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Guru Shakti - Volume Issue1

Guru Shakti - Volume Issue1



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Published by api-26217250
Ways for healing through!
Ways for healing through!

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Published by: api-26217250 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Compiler…
It is an attempt to perform a Seva to the devotees of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand. It is also an attempt to convey themessages of Avdhoot Baba Shivnand to the Common man in order to bring them to His Divine Grace. Babaji’smessages are very powerful which needs to be conveyed to every souls seeking liberation.Further, the devotees of Matha Lalitha Tripurasundari would find this Newsletter as TREASURY. Hence we re-quest you to kindly forward this Newsletter to near and dear ones.
If any copyright material is included in the book, for which permission has not been sought, owning to theinability of the compiler to trace the copyright owners, apologies are hereby offered to all concerned. Mostof the contents are from the publications of World Spiritual Healing Foundation. This Newsletter is NOT anauthorized publication of either World Spiritual Healing Foundation or represent the Inner Strength Foun-dation. It is ONLY an honest attempt to bring the cheers in life to the Common— by providing contentfrom the reliable sources in order to make them understand the system given by our Beloved Babaji.
His HolinessAvdhoot BabaShivanandOm Nama Shivaya
!As you aware that your entire spiritual odyssey ends when you find yourself. The journey starts byyou and ends at you. All you see and experience during the course of the journey are only mile-stones. Stopping at a milestone is leaving the journey incomplete, not finding your destination. Socontinue walking till you reach. Till you find yourself, the pure consciousness, vast and limitless.You will have to go beyond your conditioning. You are not your mind and that too just 4% of theconscious mind. A Conscious mind which is always thinking, please this person, harm that person,get that, leave this, get some more of that — endless demands, but all your energy is wasted in ful-filling these demands which are mostly useless. To find your self you will have to go beyond theconditioning of the conscious mind. You will have to stop listening to the commands for your con-scious mind in the beginning or at least analyse the command before acting on it. Once your startwalking in this direction you will find that the journey is also very interesting and blissful.May you all reach your destination. Bless you,
Source : WSHF
message from babaji
 Volume 1, Issue 1
Date : 01-10-2006Guru Shakthi
Guru Shakthi
Inside this Newsletter
The Eternal Bliss…………..…Page 2Ma Sarvambika……………..Page 3Ma Lalithamika……………..Page 4Ascension or Doomsday……………..Page 5Babaji Tour Programme……………..Page 10
Close your eyes and experiencethe Shiva inside you. Savor theelixir of Shiva Naam and makeyour life successful. The Anandor Bliss that you experience isnothing but your true form. Youare a divine soul. And a part of the divine Atma, which you callParamatma. It is also called col-lective consciousness is
 Para-manand Swaroop.
If collectiveconsciousness is
 Paramanand Swaroop
, then you are a part of it. Daily take out an hour fromyour daily life and sit down at aselected place and relax. Intro-spect yourself and pray to LordShiva, whose constituent youare. Ask him, “Who am I? Whyam I sent to this planet Earth? Iwant to know…….” As I see it,all of you are Param DivyaSwaroop and Param AnandSwaroop. But the irony is, mantends to forget himself. Partly heis not to be blamed for this.Firstly, this is Mrityulok. Sec-ondly, the Earth cannot handleso many Shivas. It cannot handlethe collective aura of so manyShivas. Whenever a soul comesto earth it has full knowledge of its divinity, sanctity and power.Birth of every human being isnot without reason. He or shetakes birth to accomplish thedivine objective of Shiva. Youall have a divine purpose of coming to this planet Earth. ButMaya-illusion leads you astray.So when you sit down and intro-spect about your self and your identity, the knowledge insideyour Antarman and each of your cells called Intracellular Memorystarts developing.What is the difference between aman and an animal? Physicallythey resemble a lot. There isstark similarity between eating pattern and progression of life between the two. That’s wherethe similarities end. Man is not just worried about the familythat he has procreated. Instead heis concerned about the wholeworld. Wherever he sees some-one suffering he is eager to wipethe tears. He is compassionate.On the contrary, animal never disp;ays these attributes. It livesfor its own sake. Man has threetraits, Pashubhav, Manushyab-hav and Devbhav. Where asanimal has none. Probably that’swhy Man is called “Manav”meaning owner of Mann. Quiteoften man is gripped by Pashub-hav. In this state he becomesgreedy and acquisitionist and heleads Pashutulya Jeevan. Some-times he goes into the state of Devbhav. In Devbhav a personregards the whole world as hisfamily. He prays “ O LordShiva! Make me a medium of your divine tasks. So that wholeworld prospers. Loka SamastaSukino Bhavantu.” all of youmust once sit down, close your eyes and ask this question of yourself. Every one of you hasthe right to know the very pur- pose of your life. Upon learningthis fact a person can lead a ful-filling life. Those who are un-aware of this fact continue tolive like animals. Similarly youmist know your destination. Bythat I mean your destination inthis world and the destination beyond this world. He whoknows the answers to these factsis called Paramgyani. And the person not knowing the abovementioned facts is called Agy-ani. Krishna says, “ A Paramgy-ani man can seek me and anAgyani person cannot seek me.”And mind you Gyan is nothing but basic information about your own self !Aham Bramhasme means I amBrahma. If I am Brahma then asKrishna says in Geeta nothing isimpossible for him. Everythingcan happen according to mywishes. Then how is it that inreality my power is extremelylimited ? Despite being Anands-waroop, my bliss is short lived.Sorrows catch up quite soon.Shiva provides wealth to Kuber.And despite being a part of Shiva I am penniless. He is Ma-hamrityunjaya meaning the onewho has vanquished death. Thenhow come being a part of Him Iam vulnerable to diseases andeventual death. Either Vedicscriptures are not right or I amforgetting something. I need theknowledge that could lead me toAham Bramashme. Speaking of myself, I did not find this knowl-edge. It was given to me by myGuru Nityananda. Today I wantto give it to you. In order to ob-tain this knowledge it was neces-sary to bring to the appropriatelevel. Paramatma createdd man just like Himself in every aspect.He saw His own reflection inman. That being the case, why isit that man lived PashutulyaJeevan. The solution lies inShivatva. How can one reach upto Shivatva ? How can you
The Eternal Bliss—Anando Hum
Page 2
Guru Shakthi
How You Can Attain theState of
The Anand or Bliss that youare experience is nothing but  your true form. You are a Divine Soul. And a part of the Divine Atma, Which you call  Paramatma. It is also called collective consciousness and it is Paramanand Swaroop.
 His Holiness Avadhoot Baba Shivanand 
Om Sarvambikaye Namah
Achieve all that in your lifewhich you want to achieve ? For such reasons in Siddha Marg it issaid, “I am the creator of mayown destiny.”. I can create myown destiny. Because creating isdifficult and changing is easy.Honestly speaking we were un-der the impression that destinycannot be changed because we believed that the destiny waswritten by Him. Here one tendsto get confused between the twodiametrically opposite versionsof the same fact. In Mahab-harata, Krishna says, “In thisworld whatever you do, it is inaccordance with my wishes. Ihave Viraat Swaroop.”. Here weget confused. We say so and soSiddha has said that he is son of God and not us. Krishna saysvery clearly I am Param SatyaEternal Truth. He says its onlyMe. And we say it’s only Him.Krishna took Avatar of man toeducate you “I am that I am”.You started saying He is that Heis. All these great souls come toshow the way. Instead of listen-ing to what they say we deriveour own interpretations of their worlds. Bhagwan Krishna re-ferred to Hari and Shiva thatreside inside you. When Krishnasaid nothing could happen with-out his consent, he was actuallyreferring to collective conscious-ness. And you are part of thatcollective consciousness. Bhag-wan also said, “you must inte-grate yourself with me. And thenwork with my energy.” Onceyou work with such a divineenergy nobody can stop you. If you will work with His energy,His devotion and His conviction,Kartabhav would come auto-matically to you. Then you cannever be unsuccessful in your life. Your first step towards stateof Aham Bramhasme is your total and absolute faith on Shiva.Because Shiva has completefaith on you.-TEXT : ISBSource : Inner Strength– Nov-Dec 2003 Vol II Issue VI
The Eternal Bliss—Anando Hum… Contd.
Page 3
Guru Shakthi
There is but one thing in the world reallyworth pursuing …...the knowledge of God - R H Benson

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