their insane activities are absolutely over whelmingly frightful and unlimited.Their (Corporate Minds) http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/beware-of-the-corporate-mind/are not limited by money as that is created out of thin air. The Corporate minds are limited only by their imaginations and then they only have to follow one course of action to cover up, and legitimize their criminally insane activities. They just create their beautiful Corporate images that everyone sees andaccepts without ever looking behind the Corporate image mask.So now I want you to look beyond the Corporate Mask and remember since the creation of the firstcorporation that all governments are now also privately and secretly controlled corporations.Democracy, Truth, Justice, and Liberty based "Government of the people, by the people and for the people"no longer exists.You can start my reading my article
"The huge learning curve to the forbidden truths"
 http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/the-huge-learning-curve-to-the-forbidden-truths/and then read my many other articles of truth. If you are brave, for only those that seek and speak truth areactually brave. The rest are just very deadly insane cowards. For haters only hate truth.So now please think on the present and future consequences of letting the insane tamper with the very coreand fiber of all life on this planet and then releasing these genetically created self multipling live organismson to this planet.
Then creating an out of control genetic pollution that can never be cleaned up or stopped. The organism willcontinue to grow and multiple out of control for ever.These GMO are completely out of balance with all nature and nature can not possibly deal with this pollution created by the Frankenstein laboratory technicians who have no conscience.Just like the insane who created and then also those who used nuclear weapons of mass destruction oncompletely innocent beautiful Japanese people.
 Real humans are an endangered species.
http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2008/06/01/real-humans-are-endangered-species/All that remains now are socially engineered humans who have absolutely no contact with or connection tothe natural world. These humans live in a box, stare at a box, only think about the box so they can createmore box babies.These artificial humans have been destroying all the natural habitat for wildlife. Now the wildlife food isrunning out because these artificial humans have never respected the natural world. These artificial humanshave and are still destroying all that is natural.So now these box brains think that the solution to the dwindling food stocks is not to look at the problemsof why but instead to engineer the fish to grow faster.That is so stupid and insane. Now the engineered artificial humans are altering the very DNA of life.What idiots. Why do they not look at the engineering that as created artificial people who do not know howto think?These artificial humans (sheeple) are now unleashing the engineering that will lead to the very extinction of all life...These GMO Salmon, corn and everything else is going to alter the natural evolution of life. What do these box brains think will happen when the these GMO get into the natural food chain?Like the dying off of all the bees in the world..These bees are spreading the GMOs and the bees are dying because of it.What about the CHEMTRAILING of all our skies, what about the fluoride acid poison being put into thewater that is causing all cancers, What about all the pharmaceutical drugs you shit and piss into theenvironment?http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/the-sky-is-not-blue-chemtrails-article/The list does not end..The simple answer is, there really is a genetic problem on this planet and that is the brains of the engineered artificial humans.So I believe that most peoples of this planet have been socially engineered to no longer care about truth of any kind and to worry not about anything but their immediate consumer selfishness.Will, the Franken foods are going to get you. Just like the McDonalds foods that never bio-degrade and willstill be in your body for ever as your body also can not break down these foods. Which is why there is sucha huge obesity problem in society now.Have a read of my
"Modern Food"
"How to grow a mushroom"
I guarantee you that your selfish inaction for truth will be the death of all of us as you have done nothing toseek truth and then expose the evils and insanity that is lose on this planet.But now we have genetically created organisms of every kind being unleashed on this planet. FromMosquitos and flies that carry and number of genetic diseases for population reduction, which is what theUnited Nations World Health Organisations CODEX Alimentarious eugentics program is about.Read my
"They want you dead is written in stone"
article if you do not believe me.http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/they-want-you-dead-is-written-in-stone/To agricultural plants that are engineered to create pharmaceutical drugs. Yes I am not kidding. Like I saidearlier the insane are out of control and have unleashed their GMO pollution on this planet.Oh and do not stop there. Have a read of my
"The BP Gulf of Mexico Destruction"
to learn more aboutthe GMO that created the disaster.http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/the-bp-gulf-of-mexico-destruction/I have been researching and writting about the activities of the insane minds for years.My articles of truth are scaring most people into running away from their responsibility of being a good andcarring human.You may think that one person can never make a meaningful change. You are very wrong. All good thingshave always started by one enlightened individual.So please enlighten yourself now..The world needs good people to fight for truth NOW.
"When the seeds of truth are sown.The grassroots truth revolutionWill blossom from the enlightenment"
All this accelerated insanity has happened because of 
"Creation of First Corporation"
see my article withthat title.http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/creation-of-first-corporation/Below I will provide you with some links to articles that will prove to you what I have written about here isall true.It is now up to you to get active for truth is an action and truth can only exist if you act on it.We need a world wide truth revolution.Telling the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. So that is why I am A Truth Soldier. Anda revolutionary.Are you going to join this revolution?Then arm your selves with the truth and go out and unleash your weapons of truth. A truth soldier needs toarm themselves with the most powerful weapon and that is truth.I will now provide you with some examples and information as the the insanity of Genetically ModifyingLife.

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