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BC Ministry of Education: BC's Education plan - Public Release on October 28, 2011
BC Ministry of Education: BC's Education plan - Public Release on October 28, 2011

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Published by: Langley Teachers' Association on Oct 28, 2011
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BC’s Education Plan
Minister’s Message 
This is an exciting time o change or education in British Columbia.We’re starting rom a strong position: motivated and talented students,outstanding teachers, committed parents, skilled administrators and dedicatededucation partners. We are also ortunate to live in a province that valueseducation and gives young people opportunities to excel.And yet our education system is based on a model o learning rom an earliercentury. To change that, we need to put students at the centre o their owneducation. We need to make a better link between what kids learn at schooland what they experience and learn in their everyday lives. We need to createnew learning environments or students that allow them to discover, embrace,and ulll their passions. We need to set the stage or parents, teachers,administrators and other partners to prepare our children or success not onlyin today’s world, but in a world that ew o us can yet imagine.Inspired by innovative change already taking place in B.C. communities anddeveloped through many months o consultation with educators, students,parents and other British Columbians, BC’s Education Plan responds to therealities and demands o a world that has already changed dramatically andcontinues to change.Beore us lies a tremendous opportunity. We know more now than we’ve everknown about how children learn. It is time to use that knowledge to changewhat we do so students can realize their ull potential.As both a parent and grandparent, I want an education system that gives allchildren the best opportunities to be successul in whatever career they pursue.I’m sure every British Columbian eels the same way. By working together, wecan take what we know is a good education system and make it great. That’swhat BC’s Education Plan is all about.George AbbottMinister o Education
BC’s Education Plan
The Challenge:Education In A Fast-Changing World
Most people agree that British Columbia’s education system is a good one.Teachers are skilled, acilities are sound and students succeed.Yet an education system designed in the very dierent circumstances o anearlier century can’t possibly always meet the challenges students ace – bothnow and in the uture. In the social, economic and technological environmento the past, change was much more gradual than it is today. Many o theopportunities and jobs we’re preparing our students or don’t even existtoday. So while we enjoy a strong and stable system, we need a more nimbleand fexible one that can adapt more quickly to better meet the needs o21
century learners.We’ve all got a stake in preparing our young people or success in a changingworld. Our challenge is clear. The world has changed and it will continue tochange, so the way we educate students needs to continually adapt.
The Opportunity
Children are natural born learners, and teachers are passionate aboutteaching. We have a unique opportunity to orge that common groundtoward a more innovative education system that meets the needs o B.C.amilies today and in the uture, to keep our young people achieving andthriving in a dynamic, rapidly evolving world.We need to build on the many strengths o our existing education systemwhile modernizing education so it can adapt and respond to students’needs. And we need to involve British Columbians more directly indiscussions and decisions about education.We can make education more fexible so students and amilies benet rom theexciting knowledge economy we’re part o. To do that, students must be at thecentre o a more personalized approach to learning. They will still learn basiccore skills, but they will also have more reedom to pursue their individualinterests and passions within a particular topic. Teachers are undamentalto student success. Teachers must be supported to work with students in avariety o roles: guide, mentor, coach, content expert. Our schools must bemore adaptable in responding to student needs.We must continue to work with Aboriginal communities, through partnershipslike Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements with school districts toocus on the needs o Aboriginal students and improve learning outcomes.We must make better use o technology in education so our young peoplewill be equipped to use it eectively and ethically.We need more responsive and eective interventions or students whoare struggling.Parents must also be involved in planning their child’s education and thenhelping them to achieve success. In partnership with their children’s teacherand their child, parents will play an important role in supporting theirchild’s learning.

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