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From Alexander Whyte's Bible Characters. JOSHUA, THE SON OF NUN, MOSES' SERVANT
From Alexander Whyte's Bible Characters. JOSHUA, THE SON OF NUN, MOSES' SERVANT

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JOSHUABy ALEXADER WHYTEJOSHUA, THE SO OFU, MOSES' SERVATrHERE were Gershom and Eliezer allthis time? Were they both dead?Or, if living, had they no heart fortheir father^s God till it had beenbetter for them and for their fatherthat they had never been bom ? Can it be possiblethat even Moses had come so far short as this, in thesupreme duty and fast-passing opportunity of bring-ing up his own sons ? Had her husband been socumbered with the exodus, and with the law, andwith all the cares and labours of the leadership inIsrael, that he had no leisure so much as to eat hismeals beside Zipporah and her two sons? HadMoses been far too long in accepting a staff of elders to assist him in ruling and judging Israel?And were Gershom and Eliezer grown up and goneclean out of hand before their father had wakenedup to that and was aware of it ? But, when all issaid, it is far less the father than the mother in thismatter. Had Moses' house, then, been so dividedagainst itself that it fell upon his two sons ? AndDigitized byGoogleJOSHUA 277
had Miriam and Aaron been right after all in theirhot opposition to their brother^s marriage with theEthiopian woman ? We ask these questions at thetext, but we get no answer. We are left to look forthe answers to all these questions in our own house,among our own sons and daughters, and in our ownheart and conscience. At the same time, thoughMoses had wholly lost hold of his own sons, there isthis to be said for the father of Gkrshom and £liezer :that he had an immense attraction for some othermen^s sons. There was nothing more remarkableabout Moses than the openness of his heart and thefreshness of his mind to double the age of ordinarymen ; as Isaac Walton says, God had blessed Moseswith perfect intellectuals and a cheerful heart to oldage; and the young men who were always abouthim had had a great deal to do with that. You willsometimes see stranger young men crowding arounda minister in his classes and in his congregationalwork, and saving their own souls by so doing, whilethose young men that have been bom in the familyare never so much as seen or heard of. And thatwas always the case with Moses. There was quite acircle of young men continually around Moses, andJoshua, the son of un, was the choicest and themost capable of them all. We know nothing asyet about Joshua — ^nothing but this, that he wasnot the son of Moses and Zipporah, but of acertain unknown man named un, of the tribeof Ephraim. Joshua had no such start in life asGershom and Eliezer had, but by his high char-acter and his great services he not only took theirDigitized byGoogle
278 BIBLE CHARACTERScrowns from them, but at the same time he wona crown and sceptre and a great name m Israel allhis own.It is stated again and again in the sacred historythat Joshua stood before Moses and was his minis-ter. Stood ready, that is, to run the great man^serrands, and to set out with him on his hallowedexpeditions, and, in short, to be more than a son toMoses in the absence of his own sons. ^He de-parted not out of the tabernacle^ is another veryremarkable testimony for that time concerning theson of un. ow, in that Joshua was exactly likehis Great amesake in the ew Testament whosewont it was to go up to the synagogue of azarethevery Sabbath day, and who said to His father andmotiier when they sought Him all through Jeru-salem sorrowing: ^How is it that ye seek Me.^Wist ye not that I must be about My Father^sbusiness ?"* Joseph and Mary had sought the childJesus in all those places where other sorrowingfathers and mothers were seeking their lost sonsalso, — among the theatres, and the circuses, and theshows, and the races, and the wrestling arenas, andthe inns, and shops, and streets of Jerusalem ; butHe departed not out of the temple. We, too, haveboys sometimes among ourselves not unlike that.They love and choose and are always to be foundamong good things, in good places, and readinggood books while yet they are still mere children.They take to the Sabbath-school, and to the church,and to the Bible-class, and to the missionary meet"ing as other boys take, and no blame to them, toDigitized by

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