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Table Of Contents

Advantages of LotusScript
Working with scripts
Working with Lotus products
Debugging applications
Enhancements in LotusScript 4.0
Syntax Changes
Enhanced International Support
Additional System Services
Related Work
Statement construction rules
Literal number construction rules
Literal string construction rules
Identifier construction rules
Table of LotusScript keywords
Special characters
Summary of LotusScript data types
Data type conversion
Explicit data type conversion
Automatic data type conversion
Constants and Variables
Scope of declarations
Built-in constants
Constants defined in LSCONST.LSS
Product-specific constants
User-defined constants
Declaring scalar variables explicitly
Declaring scalar variables implicitly
Examples of scalar variables
Fixed arrays
Dynamic arrays
Working with lists
Boolean values
Referring to Variants
Defining functions
By value
Assigning a return value to a function
Executing a user-defined function
Values that a function can manipulate
Defining subs
Executing a sub
Specialized subs
Declaring and defining properties
Using properties
Calling external C-language functions
Passing arguments
Passing strings
Passing arrays, types, and objects
Return values
File operations
Sequential files
Random files
Binary files
Types of errors
Run-time error processing
Statements used in run-time errors
Multiple On Error statements
User-defined data types
User-defined classes
Base classes
Declaring member variables
Public and Private class members
Private class members
Initializing member variables
Public class members
Testing object references
Deleting objects
Managing memory for objects
Derived Classes
Property and method overriding
Arrays and lists of classes
Working with object reference variables
Flow of execution
Block Statements
Iterative statements
Early Termination Statements
Advantages of thread safe agents
Synchronization functions
How synchronization works
Lotus product environments
Product classes and objects
Interacting with the user
Reading, writing, and closing files
Interacting with other programs
OLE Automation
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
Calling C Functions
Declaring C functions
Passing arguments to C functions
Extended example
Overview of expressions and operators
Operator order of precedence
Table of numeric operators
Arithmetic Operators
Bitwise Operators
Boolean Operators
Table of string operators
String concatenation operators
String relational (comparison) operators
Is operator
IsA operator
Abs function
ACos function
ActivateApp statement
ArrayAppend function
ArrayGetIndex function
ArrayReplace function
Asc function
ASin function
ATn function
ATn2 function
Beep statement
Bin function
Bracket notation
Call statement
CCur function
CDat function
CDbl function
ChDir statement
ChDrive statement
Chr function
CInt function
Class statement
CLng function
Close statement
CodeLock function
CodeLockCheck function
CodeUnlock function
Command function
Const statement
Cos function
CreateLock function
CreateObject function
CSng function
CStr function
CurDir function
CurDrive function
Currency data type
CVar function
DataType function
About data types
Date function
Date statement
DateNumber function
DateValue function
Day function
Declare statement (external C calls)
Declare statement (forward reference)
Deftype statements
Delete statement
DestroyLock function
Dim statement
Dir function
Do statement
Dot notation
Double data type
End statement
Environ function
EOF function
Erase statement
Erl function
Err function
Err statement
Error function
Error statement
Evaluate function and statement
Execute function and statement
Exit statement
Exp function
FileAttr function
FileCopy statement
FileDateTime function
FileLen function
Fix function
For statement
[ statements ]
ForAll statement
Format function
Fraction function
FreeFile function
FullTrim function
Function statement
Get statement
GetFileAttr function
GetObject function
GetThreadInfo function
GoSub statement
GoTo statement
Hex function
Hour function
If...GoTo statement
If...Then...Else statement
If...Then...ElseIf statement
%If directive
IMESetMode function
IMEStatus function
%Include directive
Input # statement
Input function
InputB function
InputBox function
InputBP function
InStr function
InStrB function
InStrBP function
InStrC function
Int function
Integer data type
IsArray function
IsDate function
IsDefined function
IsElement function
IsEmpty function
IsList function
IsNull function
IsNumeric function
IsObject function
IsScalar function
IsUnknown function
Kill statement
LBound function
LCase function
Left function
LeftB function
LeftBP function
LeftC function
Len function
LenB function
LenBP function
LenC function
Let statement
Line Input # statement
ListTag function
LOC function
Lock and Unlock statements
LOF function
Log function
Long data type
LSet statement
LTrim function
MessageBox function and statement
Mid function
Mid statement
MidB function
MidB statement
MidBP function
MidC function
Minute function
MkDir statement
Month function
Name statement
Now function
Oct function
On Error statement
On Event statement
On...GoSub statement
On...GoTo statement
Open statement
Option Base statement
Option Compare statement
Option Declare statement
Option Public statement
Print statement
Print # statement
Property Get/Set statements
Put statement
Randomize statement
ReDim statement
Rem statement
%Rem directive
Reset statement
Resume statement
Return statement
Right function
RightB function
RightBP function
RightC function
RmDir statement
Rnd function
Round function
Set statement
SetFileAttr statement
Sgn function
Shell function
Sin function
Single data type
Sleep statement
Sub statement
Sub Delete
Sub Initialize
Sub New
Sub Terminate
Tab function
Tan function
Time function
Time statement
TimeNumber function
Timer function
TimeValue function
Today function
Trim function
Type statement
TypeName function
UBound function
UCase function
UChr function
Uni function
Unlock statement
Use statement
UseLSX statement
UString function
Val function
Variant data type
Weekday function
While statement
Width # statement
With statement
Write # statement
Year function
Yield function and statement
Example: Yield function and statement
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Lotus Script Lang

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