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Grand Masonic Lodge Architecture Into Pi and Phi and Ancient Pi

Grand Masonic Lodge Architecture Into Pi and Phi and Ancient Pi

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Published by HiramSecret

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Published by: HiramSecret on Oct 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Freemason Code Deciphered
from Grand Masonic Lodge Architecture into Phi and PiAncient Pi in Masonic Lodge Architecture
“Freemason Code” is the subject of many speculations and mysteries.Freemason numerologies and cosmological attributions appear to evolve from the ancienticonographies as seen in Assyrian, Persian, Sumerian, and Egyptian artifacts such ascarved stone stele, cylinder seals and clay tablets to name a few.The objective here is to identify a key mathematical structure inherent in the freemasoncode as it is expressed in Grand Masonic Lodge architecture,which contains 2 doorway arches vertically aligned, and decorated with a primary upper central 16 pointed star surrounded by an archway of 21 pyramids, and a lower archwaydecorated in a similar fashion with 17 nodal divisions to the arch.From there a theory is developed that has to be far beyond any coincidental chance.
Due to the imprecise images available for study,I can only present a part of the total THEORY I have developed,however that part is the most important facet of the Freemason Code.Drawings will accompany the document in the appendixThe most interesting aspect of the 16 pointed star in the Grand Masonic Lodgedoorway arches analyzed, is that the exact identical star is in the ancient iconographieswhich depict the Fish God, which in some mythologies is referred to as Oannes.To accompany that coincidence,the exact same 17 node arch in the Grand Masonic Lodge,is right there in the ancient iconography as well.This is not a coincidence, and the short summary of mathematical analysis to followis just a part of the total possibilities within this mathematical methodology that theFreemason’s used.The ultimate goal of the “Freemason Codes”is to express Pi and Phi in a mathematical equation with a specific angleas a basis of many other expanded mathematical and cosmological contexts.This angle is achieved, and thus revealed by the simple mathematics of the architectures presented by the two vertically aligned doorway arches in the Grand Masonic Lodge,of which their ultimate origin is found deep in the cultural history of mankind,as evidenced by the ancient stele, cylinder seals and such artifacts from eras of civilization that precede the most ancient Sumerian histories documented.That equations is:
Tangent [51]
Square Root of Phi = Pi / 2.
[1 .2348917157] x Sqrt[1 .618033989] = [1 .570813448]
[1 .570813448] times [2] = [3 .141626897] = [Pi] = [3 .141592654]
Thus if any of you feel that this is not close enough to true Pi, you need not proceed.
Freemason Code Deciphered
from Grand Masonic Lodge Architecture into Phi and Pi
First to introduce an image selection, and thus the first image is the ancient cylnider sealclay tablet impression with the fish God Oannes.Take note of the
pointed star and the archway or doorway between the Gods,which has the
nodes or spires surrounding the arch.These images are from authentic museum specimen photographs.
I have many interpretations of this iconography, and all of it is cosmologicalmathematics, which was the original intent of these cultural ancient artifacts.
The upper set of dots on the left are the [
] Dots of Earth that you see in all the ancientSumerian stele and cylinder seals. Many ancient cylinder seals and stele will have an8 pointed star rather than a 16 pointed star, but you will not see the 17 pointed archto accompany that 8 pointed star at all, that I know of.It is my opinion so far that the figure group above the crescent moon is a trinity figurerepresenting Three, and if so, then 3 x 17 = [51].It is my opinion at this point that the 16 pointed star represents Saturn,especially due to the later applications of the Saturn synod in this document,and the mathematical cosmologies that emanate from that number into the Sumerian andlater Egyptian pyramid cosmology, as shown in previous pdf releases.
However to avoid all that,
I will stay with the venue specifically addressing theconnections represented here in this ancient artifact and the grand Masonic Architecture.

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