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Catena Aurea _ MATTHEW

Catena Aurea _ MATTHEW

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from http://josephkenny.joyeurs.com/CDtexts/index2.htm
from http://josephkenny.joyeurs.com/CDtexts/index2.htm

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Published by: Jim Benghazi Mitchell on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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St. Thomas Aquinas, Catena Aurea (Golden Chain)Gospel of Matthew
translated byJohn Henry Parker, v. I, J.G.F. and J. RivingtonLondon, 1842Dedication translated by Joseph Kenny, O.P.
INTRODUCTION Chapters:*1* *2* *3* *4* *5* *6**7* *8* *9**10* *11* *12* *13* *14**15* *16* *17* *18* *19* *20* *21* *22* *23* *24* *25* *26* *27* *28
Catena aurea in quatuor EvangeliaThe Golden Chain on the Four GospelsDedicatioDedication
Sanctissimo ac reverendissimo patri dominoUrbano, divina providentia Papae quarto, frater Thomas de Aquino, ordinis fratrumTo the most holy and reverend Father, LordUrban IV, by divine providence Pope. I, brother Thomas of Aquino, of the Order of Friars
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praedicatorum, cum devota reverentia, pedumosculo beatorum.Preachers, devoutly and reverently kiss your holyfeet.Fons sapientiae unigenitum Dei verbumpraesidens in excelsis, per quod pater sapienter fecerat et suaviter disposueratuniversa, in fine temporum carnem sumerevoluit, ut sub tegumento naturae corporeae,splendorem eius humanus intuitus possetinspicere, quem in celsitudine maiestatisdivinae attingere non valebat. Diffuderatsiquidem radios suos, sapientiae videlicetsuae indicia, super omnia opera quae creavit;quodam vero ampliori privilegio imaginempropriam hominum animabus impresserat,quam tamen diligentius expresserat in cordibusipsum amantium secundum sui munerislargitatem. Sed quid est hominis anima in tamimmensa creatura, ut divinae sapientiaevestigia possit comprehendere adperfectionem? Quinimmo et sapientiae luxinfusa hominibus per peccati tenebras etoccupationum temporalium caligines fueratobumbrata; et intantum est quorumdam cor insipiens obscuratum, ut Dei gloriam in idolavana converterent, et quae non conveniuntfacerent, in sensum reprobum incidentes.The font of wisdom, the only-begotten Word of God, presiding in the highest, through whom theFather made everything wisely, and smoothlyarranged it, at the end of time decided to takeflesh, so that under the garment of a bodilynature our human gaze could view his splendor,which it could not reach when he was in theheights of divine majesty. Certainly, he spreadhis rays, the evidence of his wisdom, on all theworks which hecreated. But he impressed hisimage in a more privileged way on human souls,and still more expressed this image in the heartsof those who love him, according to his greatmunificence. But what is the soul of man in suchimmense creation, that it could perfectlycomprehend the traces of divine wisdom?Moreover, the light of wisdom that had beeninfused in men was obscured by the darkness of sin and the fog of temporal occupations.Moreover, the stupid heartsof som were sodarkened that they turned the glory of God intouseless idols, doing things that were improper,and falling into a damnable mentality. But divine wisdom, which had made man to
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,hominem fecerat eum sui inexpertem esse nonsinens, totum se in humanam naturam contulit,eam modo sibi assumendo mirabili, uterrantem hominem ad se totaliter revocaret.Huius igitur sapientiae claritatem nubemortalitatis velatam, primus apostolorumprinceps fide conspicere meruit, et eamconstanter absque errore et plenarie confiteri,dicens tu es Christus filius Dei vivi. O beataconfessio, quam non caro et sanguis, sed pater caelestis revelat. Haec in terris fundatEcclesiam, aditum praebet in caelum, peccatameretur solvere, et contra eam portae nonpraevalent Inferorum. Huius igitur fidei acconfessionis heres legitime, sanctissime pater,pio studio mens vestra invigilat, ut tantaesapientiae lux fidelium corda perfundat ethaereticorum confutet insanias, quae portaeInferorum merito designantur.enjoy himself, would not allow him to have noexperience of himsel. So he entered humannature totally, assuming it to himself in awonderful way, so that he could call wanderingman back totally to himself. The first prince of apostles merited to see by faith the brightness of this wisdom, covered with the cloud of mortality,and he constantly, fully, and without error testifiedto it, saying, "You are the Christ, the Son of theliving God." O blessed testimony, which fleshand blood did not reveal, but the heavenlyFather. This testimony gives foundation to theChurch on earth, opens the way to heaven,merits the power to forgive sins, and the gates of hell do not prevail against it. You, the rightful heir to this faith and testimony, most holy Father, andyour mind is religiously watchful, to let the light of such great wisdom pervade the hearts of thefaithful, and refute the madness of heretics,which are rightly called the "gates of hell".Sane si, secundum Platonis sententiam, beatacensetur respublica cuius rectores operamsapientiae dare contigerit, illi siquidemsapientiae quam imbecillitas intellectus humanierroribus plerumque commaculat, quantomagis sub vestro regimine beatus censeripotest populus Christianus, ubi tanta diligentiaexcellentissimae illi sapientiae curam Certainly if, according to Plato's opinion, thenation is blessed whose rulers are occupied withwisdom, that wisdom which in fact the stupidity of the human intellect often mixes with errors, howmuch more blessed must the Christian peopleunder your rule be reckoned, since you devotesuch great concern for that wisdom, which God's