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Jokes Golf

Jokes Golf

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Published by: api-3808023 on Oct 17, 2008
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Golf J okes
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Golf Jokes
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Mar 2002
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Golf J okes
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Bestsellers for Golf Jokes fromAma z o n .c o m
A Classic Collection of Golf Jokes & Quotes
by Bob Phillips

Our Price:$4.99
Sales Rank:425,338 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: April, 2001 - ISBN: 0736906940

The Funny Pages: 1,473 Jokes From Today's Funniest Comedians
by Judy Brown

List Price:$10.95
Our Price:$8.76
Sales Rank:358,052 - Avg. Rating:5 (out of 5)
Released: September, 2002 - ISBN: 0740726862

The 365 Funniest Golf Jokes
by Fred Gefen

Our Price:$9.95
Sales Rank:118,883 - Avg. Rating:3 (out of 5)
Released: December, 1995 - ISBN: 0806516887

The World's Greatest Golf Jokes
by Stan McDougal Wallop Manyum

Our Price:$6.95
Sales Rank:779,414 - Avg. Rating:4 (out of 5)
Released: April, 1983 - ISBN: 0806508310

501 Golf Jokes for (Almost) All Occasions: From the First Tee to the 18th Green--And Everything in
by Franklin Dohanyos John Harrow

List Price:$10.95
Our Price:$8.76
Sales Rank:385,611 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: February, 2001 - ISBN: 0806521554

Jock Jokes: Hundreds of Laughs from the World of Sports Including Baseball, Basketball, Football,
Boxing, Golf, Hockey, Fishing, Hunting, Jogging
by Pat Williams

Our Price:$7.95
Sales Rank:412,931 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: September, 2003 - ISBN: 0930753178

500 All Time Funniest Golf Jokes Stories, & Fairway Wisdom
by Sheila Stewart Ron Stewart

Our Price:$9.95
Sales Rank:122,905 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: 1996 - ISBN: 0965685608

The World's Best Golf Jokes
by Robert McCune

Our Price:$7.95
Sales Rank:1,355,513 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: February, 1998 - ISBN: 0006383327

The Official Golf Lovers Joke Book
by Larry Wilde

Our Price:$3.99
Sales Rank:1,875,851 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: May, 1992 - ISBN: 0553295381

500 MORE All Time Funniest Golf Jokes, Stories & Fairway Wisdom
by Ron Stewart Sheila Stewart Sheila

Our Price:$9.95
Sales Rank:1,124,172 - Avg. Rating:0 (out of 5)
Released: October, 1997 - ISBN: 0965685616

Golf J okes
ht t p:/ / www.gasonga.com/
Ver sion : 1.00
Page N o : 3
Old guys
Four old guys ar e st anding in t he pr o shop discussing t heir games.
Fir st one says, \u2018I had 10 r ider s t oday. How many did you have?\u2019
\u2018I only had 5 r ider s\u2019, t he second r eplies.
The pr o over hear ing t his conver sat ion want ed t o know what t hey wher e t alking about .
Having wor ked in t he game f or year s never he had never hear d t he t er m \u2018r ider \u2019.
What t he heck is a r ider ? He asked a f r iend.
\u2018A r ider is when t hey hit t he ball f ar enough t hat t hey have t o get in t heir car t and r ide
over t o it \u2019.
T eamwor k
A Husband and wif e wer e playing a game of mix ed f our somes.
He hit a gr eat dr ive down t he middle - she sliced t he second shot int o a copse of t r ees.
Unf azed he played a br illiant r ecover y shot , which went ont o t he gr een a met r e f r om
t he pin.
She poked at t he put t and sent it f ive met r es beyond t he pin.
He lined up t he long put t and sank it . To his wif e he said,
"We' ll have t o do bet t er . That was a bogey f ive."
" Don' t blame me," she snapped, " I only t ook t wo of t hem."
Put t i ng
Geor ge was not having a good day on t he golf cour se. Af t er he missed a t welve- inch put t ,
his par t ner asked him what t he pr oblem was.
"I t ' s t he wif e,\u201d said Geor ge. " As you know, she' s t aken up golf , and since she' s been
playing, she' s cut my sex down t o once a week".
"Well you should t hink your self lucky" said his par t ner .
"She' s cut some of us out alt oget her!"
Bad golf
What ' s t he dif f er ence bet ween a bad golf er and a bad skydiver ?
A bad golf er goes, W HACK! "Damn."
A bad skydiver goes, "Damn." WHACK!

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