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Physics Heat

Physics Heat



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Published by: api-3759956 on Oct 17, 2008
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M.C.Qs on HEAT
1. A large sheet of metal has a hole cut in the middle of it. When the sheet is heated, the area of the hole
a. Not change b. Always increase. c. Always decrease d.Decrease only if the hole is in the exact
center of the sheet
2. The surface of a tiled floor normally feels cooler than the surface of a

Carpet because
a. The tiles are better reflectors of heat than the surface of carpet
b. The tiles are better conductors of heat than the surface of carpet
c. The tiles have a lower specific heat capacity than the surface of carpet
d. The tiles have larger specific heat capacity than the surface of carpet

3. If a liquid contracts on freezing, then the freezing point due to an
increase of pressure will.
a. increase
b. decrease
c. remain same d. becomes zero
4. During the change of state, the heat supplied does not change the temperature. It is used in.
a. making intermolecular force strong
b. changing the pressure
c. changing the volume
d. weakening the inter molecular force
5. Quantity of heat in a body depends upon its mass temperature and.
a. specific heat b. heat capacity c. thermal capacity d. latent heat
Mathematically Boyle\u2019s Law is stated as__________.
a. P\u03b1V b. P\u03b1V1 c.V1 \u03b1P1
d. P=V
Mathematically Charle\u2019s Law is stated as__________.
a. V\u03b1T b. V\u03b1V1
c. V=T d.V1 \u03b1T1
Absolute Zero of the temperature is__________.
a. 0K
b. 273K
c. -273K d.273
9. \u201cAt constant pressure, the temperature of given mass of any gas is directly proportional to the volume
of the gas.\u201d This is called__________.
a. Boyle\u2019s law b. Charle\u2019s law c. general gas law
d. pressure law
10.General gas law is mathematically stated as__________.
a. P=VRT
b. PT=VnR
c. PV=nRT

d. PR=nVT
11.the total energy of all the molecules of the substance is known as:
(a) temperature (b) specific heat (c) vaporization (d) heat

12. The value of universal gas constant R is given by, in J/kg.K
(a) 8314 (b) 83.14 (c) 831.4 (d) 8.314
13. The change in length per unit length per Kelvin rise in temperature is called.
a. coefficient of linear expansion
b. coefficient of volume expansion.
c. coefficient of superficial expansion
d. coefficient of geometrical expansion
14. Mathematically co-efficient of linear expansion is written as.
a. L= L\u03b1\u0394T
b. L= L\u03b1\u0394T c. \u0394L= L\u03b1\u0394T d. L= 1+L\u03b1\u0394T
15. Coefficient of cubical expansion in terms of co-efficient of linear expansion is written as.
a. \u03b2=3\u03b1 b. 3\u03b2=\u03b1 c. \u03b2=3/\u03b1 d. 1/\u03b2=3\u03b1

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