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Published by api-3811041

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Published by: api-3811041 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I.Gi\u01a1\u0301i thi\u00ea\u0323 u:
1.Ta\u0301c gia\u0309

-T\u00ean th\u00e2\u0323 t Nguy\u00ea\u0303n V\u0103n Ba\u0301u ,sinh nga\u0300y 5-9-1932 Th\u0103ng Bi\u0300nh-Qua\u0309ng Nam. N\u0103m 1950 gia nh\u00e2\u0323 p qu\u00e2n \u0111\u00f4\u0323 i-chu\u0309 y\u00ea\u0301u hoa\u0323 t \u0111\u00f4\u0323 ng \u01a1\u0309 T\u00e2y Nguy\u00ean-la\u0300 m pho\u0301ng vi\u00ean ba\u0301o Qu\u00e2n \u0110\u00f4\u0323 i Nh\u00e2n D\u00e2n li\u00ean khu V,l\u00e2\u0301y bu\u0301t danh Nguy\u00ean Ngo\u0323 c.Sau hi\u00ea\u0323 p \u0111i\u0323 nh Gi\u01a1 ne v\u01a1 t\u00e2\u0323 p k\u00ea\u0301t ra B\u0103\u0301c. Sa\u0301ng ta\u0301c chi\u0301nh th\u01a1\u0300i ki\u0300 na\u0300y:\u0110\u00e2\u0301t n\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c \u0111\u01b0\u0301ng l\u00ean-ti\u00ea\u0309u thuy\u00ea\u0301t gia\u0309i I h\u00f4\u0323 i v\u0103n ngh\u00ea\u0323 VN 1954-1955; Ma\u0323 ch n\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c ng\u00e2\u0300m 1960(truy\u00ea\u0323 n v\u01b0\u0300a),Re\u0309o cao1961(t\u00e2\u0323 p truy\u00ea\u0323 n ng\u0103\u0301n).

-N\u0103m1962va\u0300o Nam,hoa\u0323

t \u0111\u00f4\u0323 ng \u01a1\u0309 khu V,la\u0300 chu\u0309 ti\u0323 ch chi h\u00f4\u0323 i V\u0103n ngh\u00ea\u0323 gia\u0309i pho\u0301ng mi\u00ea\u0300n Trung Trung b\u00f4\u0323 ,phu\u0323 tra\u0301ch ta\u0323 p chi\u0301 V\u0103n ngh\u00ea\u0323 qu\u00e2n gia\u0309i pho\u0301ng cu\u0309a Qu\u00e2n khu V.Ta\u0301c ph\u00e2\u0309m:Tr\u00ean qu\u00ea h\u01b0\u01a1ng nh\u01b0\u0303ng anh hu\u0300ng \u0110i\u00ea\u0323 n Ngo\u0323 c 1969(t\u00e2\u0323 p truy\u00ea\u0323 n ki\u0301),\u0110\u00e2\u0301t Qua\u0309ng(ti\u00ea\u0309u thuy\u00ea\u0301t,ph\u00e2\u0300n I.1971,ph\u00e2\u0300nII.1974)bu\u0301t danh Nguy\u00ea\u0303n Trung Tha\u0300nh.

-T\u00e2y Nguy\u00ean chi\u00ea\u0301m m\u00f4\u0323
t vi\u0323 tri\u0301 quan tro\u0323 ng trong sa\u0301ng ta\u0301c cu\u0309a NTT.
-\u0110\u0103\u0323 c \u0111i\u00ea\u0309m bao tru\u0300m ca\u0301c sa\u0301ng ta\u0301c cu\u0309a NTT la\u0300 ti\u0301nh s\u01b0\u0309 thi r\u00e2\u0301t \u0111\u00e2\u0323 m \u0111a\u0300.(t\u01b0\u0300 \u0111\u00ea\u0300 ta\u0300i,chu\u0309
\u0111\u00ea\u0300,hi\u0300nh t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng nh\u00e2n v\u00e2\u0323 t, b\u01b0\u0301c tranh thi\u00ean nhi\u00ean, ng\u00f4n ng\u01b0\u0303 tr\u00e2\u0300n thu\u00e2\u0323 t).
2.Hoa\u0300n ca\u0309nh sa\u0301ng ta\u0301c: Gi\u01b0\u0303a n\u0103m 1965,thuy\u0309 qu\u00e2n lu\u0323 c chi\u00ea\u0301n My\u0303 a\u0300o a\u0323 t \u0111\u00f4\u0309 qu\u00e2n va\u0300o ba\u0303i

bi\u00ea\u0309n Chu Lai.NTT cu\u0300ng m\u00f4\u0323 t s\u00f4\u0301 nha\u0300 v\u0103n kha\u0301c la\u0300m vi\u00ea\u0323 c nga\u0300y \u0111\u00eam \u0111\u00ea\u0309 vi\u00ea\u0301t va\u0300 in ta\u0323 p chi\u0301\u201dV\u0103n ngh\u00ea\u0323 Qu\u00e2n gia\u0309i pho\u0301ng\u201d mi\u00ea\u0300n Trung Trung b\u00f4\u0323 .Ta\u0301c gia\u0309 nh\u01a1\u0301 la\u0323 i nh\u01b0\u0303ng ki\u0309 ni\u00ea\u0323 m s\u00e2u s\u0103\u0301c& nh\u01b0\u0303ng con ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i T\u00e2y Nguy\u00ean: cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t,chi\u0323 Di\u0301t,nh\u01b0\u0303ng ca\u0301nh r\u01b0\u0300ng xa\u0300 nu ba\u0301t nga\u0301t\u2026 RXN \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c gia\u0309i th\u01b0\u01a1\u0309ng NDC,sau \u0111\u01b0a va\u0300o t\u00e2\u0323 pTQHNAHDN1969.

3.To\u0301m t\u0103\u0301t:-La\u0300ng X\u00f4man \u01a1\u0309 trong t\u00e2\u0300m \u0111a\u0323 i ba\u0301c cu\u0309a gi\u0103\u0323 c. \u0110a\u0323 n gi\u0103\u0323 c ta\u0300n pha\u0301 RXN.Nh\u01b0ng,
nh\u01b0 nh\u01b0\u0303ng ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i dan la\u0300ng X\u00f4man,no\u0301 v\u00e2\u0303n ki\u00ean c\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng v\u01b0\u01a1n t\u01a1\u0301i.T nu\u0301 v\u00ea\u0300 th\u0103m la\u0300ng, nghi\u0309
ta\u0323 i nha\u0300 cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t. \u0110\u00eam \u0111o\u0301 cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t k\u00ea\u0309 cho d\u00e2n la\u0300 ng nghe chuy\u00ea\u0323 n T nu\u0301 .
-Khi \u00e2\u0301y My\u0303
-Di\u00ea\u0323 m khu\u0309ng b\u00f4\u0301 da\u0303 man nh\u01b0ng d\u00e2n la\u0300ng v\u00e2\u0303n ti\u0300m ca\u0301ch nu\u00f4i d\u01b0\u01a1\u0303ng ca\u0301n b\u00f4\u0323 .T
nu\u0301 \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c ca\u0301n b\u00f4\u0323 Quy\u00ea\u0301
t di\u0300u d\u0103\u0301t,T nu\u0301 la\u0300m li\u00ean la\u0323 c sau bi\u0323 b\u0103\u0301t,bi\u0323 giam.Thoa\u0301t tu\u0300,anh tr\u01a1\u0309 v\u00ea\u0300
cu\u0300ng d\u00e2n la\u0300ng chu\u00e2\u0309n bi\u0323 vu\u0303 khi\u0301 chi\u00ea\u0301n \u0111\u00e2\u0301u.

-\u0110\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c tin na\u0300y,gi\u0103\u0323 c ke\u0301o v\u00ea\u0300 la\u0300ng.Tr\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c ca\u0309nh v\u01a1\u0323 con bi\u0323 gi\u0103\u0323 c \u0111a\u0301nh \u0111\u00e2\u0323 p da\u0303 man,t\u01b0\u0300 n\u01a1i \u00e2\u0309n n\u00e2\u0301p,T nu\u0301 \u0111a\u0303 nha\u0309y va\u0300o gi\u01b0\u0303a bo\u0323 n li\u0301nh \u0111i\u0323 nh c\u01b0\u0301u v\u01a1\u0323 con.Anh bi\u0323 b\u0103\u0301t,v\u01a1\u0323 con ch\u00ea\u0301t. Gi\u0103\u0323 c \u0111\u00f4\u0301t 10 ngo\u0301n tay anh.La\u0300ng X\u00f4man nh\u00e2\u0301t t\u00ea\u0300 vu\u0300ng d\u00e2\u0323 y gi\u00ea\u0301t gi\u0103\u0323 c. R\u00f4\u0300i T nu\u0301 \u0111i b\u00f4\u0323 \u0111\u00f4\u0323 i gia\u0309i pho\u0301ng,chi\u00ea\u0301n \u0111\u00e2\u0301u du\u0303ng ca\u0309m.

II.Hi\u0300nh t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng c\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu, r\u01b0\u0300ng xa\u0300 nu:

*C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu la\u0300 hi\u0300nh t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng xuy\u00ean su\u00f4\u0301t,\u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c mi\u00eau ta\u0309 c\u00f4ng phu,\u0111\u00e2\u0323 m ne\u0301t trong toa\u0300n b\u00f4\u0323 ta\u0301c ph\u00e2\u0309m,\u0111\u0103\u0323 c bi\u00ea\u0323 t xu\u00e2\u0301t hi\u00ea\u0323 n nhi\u00ea\u0300u \u01a1\u0309 ph\u00e2\u0300n \u0111\u00e2\u0300u va\u0300 k\u00ea\u0301t thu\u0301c truy\u00ea\u0323 n:\u201d\u0111\u00ea\u0301n hu\u0301t t\u00e2\u0300m m\u0103\u0301t cu\u0303ng kh\u00f4ng th\u00e2\u0301y gi\u0300 kha\u0301c ngoa\u0300i nh\u01b0\u0303ng r\u01b0\u0300ng xa\u0300 nu n\u00f4\u0301i ti\u00ea\u0301p cha\u0323 y \u0111\u00ea\u0301n ch\u00e2n tr\u01a1\u0300i\u2019\u2019(\u0111\u00e2\u0300y ch\u00e2\u0301t th\u01a1 hu\u0300ng tra\u0301ng).

*C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu g\u0103\u0301n bo\u0301 m\u00e2\u0323 t thi\u00ea\u0301t v\u01a1\u0301i \u0111\u01a1\u0300i s\u00f4\u0301ng cu\u0309a nh\u00e2n d\u00e2n la\u0300ng X\u00f4man.
+Trong sinh hoa\u0323 t:T nu\u0301 c\u00e2\u0300m \u0111u\u00f4\u0301c xa\u0300 nu soi cho Di\u0301t g\u0103\u0300n ga\u0323 o; lu\u0303 tre\u0309 la\u0300ng X\u00f4man m\u0103\u0323 t
lem lu\u00f4\u0301c kho\u0301i xa\u0300 nu ;T nu\u0301 va\u0300 Mai \u0111\u00f4\u0301t kho\u0301i xa\u0300 nu x\u00f4ng ba\u0309ng n\u01b0\u0301a \u0111\u00ea\u0309 ho\u0323 c ch\u01b0\u0303\u2026
+Trong nh\u01b0\u0303ng s\u01b0\u0323 ki\u00ea\u0323 n tro\u0323 ng \u0111a\u0323 i(gi\u0103\u0323 c \u0111\u00f4\u0301t 2 ba\u0300n tay T nu\u0301 b\u0103\u0300ng gie\u0309 t\u00e2\u0309m d\u00e2\u0300u xa\u0300 nu , ngo\u0323 n
l\u01b0\u0309a xa\u0300 nu soi ro\u0303 xa\u0301c nh\u01b0\u0303ng t\u00ean li\u0301nh gi\u0103\u0323 c\u2026
* C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu la\u0300 bi\u00ea\u0309u t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng cho cu\u00f4\u0323 c s\u00f4\u0301ng va\u0300 ph\u00e2\u0309m ch\u00e2\u0301t cao \u0111e\u0323 p cu\u0309a ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i X\u00f4man.
+C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu ham a\u0301nh sa\u0301ng va\u0300 khi\u0301 tr\u01a1\u0300i cu\u0303ng nh\u01b0 d\u00e2n la\u0300ng X\u00f4man ham t\u01b0\u0323 do:
-Pho\u0301ng l\u00ean r\u00e2\u0301t nhanh \u0111\u00ea\u0309 ti\u00ea\u0301p l\u00e2\u0301y a\u0301nh sa\u0301ng: \u201cCo\u0301 c\u00e2y m\u01a1\u0301i nhu\u0301 kho\u0309i m\u0103\u0323
t \u0111\u00e2\u0301t nho\u0323 n ho\u0103\u0301t
nh\u01b0 nh\u01b0\u0303ng mu\u0303i l\u00ea\u201d(211) \u201cngo\u0323 n xanh r\u01a1\u0300n,hi\u0300nh nho\u0323 n mu\u0303
i t\u00ean lao th\u0103\u0309ng l\u00ean b\u00e2\u0300u tr\u01a1\u0300i\u201d(198).
+C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu pha\u0309i chi\u0323 u nhi\u00ea\u0300u \u0111au th\u01b0\u01a1ng b\u01a1\u0309i qu\u00e2n thu\u0300 ta\u0300n ba\u0323 o cu\u0303ng nh\u01b0 d\u00e2n la\u0300ng
X\u00f4man nhi\u00ea\u0300u ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i bi\u0323 chu\u0301ng gi\u00ea\u0301t ha\u0323 i.
-\u201cCa\u0309 r\u01b0\u0300ng, ha\u0300ng va\u0323 n c\u00e2y kh\u00f4ng co\u0301 c\u00e2y na\u0300o kh\u00f4ng bi\u0323 th\u01b0\u01a1ng\u201d (197), \u201cNh\u01b0\u0323 a \u01b0\u0301a ra, tra\u0300n
tr\u00ea\u0300 (\u2026) r\u00f4\u0300i d\u00e2\u0300n d\u00e2\u0300n b\u00e2\u0300m la\u0323 i, \u0111en va\u0300 \u0111\u0103\u0323 c quy\u00ea\u0323
n tha\u0300 nh t\u01b0\u0300ng cu\u0323 c ma\u0300
u l\u01a1\u0301n\u201d (198)
-\u0110a\u0303 tha\u0300nh l\u00ea\u0323 , m\u00f4\u0303i nga\u0300y 2 l\u00e2\u0300n ho\u0103\u0323 c bu\u00f4\u0309i sa\u0301ng s\u01a1\u0301m va\u0300 x\u00ea\u0301 chi\u00ea\u0300u, ho\u0103\u0323 c \u0111\u01b0\u0301ng bo\u0301ng va\u0300 s\u00e2\u0303m
t\u00f4\u0301i, ho\u0103\u0323 c n\u01b0\u0309a \u0111\u00eam va\u0300 tr\u01a1\u0303 ga\u0300 ga\u0301y -> b\u0103\u0301n pha\u0301 a\u0301c li\u00ea\u0323 t. .
-C\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu co\u0301 s\u01b0\u0301c s\u00f4\u0301ng ma\u0303
nh li\u00ea\u0323 t kh\u00f4ng gi\u0300 ta\u0300n pha\u0301 n\u00f4\u0303i (ca\u0323 nh 1 c\u00e2y m\u01a1\u0301i nga\u0303 gu\u0323 c \u0111a\u0303 co\u0301
4,5 c\u00e2y con mo\u0323 c l\u00ean) (198)
-\u201c\u0110a\u0323 n \u0111a\u0323 i ba\u0301c kh\u00f4ng gi\u00ea\u0301t n\u00f4\u0303i chu\u0301ng, nh\u01b0\u0303ng v\u00ea\u0301t th\u01b0\u01a1ng cu\u0309a chu\u0301ng la\u0300nh nh\u01b0 tr\u00ean 1 th\u00e2n
th\u00ea\u0309 c\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng tra\u0301ng\u201d
-\u201cChu\u0301ng v\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 t l\u00ean thay th\u00ea\u0301 nh\u01b0\u0303ng c\u00e2y \u0111a\u0303 nga\u0303\u201d (198)

S\u01a1 k\u00ea\u0301t: R\u01b0\u0300ng xa\u0300 nu \u2013 1 ph\u00e2\u0300n cu\u0309a s\u01b0\u0301c s\u00f4\u0301ng TN, mang \u0111\u0103\u0323 c tr\u01b0ng TN, ph\u00e2n bi\u00ea\u0323 t \u0111i\u0323 a ba\u0300n na\u0300 y v\u01a1\u0301i ca\u0301c vu\u0300ng cao kha\u0301c cu\u0309a TQ; g\u0103\u0301n bo\u0301 v\u01a1\u0301i con ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i \u01a1\u0309 \u0111\u00e2y, khi c\u00e2\u0300n \u201c\u01b0\u01a1\u0303n t\u00e2\u0301m ng\u01b0\u0323 c l\u01a1\u0301n cu\u0309a mi\u0300

nh ra ma\u0300 che ch\u01a1\u0309 cho la\u0300 ng\u201d \u2026 (198)

R\u01b0\u0300ng xa\u0300 nu \u2013 ti\u00eau bi\u00ea\u0309u cho s\u01b0\u0301c s\u00f4\u0301ng b\u00e2\u0301t di\u00ea\u0323 t, tinh th\u00e2\u0300n \u0111\u00e2\u0301u tranh qu\u00e2\u0323 t c\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng cu\u0309a d\u00e2n t\u00f4\u0323 c TN. Ca\u0301c th\u00ea\u0301 h\u00ea\u0323 c\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng tr\u01b0ng cho ca\u0301c th\u00ea\u0301 h\u00ea\u0323 d\u00e2n la\u0300ng X\u00f4man (Anh Quy\u00ea\u0301t hy sinh -> T nu\u0301; Mai nga\u0303 xu\u00f4\u0301ng -> Di\u0301t l\u01a1\u0301n l\u00ean thay chi\u0323 ; nh\u01b0\u0303ng th\u00ea\u0301 h\u00ea\u0323 ti\u00ea\u0301p theo s\u0103\u0303n sa\u0300ng k\u00ea\u0301 ti\u00ea\u0301p -> be\u0301 Heng.)

III. H\u00ea\u0323 th\u00f4\u0301ng nh\u00e2n v\u00e2\u0323
1.Tnu\u0301: nh\u00e2n v\u00e2\u0323 t anh hu\u0300ng,ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i con vinh quang cu\u0309a la\u0300ng X\u00f4man , cu\u0309a ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i S tra\u0301,
\u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c NTT kh\u0103\u0301c hoa\u0323 b\u0103\u0300ng nh\u01b0\u0303ng ne\u0301t \u0111\u00f4\u0323 c \u0111a\u0301o, gia\u0300u ch\u00e2\u0301t s\u01b0\u0309 thi. T nu\u0301 ti\u00eau bi\u00ea\u0309u cho s\u00f4\u0301 ph\u00e2\u0323 n

va\u0300 con \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng \u0111i l\u00ean cu\u0309a ca\u0301c d\u00e2n t\u00f4\u0323 c.
-G\u0103\u0301n bo\u0301 v\u01a1\u0301i CM: t\u01b0\u0300 nho\u0309 \u0111a\u0303 t\u01b0\u0300ng nu\u00f4i gi\u00e2\u0301u ca\u0301n b\u00f4\u0323 , la\u0300 m c\u00f4ng ta\u0301c giao li\u00ean.
-Con ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300 i gan go\u0301c ,ta\u0301o ba\u0323 o,du\u0303ng ca\u0309m va\u0300 trung th\u01b0\u0323 c.

+Va\u0300o r\u01b0\u0300ng cu\u0300ng Mai ti\u00ea\u0301p t\u00ea\u0301 cho anh Quy\u00ea\u0301t, khi ho\u0323 c ch\u01b0\u0303 bi\u0323 thua ke\u0301m Mai \u0111a\u0303 l\u00e2\u0301y \u0111a\u0301 \u0111\u00e2\u0323 p
va\u0300o \u0111\u00e2\u0300u\u2026
+\u0110i \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng nu\u0301i thi\u0300 \u0111\u00e2\u0300u sa\u0301ng la\u0323 lu\u0300ng.., kh\u00f4ng bao gi\u01a1\u0300 \u0111i \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng mo\u0300n,gi\u0103\u0323 c v\u00e2y ca\u0301c nga\u0303

\u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng, xe\u0301 r\u01b0\u0300ng ma\u0300 \u0111i, lo\u0323 t t\u00e2\u0301t ca\u0309 ca\u0301c vo\u0300ng v\u00e2y.
+Qua s\u00f4ng, c\u01b0\u0301 l\u01b0\u0323 a ch\u00f4\u0303 tha\u0301c ma\u0323 nh ma\u0300 b\u01a1i ngang,\u2026
+Khi bi\u0323 b\u0103\u0301t, bi\u0323 tra t\u00e2\u0301n da\u0303 man \u0111a\u0303 du\u0303ng ca\u0309m chi\u0323 u \u0111\u01b0\u0323 ng ,chi\u0309 tay va\u0300o bu\u0323 ng mi\u0300nh no\u0301i: C\u00f4\u0323 ng

sa\u0309n \u01a1\u0309 \u0111\u00e2y\u2026
-Hi\u0300nh a\u0309nh 2 ba\u0300n tay g\u00e2y \u00e2\u0301n t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng \u0111\u00e2\u0323 m ne\u0301t va\u0300 s\u00e2u s\u0103\u0301c:
+Ba\u0300n tay co\u0300n la\u0300nh la\u0300 ba\u0300n tay trung th\u01b0\u0323 c, ti\u0300nh nghi\u0303a : c\u00e2\u0300m ph\u00e2\u0301n vi\u00ea\u0301t ch\u01b0\u0303 cu\u0309a anh Quy\u00ea\u0301
da\u0323 y cho; c\u00e2\u0300m \u0111a\u0301 \u0111\u00e2\u0323 p va\u0300o \u0111\u00e2\u0300u mi\u0300nh \u0111\u00ea\u0309 t\u01b0\u0323 tr\u01b0\u0300ng pha\u0323 t khi ho\u0323 c hay qu\u00ean ch\u01b0\u0303; khi thoa\u0301t ngu\u0323 c
Kon tum v\u00ea\u0300, g\u0103\u0323 p Mai \u01a1\u0309 \u0111\u00e2\u0300u r\u01b0\u0300ng, l\u00f4\u0301i va\u0300o la\u0300ng, Mai c\u00e2\u0300 m tay Tnu\u0301 ma\u0300 gia\u0300n giu\u0323 a n\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c m\u0103\u0301
t \u2026

+M\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i ngo\u0301n tay bi\u0323 gi\u0103\u0323 c qu\u00e2\u0301n gie\u0303 t\u00e2\u0309m nh\u01b0\u0323 a xa\u0300nu r\u00f4\u0300i \u0111\u00f4\u0301t \u2013 10 ngo\u0301n tay tha\u0300nh 10 ngo\u0323 n \u0111u\u00f4\u0301c \u2013 l\u01b0\u0309a t\u01b0\u0300 10 \u0111\u00e2\u0300u ngo\u0301n tay \u2013 thi\u00eau \u0111\u00f4\u0301t gan ru\u00f4\u0323 t, ca\u0309 h\u00ea\u0323 th\u00e2\u0300n kinh Tnu\u0301 :\u201d Anh kh\u00f4ng ca\u0309m th\u00e2\u0301y \u2026 m\u00f4i anh r\u00f4\u0300i \u201c( 210 ) M\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i ngo\u0323 n \u0111u\u00f4\u0301c ngo\u0301n tay Tnu\u0301 \u0111a\u0303 ch\u00e2m bu\u0300ng 2le6n ngo\u0323 n l\u01b0\u0309a n\u00f4\u0309i d\u00e2\u0323 y cu\u0309a la\u0300ng X\u00f4Man. M\u00f4\u0303i ngo\u0301n tay chi\u0309 co\u0300n hai \u0111\u00f4\u0301t \u2013 ch\u01b0\u0301ng ti\u0301ch \u0111\u00e2\u0300 y c\u0103m h\u00e2\u0323 n ma\u0300 Tnu\u0301 mang theo su\u00f4\u0301t \u0111\u01a1\u0300i .

+Ba\u0300n tay \u00e2\u0301y v\u00e2\u0303n c\u00e2\u0300m gia\u0301o, c\u00e2\u0300m su\u0301ng va\u0300 Tnu\u0301 \u0111a\u0303 l\u00ean \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng \u0111\u00e2\u0301u tranh gia\u0309i pho\u0301ng qu\u00ea
h\u01b0\u01a1ng .
- Tnu\u0301 co\u0301 ti\u0301nh ky\u0309 lu\u00e2\u0323 t r\u00e2\u0301t cao : Tuy nh\u01a1\u0301 nha\u0300 nh\u01a1\u0301 qu\u00ea nh\u01b0ng pha\u0309i \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c c\u00e2\u0301p tr\u00ean cho
phe\u0301p m\u01a1\u0301
i v\u00ea\u0300, va\u0300 cu\u0303ng chi\u0309 v\u00ea\u0300 \u0111u\u0301ng m\u00f4\u0323 t \u0111\u00eam nh\u01b0 quy \u0111i\u0323 nh trong gi\u00e2\u0301y phe\u0301p
- Tnu\u0301 gia\u0300u ti\u0300nh y\u00eau th\u01b0\u01a1ng \u0111\u00f4\u0301i v\u01a1\u0301i mo\u0323
i ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i :
+Sau ba n\u0103m chi\u00ea\u0301n \u0111\u00e2\u0301u tr\u01a1\u0309 v\u00ea\u0300 la\u0300ng, Tnu\u0301 b\u00f4\u0300i h\u00f4\u0300i xu\u0301c \u0111\u00f4\u0323 ng khi nghe ti\u00ea\u0301ng cha\u0300y \u201c chuy\u00ean
c\u00e2\u0300n \u2026 \u00e2\u0301y r\u00f4\u0300i \u201d( 200 )\ue000 n\u00f4\u0303i nh\u01a1\u0301 qu\u00ea h\u01b0\u01a1ng, nh\u01a1\u0301 me\u0323
, nh\u01a1\u0301 chi\u0323 , nh\u01a1\u0301 d\u00e2n la\u0300ng\u2026
+Y\u00eau th\u01b0\u01a1ng v\u01a1\u0323 con tha thi\u00ea\u0301t : Ch\u01b0\u0301ng ki\u00ea\u0301n ke\u0309 thu\u0300 du\u0300ng c\u00e2y s\u0103\u0301t \u0111\u00e2\u0323 p ch\u00ea\u0301t me\u0323 con Mai,
anh lao va\u0300 o lu\u0303 gi\u0103\u0323 c v\u01a1\u0301i \u201c m\u00f4\u0323
t ti\u00ea\u0301ng the\u0301t \u2026 \u00f4m ch\u0103\u0323
t me\u0323 con Mai \u201d. \u0110au th\u01b0\u01a1ng\ue000 c\u0103m thu\u0300
: \u0111\u00f4i m\u0103\u0301t tha\u0300nh hai cu\u0323 c l\u01b0\u0309a l\u01a1\u0301n . C\u0103m thu\u0300\ue000 tha\u0300nh ha\u0300nh \u0111\u00f4\u0323 ng :\u201d The\u0301t l\u00ean m\u00f4\u0323
t ti\u00ea\u0301ng.. d\u01b0\u0303
d\u00f4\u0323 i h\u01a1n \u201d\u2026\u201d l\u01b0\u0309a cha\u0301y kh\u0103\u0301p r\u01b0\u0300ng \u201d\ue000 ca\u0309 la\u0300ng vu\u0300ng l\u00ean ch\u00f4\u0301ng gi\u0103\u0323 c .
+Ca\u0309 la\u0300 ng v\u00e2y quanh nga\u0300 y anh v\u00ea\u0300 ( 200 )
@ Tnu\u0301 th\u00e2\u0323 t s\u01b0\u0323 la\u0300 ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i con chung cu\u0309a d\u00e2n la\u0300ng X\u00f4man, cu\u0309a ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i Stra\u0301, lu\u00f4n
x\u01b0\u0301ng \u0111a\u0301ng v\u01a1\u0301i ti\u0300nh ca\u0309
m cu\u0309a Mai tr\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c \u0111\u00e2y va\u0300 cu\u0309a Di\u0301t sau na\u0300y .
2. Di\u0301t: Hi\u00ea\u0323 n th\u00e2n va\u0300 s\u01b0\u0323 ti\u00ea\u0301p n\u00f4\u0301i cu\u0309a Mai .
- Ti\u0300nh ca\u0309m trong sa\u0301ng, s\u00e2u s\u0103\u0301c nh\u01b0ng l\u0103\u0323 ng le\u0303 va\u0300 ki\u0301n \u0111a\u0301o
- La\u0300 ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i du\u0303ng ca\u0309m i\u0301t no\u0301i :
* Bi\u0323 gi\u0103\u0323 c b\u0103\u0301t , khi va\u0300 o r\u01b0\u0300ng ti\u00ea\u0301p t\u00ea\u0301 cho cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t va\u0300 Tnu\u0301, \u0111a\u0323 n gi\u0103\u0323 c b\u0103\u0301n xung quanh, s\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 t qua
tai, xe\u0301m to\u0301c, ca\u0300 y \u0111\u00e2\u0301t ..( 207 ) kh\u00f4ng kho\u0301c, l\u0103\u0323 ng thinh, bi\u0300nh tha\u0309n
* Nga\u0300 y Mai m\u00e2\u0301t, no\u0301 l\u00e2\u0300m li\u0300 \u2026 mang \u0111i ( 199 )\ue000 gan li\u0300 t\u01b0\u0300 nho\u0309, bi\u00ea\u0301t d\u00f4\u0300n ne\u0301n \u0111au th\u01b0\u01a1ng
\u0111\u00ea\u0309 nung n\u00e2\u0301u lo\u0300ng c\u0103m thu\u0300, nh\u00e2\u0323 n th\u01b0\u0301c ba\u0309n ch\u00e2\u0301t cu\u0309a ke\u0309 thu\u0300, quy\u00ea\u0301t t\u00e2m ti\u00eau di\u00ea\u0323 t chu\u0301ng
- Ti\u0301nh nguy\u00ean t\u0103\u0301c co\u0301 ph\u00e2\u0300n c\u01b0\u0301ng nh\u0103\u0301c cu\u0309a m\u00f4\u0323

t ca\u0301n b\u00f4\u0323 chi\u0301nh tri\u0323 \u01a1\u0309 tu\u00f4\u0309i m\u01a1\u0301i l\u01a1\u0301n ( qua ca\u0301ch ho\u0309i gi\u00e2\u0301y phe\u0301p, x\u01b0ng h\u00f4 v\u01a1\u0301i Tnu\u0301 tr\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c va\u0300 sau khi \u0111o\u0323 c gi\u00e2\u0301y : \u0111\u00f4\u0300ng chi\u0301\ue000 anh em )\ue000 ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i \u0111o\u0323 c ca\u0309m th\u00f4ng\ue001 tr\u01b0\u01a1\u0309ng tha\u0300nh .

- \u0110\u0103\u0300ng sau tha\u0301i \u0111\u00f4\u0323 la\u0323 nh lu\u0300ng, ng\u00f4n t\u01b0\u0300 co\u0301 ve\u0309 gay g\u0103\u0301t \u201c kh\u00f4ng co\u0301 gi\u00e2\u0301y tr\u00ean v\u00ea\u0300 thi\u0300 kh\u00f4ng \u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c, uy\u0309 ban pha\u0309i b\u0103\u0301t th\u00f4i \u201d la\u0300 ti\u0300nh ca\u0309m th\u00e2\u0300m ki\u0301n \u00e2\u0309n trong ca\u0301i nhi\u0300n r\u00e2\u0301t s\u00e2u \u0111\u00f4\u0301i v\u01a1\u0301i Tnu\u0301( m\u00f4\u0323 t \u0111\u00f4i m\u0103\u0301t m\u01a1\u0309 to, bi\u0300nh tha\u0309n, trong su\u00f4\u0301t )

3.Cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t:
Xu\u00e2\u0301t hi\u00ea\u0323 n mu\u00f4\u0323 n khi\u00ea\u0301n Tnu\u0301 no\u0301ng ru\u00f4\u0323 t ch\u01a1\u0300 \u0111\u01a1\u0323 i \u2013 la\u0300 linh h\u00f4\u0300n cu\u0309a la\u0300ng X\u00f4man, la\u0300 chi\u00ea\u0301c c\u00e2\u0300u
n\u00f4\u0301i qua\u0301 kh\u01b0\u0301 va\u0300 hi\u00ea\u0323 n ta\u0323 i
- Hi\u0300nh da\u0301ng :\u201d qu\u0103\u0301c th\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c nh\u01b0 x\u01b0a, r\u00e2u da\u0300i t\u01a1\u0301i ng\u01b0\u0323 c va\u0300 v\u00e2\u0303n \u0111en bo\u0301ng \u201c m\u0103\u0301t sa\u0301ng va\u0300
x\u00ea\u0301ch ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c \u201d, \u201c \u01a1\u0309 tr\u00e2\u0300n, ng\u01b0\u0323 c c\u0103ng nh\u01b0 m\u00f4\u0323
t c\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu l\u01a1\u0301n \u201d ( 201 ) v\u00ea\u0301t se\u0323 o \u2026\ue000
qu\u0103\u0301c t\u01b0\u01a1\u0301c, c\u01b0\u0301ng co\u0309i
- Ng\u00f4n ng\u01b0\u0303 : Kh\u00f4ng bao gi\u01a1\u0300 khen t\u00f4\u0301t. Nh\u01b0\u0303ng khi v\u01b0\u0300a y\u0301 nh\u00e2\u0301t \u0111\u00ea\u0300u no\u0301i \u201c\u0111\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 c\u201d .

Ti\u00ea\u0301ng no\u0301i \u00f4\u0300 \u00f4\u0300, d\u00f4\u0323 i vang
- T\u01b0\u0323 ha\u0300o v\u00ea\u0300 qu\u00ea h\u01b0\u01a1ng :
+ \u201cKh\u00f4ng co\u0301 gi\u0300 ma\u0323 nh b\u0103\u0300 ng c\u00e2y xa\u0300 nu \u2026 mo\u0323 c l\u00ean \u201d( 202)
+ Ga\u0323 o ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i Stra\u0301 mi\u0300nh la\u0300 m ra ngon nh\u00e2\u0301t nu\u0301i r\u01b0\u0300ng na\u0300 y \u0111\u00e2\u0301y (202)

- M\u00ea\u0323 nh l\u00ea\u0323 nh chi\u00ea\u0301n \u0111\u00e2\u0301u cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t pha\u0301t ra \u0111\u01a1n gia\u0309n va\u0300 ch\u0103\u0301c ni\u0323 ch, r\u01b0\u0323 c r\u01a1\u0303 nh\u01b0 trong s\u01b0\u0309
thi \u201cTh\u00ea\u0301 la\u0300 b\u0103\u0301t \u0111\u00e2\u0300u r\u00f4\u0300i, \u0111\u00f4\u0301t l\u01b0\u0309a l\u00ean \u201d

- Ti\u0301nh ca\u0301ch \u00f4ng ti\u00eau bi\u00ea\u0309u cho ti\u0301nh ca\u0301ch qu\u00e2\u0323 t c\u01b0\u01a1\u0300ng, b\u00e2\u0301t khu\u00e2\u0301t cu\u0309a d\u00e2n t\u00f4\u0323 c ta :\u201d Nh\u01a1\u0301 l\u00e2\u0301y (\u2026) chu\u0301ng no\u0301 \u0111a\u0303 c\u00e2\u0300m su\u0301ng, mi\u0300nh pha\u0309i c\u00e2\u0300m gia\u0301o \u201d ( 208) l\u01a1\u0300i no\u0301i cu\u0309a \u00f4ng la\u0300 \u00e2m h\u01b0\u01a1\u0309ng chu\u0309 \u0111a\u0323 o cu\u0309a ba\u0309n hu\u0300ng ca t\u00e2y nguy\u00ean

@ Cu\u0323 M\u00ea\u0301t la\u0300 bi\u00ea\u0309u t\u01b0\u01a1\u0323 ng cho s\u01b0\u0301c ma\u0323
nh tinh th\u00e2\u0300n va\u0300 v\u00e2\u0323 t ch\u00e2\u0301t co\u0301 ti\u0301nh truy\u00ea\u0300n th\u00f4\u0301ng
va\u0300 c\u00f4\u0323 i ngu\u00f4\u0300
n cu\u0309a mi\u00ea\u0300n nu\u0301i T\u00e2y nguy\u00ean, cu\u0309a ca\u0301c d\u00e2n t\u00f4\u0323 c T\u00e2y nguy\u00ean, la\u0300 \u0111a\u0323 i di\u00ea\u0323 n cho
qu\u00e2\u0300n chu\u0301
ng, ca\u0301i ga\u0323 ch n\u00f4\u0301i gi\u01b0\u0303a \u0110a\u0309ng va\u0300 \u0111\u00f4\u0300ng ba\u0300o ca\u0301c d\u00e2n t\u00f4\u0323 c ( Ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i thu\u0309 li\u0303nh tinh
th\u00e2\u0300n cu\u0309a la\u0300ng X\u00f4man)
4. Be\u0301 Heng : Xu\u00e2\u0301t hi\u00ea\u0323 n nhi\u00ea\u0300u \u01a1\u0309 \u0111\u00e2\u0300u c\u00e2u chuy\u00ea\u0323 n, \u0111o\u0301ng vai ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i h\u01b0\u01a1\u0301ng d\u00e2\u0303n Tnu\u0301 tr\u01a1\u0309
v\u00ea\u0300 . Ca\u0301ch \u0103n m\u0103\u0323 c va\u0300 trang bi\u0323 ra da\u0301ng ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i li\u0301nh, ng\u01b0\u01a1\u0300i chi\u00ea\u0301n si\u0303 du ki\u0301ch cu\u0309a la\u0300ng X\u00f4man

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