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Mgm 2101 Business Communication

Mgm 2101 Business Communication

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Published by chawurukap

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Published by: chawurukap on Oct 28, 2011
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MGM 2101 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : NoneThis course is designed to increase students’ awareness of the functions and importance of effective communication in thebusiness arena. This course will focus on the application of communication principles in achieving the goals of anorganization. Special emphasis will be placed on developing writing and speaking proficiencies.MGM 2111 ORGANIZATION AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : NoneAnalysis of the basic theories, principles, techniques and tools of management with an emphasis on management functionsin relation to main functional areas of business and non business organization. More emphasis will be given on the systemsapproach.MGM 2191 COMPUTERS AND DATA PROCESSINGCredit : 4 (3+1)Prerequisites : NoneThis course will familiarize students with the computer applications and management; help understand the fundamentals of computer nomenclature, particularly with respect to personal computer hardware and software and the World Wide Web;make use of the World Wide Web as a repository of the latest information and an integrated learning tool; develop an in-depth understanding of why computers are essential components in the business world and society in general. The topicsinclude the concept of computer system, structure of computer, computer networking, computer communication andcomputer programming. Hands-on experience will focus on word processing, spreadsheets, graphics presentation, databasedesign and management, web page design and development.MGM 3113 ORGANIZATION BEHAVIORCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 2111This course discusses the behavioral phenomena at the individual, group and the systems or organizational levels.Discussion at the individual level covers issues relating to personality, attitude, values, perception, learning and motivation.Group level issues include group dynamics, communication, leadership and conflict. Finally, the issues at the systems levelcover organization design, job design, organizational culture and organizational change.MGM 3123 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3113The course emphasizes on the 'interface' between the human resource managers and other functional managers inimplementing the various human resource management activities such as manpower planning, recruitment, selection,training and development, compensation, and employer- employee relations. It focuses on the methods and techniques of improving organizational effectiveness through sound human resource management practices. The course compares andcontrasts the human resource management practices in the private and public sectors while also comparing the philosophyof management from both the western and non-western perspectives.MGM 3161 QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUE IN MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MTH 3004This course discusses the quantitative models as a tool for decision making. Topics include: model formulation, probabilityconcepts, expected and conditional value, decision theory, inventory control, linear programming using simplex method, dualproblem and sensitivity analysis, transportation model, game theory, queuing theory, simulation, and PERT/CPM.MGM 3162 BUSINESS STATISTICSCredit : 4 (3+1)Prerequisites : MTH 3004This course introduces the methods, principles and applications of statistics in the area of business management. The major topics discussed include: descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, sampling distribution, estimation, hypothesis testing(one sample and two samples), Chi-square test, analysis of variance, nonparametric statistics, linear regression, correlation,multiple regression and time series forecasting.
MGM 3211 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETINGCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 2111This course emphasizes on the managerial approach in understanding marketing decision making specific with theemphasis on developing marketing mix and marketing strategies. Topics covered in this course include discussion inmarketing; an analysis of marketing opportunities; product/service decision; distribution decision; promotional decision;pricing decision; marketing planning and management, and selected applications.MGM 3244 CONSUMER BEHAVIORCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3211This course emphasizes on: examining economics, sociological and psychological factors influencing consumer behavior.Effect of marketing activities upon society, consumer movements and laws affecting the market place are also discussed.MGM 3331 LABOUR AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS LAWCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3351This course deals with the bases of employer-employees relation in the context of the relevant laws. The law relating to themanagement of human resource and the rights of workers are examined from the perspective of a free economy.MGM 3341 INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY LAWCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3351The products of intellectual creativity and industrial inventions have now taken many varied forms. Ownership over thesecalls for a supportive legal regime to give meaning to the proprietary claims of the owners.MGM 3351 COMMERCIAL LAWCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3351This course deals with all the principles relating to the formation and management of a particular business. Review of thelegal basis of all normal business decisions made by a businessman, such as contracts, consumer credit and bankingtransactions, particularly the aspects of his liability towards and rights against others.MGM 3354 LAW OF BANKINGCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3351The legal aspects of all banking transactions will be studied. The principles of law relating to cheques, promissory notes,negotiable instruments, relations between bankers and customers, commercial papers, banker’s lien securities anddocumentary credits are some of the specific topics.MGM 3365 INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL LAWCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3351The process of forming an international business contract will be studied from the initial stage of formation to the stage of performance. Payment aspects of the international business transactions will be highlighted to reveal the rights and liabilitiesof the parties to these transactions.MGM 3411 AGRIBUSINESS SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURECredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : ECO3100This course covers the basic managerial principles, human behavioral aspects of management, long term planning for growth, contemporary issues in agribusiness management and the use of managerial principles to analyze the system andstructure of agribusiness, market structure, oligopolistic pricing, technological innovation and agribusiness policies.MGM 4104 BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS
Credit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MTH 3004 and MGM 2111This course will introduce the fundamental philosophy of research, and discuss the basic concepts of research, businessresearch, its purpose and importance. The course will then introduce various types of research and the basic characteristicsof scientific research. The logical methods of inductive and deductive reasoning and the hypothetical deductive method willbe discussed. This course will, then, discuss the research process including formulating the problem, objectives of researchproject, development of theoretical framework, formulating hypothesis and the research design. Sources of data collectionand methods to be used in collecting information will be discussed. Students will also be exposed to the basic types of scales and measurements and the characteristics of sound measurement such as the validity and reliability of the measures.The issues on sampling, data analysis and the appropriate techniques used in business research will be discussed, withreference to the application programs in the SPSS.The course will also discuss the problem of interpreting data, and writing the research report. Finally, this course will exposestudents to the scientific process by preparing case studies and the art of writing case studies in business management.MGM 4124 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3123The course emphasizes on the structural and process considerations in designing training and development programs at themicro (organization) level. Focus is also given on the main methods that may be adopted to train and develop employees inan organization.MGM 4125 COMPENSATION MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3123This course differentiates between the various components of an organization’s compensation programs. It describes anddiscusses the activities to be properly performed in designing and implementing an effective compensation program. It alsoexamines the factors that influence a compensation decision.MGM 4126 EMPLOYER EMPLOYEE RELATIONSCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3123This course focuses on issues in labor-management relations that are typically faced by industrial relations managers andtheir counterparts, which include among others the formation of trade unions, collective bargaining, grievances, disciplineand termination/dismissals. Equal emphasis is given to approaches in managing labor-management relations in unionizedand non-unionized organizations.MGM 4127 EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 3123This course discusses several options with regard to the sources and methods of employee recruitment by providing thepros and cons of each of the options. Emphasis is given to the steps involved in the employee selection process such asevaluation of the application form, interview, employment testing, and checks on the candidates’ background. Attention isalso given to several special current issues.MGM 4128 INFORMATION MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : MGM 4197This course covers key issues related to the management of information technology (IT) at the micro-level (organizations)and the macro-level (nations). At the micro-level, issues in information management (IM) in organizations include strategyformulation and implementation, competitive advantage and management of change. At the macro-level, the focus is on therole of government and public policies. The emphasis of the course is on information management as practiced in public andprivate sector organizations and in selected countries including Malaysia.MGM 4136 CURRENT ISSUES IN MANAGEMENTCredit : 3 (3+0)Prerequisites : Final year 

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