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The Peace Treaty 10 28 2011

The Peace Treaty 10 28 2011

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Published by winona mae marzocco

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Published by: winona mae marzocco on Oct 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intellectual Property
copyright @ 2011/6014
The Peace Treaty by and between HerMajesty Queen Victoria, her successorsand heirs and the Confederation of Independent States within The UnitedStates of America, Articles of Confederation, 1781. The Peace Treaty iswritten in the Spirit of Peace andReconciliation of all Past Conflicts.
Intellectual Property
copyright @ 2011/6014
We, the men and women that are in the World, but not of the World within theIndependent States hereby autograph this documen
t called and known as “
The PeaceTreaty
”. The voice that resonates from these writings agree to abide by these Articles,
whether by independent Autograph, peaceful inhabitant autograph or the authorizedRepresentative for a Nation, State or Country which is binding on the leaders of saidNation, State, or Country and the Governments thereof.
ARTICLE ONEWe, the men and women that are in this World are made up of flesh and blood with a soul withinthis body, guided by the Spirit that binds us all, and are charged with the comprehension that alldesire peace among our neighbors. We are also charged with the comprehension that each
body is with the basic rights of food, water and shelter and are free to pursue these necessitieswithout encumbrance nor hindrance of other bodies bound together in a mass force to takewithout asking, but to restore the balance of these basic rights for others and themselves whichis the very spiritual essence of peace. We are also charged to refrain from allowing the Law togo beyond the voice of reason and is used to restore peace, and not used to cause chaos, feedthe addiction and insecurity of greed, abuse the minds of other bodies which is nothing morethan dysfunction within Nations, States and Countries which causes Wars and Death, violatingthese basic rights. Natural Law and Natures One True Source has spoken these Words overthe ages of men and women.
- Sinderesis is a natural power of the soul, set in thehighest part thereof, moving and stirring it to good and abhorring evil. And therefore sinderesisnever sinneth nor erreth. And this sinderesis, our Lord put in man, to the intent that the order ofthings should be observed. For, after St. Dionyes, the wisdom of Yahweh joined the beginningof second things to the last of the first things: for angel is of a nature to understand withoutsearching of reason, and to that nature man is joined by sinderesis, to which sinderesis may notwholly be extincted neither in man, ne yet in damned souls. But, nevertheless, to the use andexercise thereof, it may be let for a time, either through the darkness of ignorance, or forundiscreet delectation, or for the hardness of obstinacy. First by the darkness of ignorance,sinderesis may be let that it shall not murmur against evil, because he believe evil to be good,as it is in heretics, the which, when they die for the wickedness for their error, believe they diefor the very truth of their faith. And by undiscreet delectation sinderesis is sometime so overlaid,that remorse or grudge of conscience for that time can have no place. For the hardness ofobstinacy sinderesis is also let, that it may not stir to goodness, as it is in damned souls, yet itmay not be said that it is fully extinct to all intents. For they always murmur against the evil ofthe pain that they suffer for sin, and so it may not be said that it is universally, and to all intents,and to all times extinct. And this sinderesis in the beginning of all things that may be learned byspeculation or study: and ministreth the general grounds and principles thereof: and also allthings that are to be done by man. An example of such things as may be learned by speculationappeareth thus: sinderesis saith that every whole thing is more than any one part of the samething and that is a sure ground that never faileth. And an example of things that are to be done,or not to be done: as where sinderesis saith no evil is to be done, but that goodness os to be
Intellectual Property
copyright @ 2011/6014
done and followed, and evil to be fled, and such other. And therefore sinderesis is called bysome men the law of reason, for it ministreth the principles of the law of reason, the which be inevery man by nature, and that he is a reasonable creature -
. It is time to bind ourselvesin the Light of the Words of the One True Source and put away these childish things. We mustovercome our carnal instincts and bind ourselves to the higher calling of Love and not Fear,Peace and not Violence, Choice and not Force, Comprehension and not Ignorance, Empathyand not Selfishness, Service and not Self Worship, Dedication and not Laziness, Equal Tradeand not Theft, Respect and not Domination, Honor and not Disgrace, Self and not Ego. Wemust know that our time on this Planet called Eden is limited, and our most PreciousPossession. In this Universe, nothing is wasted, all energy ne
ver dies. Therefore, “T
he PeaceTreaty
” is written, and can be used in various ways for 
the purpose of Prosperity for all, and nota few.ARTICLE TWOHistory:Gold and Silver coin has been used by many cultures in the past as a medium of exchange byand between the people within those cultures. This type of medium of exchange has served itspurpose. Other cultures have found ways to take the wealth of those Nations and States
through various means. One of the most popular ways of extracting wealth is called “The Paper Gimmick”. One group of people lends paper and demands Gold and Silv
er in return. Vanityand not humbleness is the drive for this type of Contract. The affirmed and bonded GeneralPost Masters for The General Post Office for The United States of America say,
That Gold andSilver is Yours
, as The United States of America does not need it nor her States in the originalConfederation. Time, honor and Intellectual Property is our most precious value, for it is all menand women having in their possession that no other can control without violating the most basicLaws of Nature. The time of another on Eden can only be removed by Natural means holdingharmless the time of others. Honor is the standing that all have with their brothers and sistersthat no one but themselves can remove. A peaceful inhabitant can maintain
“Lawful Standing”,
and therefore is one of the stipulations of this Treaty.ARTICLE THREE
Disqualifications:1: Those with the Belligerent against ones Government or with an earned resident alien enemystatus.

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