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Manual for Educators About Racism

Manual for Educators About Racism

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Published by In Linie Dreapta

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Published by: In Linie Dreapta on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Racism revealed
A Manual or Educatorson Using Poster Artworkto Promote Discussionon Racism
 A. Einstein
This manual has been produced within the context o a project entitled the
Ljubljana Poster Festival '11: The Faces of Racism Revealed
It includes aselection o poster artwork produced on the topic o racism by internationalproessional poster artists and art and design students rom Slovenia andEuropean partner countries (Poland, France and the Netherlands). Each posteris accompanied by a suggestion o how it can be used to discuss one o themany themes related to racism.
The manual has been designed as a
resource or teachers or educatorsinterested in using visual images to promote interactive discussion andcritical thinking amongst young people about racism and discrimination
.The resource can be used within diverse educational settings and is mostappropriate or use with young people above the age o twelve.
Each poster is accompanied by
key learning points
as well as
severalinteresting acts or pieces o inormation
which are intended to be usedto provoke urther discussion.
Related human rights
touched upon by eachposter are also provided rom the Universal Declaration o Human Rights.Wherever possible we have included a
short interactive activity
that can becarried out with students or a
series o suggested questions
to ask, in order tointroduce the topic o each poster.
Should you wish to explore certain topics or themes urther,
each posterincludes a link to other related posters
. At the end o the manual you willind a
link to the entire poster collection o the
Faces of Racism Revealed
 exhibition, where each poster is available or you to download and use inyour activities.
A general list o additional educational resources related to thetopic o racism and discrimination is also provided.
The guide is not compiled in a chronological ashion, but rather
each posterand accompanying text are designed as stand alone educational aids
.In this respect, the manual is intended to provide an overall ramework romwhich you can
pick and choose the posters and issues most relevant to youractivities.
The guide can be used within any country or context as it deals withissues, which are cross-border and universal.
In line with the aim o the poster exhibition, which is to reveal the diverseaces o racism, we have developed the manual in such a way that we havedrawn out and emphasised a particular theme per poster. There are o course a
multitude o themes that can be explored in each poster and we encourageyou and your students to explore and develop your own interpretations.
We hope this manual will
bring a new dimension to your work and inspireyou to use the posters as a learning resource or ostering tolerance,understanding and respect or diversity among young people.
Amy Skinner and Kristina Božič,
 Amnesty International Slovenia
* The themes raised or each poster do not reect the intention or opinion o the author o the posterbut were developed independently to be used as a source or debate in educational activities.
Amnesty International Slovenia
Amnesty International is a global, non-gov-ernmental and non-political movement o three million ordinary people who stand upor human rights. We reveal abuses, educateand mobilise the public and help change theworld or the better. Amnesty Internationalhas been present in Slovenia since10 December 1988.
www.amnesty.siPoster Festival Ljubljana
Poster Festival Ljubljana is a estival whichexplores the role o the socially responsibleposter. It aims to create and distribute visualreections on social and political issuesin the orm o posters, and to promoteintercultural dialogue through innovativeinter-community educational tools in orderto raise awareness o key social issues.
www.posterestivalljubljana.orgFundacija Brumen
The Brumen Foundation is the only pro-essional graphic design organisation inSlovenia that continuously strives to raisethe quality standard o design. The BrumenFoundation also organises the Biennial o Visual Communications.
Co-unded by the
European Union’sFundamental Rights and CitizenshipProgrammme
Selected posters and themes addressed
The Same Eort ForEveryone?
Recognising diverseneeds in order to ensureequal opportunities.
Am I Worthy?
Notions o superiorityand ineriority in order to justiy exploitation andracial discrimination.
We’re All A Little Guilty
Knowing and standingup or our rights andthe rights o others,importance o solidarityin the ace o injustice.
Combat RacismThrough Understanding
Valuing diversityin society, buildingknowledge andunderstanding o oursimilarities and ourdierences.
Masking OurDierences
Multiculturalism,assimilation andintegration o minoritygroups in society.
Small Change, BigDierence
Discrimination againstpeople with oreignsounding names, makingassumptions aboutsomeone‘s culture,customs and religionbased on their name.
Treated As A SecondCategory, Accepted I Musician
Roma communities inEurope, discriminationand lack o opportunities.
Racist Colour Guide
Evolution o racistideologies and the socialconstruction o “race”.
I Had A Dream
The civil rightsmovement in the USA,racial equality in today’sAmerica.
We Learn Quickly
Inuence o the mediaand politicians onour attitudes andperceptions o minoritygroups, importance o critical thinking.
The Power O A Label
Labelling, stereotypesand prejudice, racial/ethnic proling by thepolice.
Add As Friend
Necessity o migrationand the benets itbrings, immigrationchallenges in Europeand diculties aced bymigrants.

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