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Published by: Chandan Singh Kanyal on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Model Question PaperSubject Code: MC 0082Subject Name: Theory of computer scienceCredits: 4 Marks: 140Part A (One mark questions)
1. A ______ is a collection of objects in which we can say whether a given object is in thecollection.a. Propertyb. Datac. setd. Elements2. The members of a set are called _______ a. Elementb. Sub setc. Special setd. Proper subset3. A set A is said to be a _________ of B if there exists an element of B whichis not an element of A.a. Proper subsetb. Special setsc. Sub setd. None of the above
4. A relation is said to be an _______________________ if it isreflexive, symmetric and transitive.a. Congruence relationb. Binary relationc. N-ary relationd. equivalence relation5. If x and y are rational numbers then x + y ________.a. Is rationalb. Is not rationalc. It can be or can't bed. None of the above6. Binary tree of height n has at most _____ leaves.a. 2nb. 2c. 2nd. n27.
A tree G with „n‟ vertices has ______ edges.
 a.(n - 1) (n+ 1)b. (n - 1)c. (n +1)d. n8. which principle can be described by the given statement:If A and B are finite sets and | A | > | B |, then there is no one-to-one function from A to B."a .Proof by inductionb. Proof by contradiction
c. The Pigeonhole Principled. The Diagonalization Principle9. If there is more than one edge associated with a given pair of vertices, then these edges are called ___________ a. Adjacent edgesb. Non-parallel edgesc. Parallel edgesd. Diagonal edges10. Graph containing either parallel edges or loops is referred as ____________ a. Simple Graphb. General Graph.c. Undirected Graphd. Line Graphs11. If a vertex v is an end vertex of some edge e, then v and e are said to be ________ with (or on, or to)each other.a.incidentb.Similarc.adjacentd.Different12. The sum of the degrees of the vertices of a graph G is ______________ the number of edgesa.3 timesb. 4 timesc. twice

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