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Jokes Long

Jokes Long

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Published by: api-3808023 on Oct 17, 2008
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J okes
Longer J okes and St or ies
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Longer J okes and St ories
Get Ready t o Gr oan!
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Aug 2002
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J okes
Longer J okes and St or ies
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Bestsellers for Sex Jokes fromAma z o n .c o m
Useless Sexual Trivia: Tastefully Prurient Facts About Everyone's Favorite Subject
by Shane Mooney

List Price:$12.00
Our Price:$9.60
Sales Rank:74,899 - Avg. Rating:4.3 (out of 5)
Released: February, 2000 - ISBN: 0684859270

The World's Best Yiddish Dirty Jokes
by Mr P Mr Robbie Stillerman

Our Price:$4.95
Sales Rank:425,738 - Avg. Rating:5 (out of 5)
Released: September, 2000 - ISBN: 0806508876

The Cunning Linguist : Ribald Riddles, Lascivious Limericks, Carnal Corn, and Other Good, Clean Dirty
by Richard Lederer

List Price:$13.95
Our Price:$11.16
Sales Rank:1,625,652 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: December, 2003 - ISBN: 0312318138

Dirty Jokes for Women
by Liz Hughes

Our Price:$5.95
Sales Rank:550,836 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: 01 March, 1997 - ISBN: 1569801088

The Dirty Joke Book
by Mr. K. Mr K

Our Price:$9.95
Sales Rank:293,217 - Avg. Rating:5 (out of 5)
Released: June, 2001 - ISBN: 0806521260

The Flip Side
by Andrew Matthews

List Price:$15.95
Our Price:$11.17
Sales Rank:2,176,354 - Avg. Rating:2.5 (out of 5)
Released: 12 August, 2003 - ISBN: 0385730969

Dave Barry's Guide to Life: Guide to Marriage And/or Sex/Babies and Other Hazards of Sex/Stay Fit and
Healthy Until You're Dead/Claw Your Way to the
by Dave Barry Jerry O'Brien

Our Price:$9.99
Sales Rank:396,072 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: October, 1998 - ISBN: 0517064863

2002 Days & Nights of Sex
by Richard Smith

Our Price:$14.95
Sales Rank:231,570 - Avg. Rating:3 (out of 5)
Released: October, 1998 - ISBN: 1579120458

500 All Time Funniest Jokes & Stories about Sex
by Ron Stewart Sheila Stewart

List Price:$11.95
Our Price:$9.56
Sales Rank:1,124,927 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: April, 2002 - ISBN: 0971761701

Sex With My Ex: Truly Tasteless Divorce Jokes
by Webster Watnik Cindy, Phd Chrone

List Price:$12.95
Our Price:$10.36
Sales Rank:870,086 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: September, 2000 - ISBN: 0964940426

J okes
Longer J okes and St or ies
Ver sion: 1/ 00
Page N o: 3
Pr oblems

The boss of a big company needs t o call one of his employees about an ur gent pr oblem wit h t he main comput er . He dials t he employee' s home phone number and is gr eet ed wit h a child' s whisper ed, "Hello?"

Feeling put out at t he inconvenience of having t o t alk t o a youngst er , t he
boss asks,
"I s your daddy home?" "Yes," whisper s t he small voice.
"May I speak t o him?\u201d
"No." The small voice r eplies.
W ant ing t o t alk wit h an adult , t he boss asks,
" I s your mommy t her e?"
"Yes," comes t he answer .
"May I talk with her?"
\u201cNo,\u201d The small voice whisper s.
Thinking t hat it would be unlikely f or a child t o be lef t at home alone, t he
boss decides he will j ust leave a message wit h t he child minder .
"I s anyone t her e besides you?" t he boss asks t he child.
"Yes" whisper s t he child, "A policeman."
W onder ing what a cop would be doing at his employee' s home, t he boss
"May I speak wit h t he policeman?"
"No, he' s busy," The child, whisper s

"Busy doing what ?" asks t he boss.
"Talking t o mommy, daddy and t he f ir eman," came t he whisper ed answer .
Gr owing concer ned and even wor r ied as he hear d what sounded like a

helicopt er t hr ough t he ear piece on t he phone t he boss asks, "W hat is
t hat noise?"
"A hello-copper ," answer ed t he whisper ing voice.
"W hat \u2019s going on?" asks t he boss, now alar med.
The child answer s, "The sear ch t eam j ust landed t he hello-copper ."

Alar med, concer ned and mor e t han j ust a lit t le f r ust r at ed t he boss asks, "What ar e t hey sear ching f or ?" St ill whisper ing, t he young voice r eplies along wit h a muf f led giggle: "Me!\u201d

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