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Table Of Contents

Evolves into: Raticate[1]
Evolves into: Fearow[1]
Evolves into: Arbok[1]
Evolves into: Sandslash[1]
Evolves into: Nidorina[1]
Evolves into: Nidorino[1]
Evolves into: Golbat[1]
Evolves into: Crobat [1]
Evolves into: Gloom[1]
Evolves into: Vileplume/Bellossom [1]
Evolves into: Parasect[1]
Evolves into: Venomoth[1]
Number: 052Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Persian
Number: 053Type: NormalEvolves from: MeowthEvolves into: None
Number: 054Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Golduck
Number: 055Type: WaterEvolves from: PsyduckEvolves into: None
Number: 057Type: FightingEvolves from: MankeyEvolves into: None
Number: 058Type: FireEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Arcanine
Number: 059Type: FireEvolves from: GrowlitheEvolves into: None
Number: 060Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Poliwhirl
Number: 061Type: WaterEvolves from: PoliwagEvolves into: Poliwrath/Politoed
Number: 062Type: Water/FightingEvolves from: PoliwhirlEvolves into: None
Number: 063Type: PsychicEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Kadabra
Number: 64Type: PsychicEvolves from: AbraEvolves into: Alakazam
Number: 65Type: PsychicEvolves from: KadabraEvolves into: None
Number: 66Type: FightingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Machoke
Number: 67Type: FightingEvolves from: MachopEvolves into: Machamp
Number: 68Type: FightingEvolves from: MachokeEvolves into: None
Number: 69Type: Grass/PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Weepinbell
Number: 70Type: Grass/PoisonEvolves from: BellsproutEvolves into: Victreebel
Number: 71Type: Grass/PoisonEvolves from: WeepinbellEvolves into: None
Number: 72Type: Water/PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Tentacruel
Number: 73Type: Water/PoisonEvolves from: TentacoolEvolves into: None
Number: 74Type: Rock/GroundEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Graveler
Number: 75Type: Rock/GroundEvolves from: GeodudeEvolves into: Golem
Number: 76Type: Rock/GroundEvolves from: GravelerEvolves into: None
Number: 77Type: FireEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Rapidash
Number: 78Type: FireEvolves from: PonytaEvolves into: None
Number: 79Type: Water/PsychicEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Slowbro or Slowking
Number: 80Type: Water/PsychicEvolves from: SlowpokeEvolves into: None
Number: 081Type: Electric/SteelEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Magneton
Number: 082Type: Electric/SteelEvolves from: MagnemiteEvolves into: Magnezone
Number: 084Type: Normal/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Dodrio
Number: 085Type: Normal/FlyingEvolves from: DoduoEvolves into: None
Number: 087Type: Water/IceEvolves from: SeelEvolves into: None
Number: 088Type: PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Muk
Number: 089Type: PoisonEvolves from: GrimerEvolves into: None
Number: 090Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Cloyster (Water Stone)
Number: 091Type: Water/IceEvolves from: ShelderEvolves into: None
Number: 092Type: Ghost/PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Haunter (lvl 25)
Number: 093Type: Ghost/PoisonEvolves from: GastlyEvolves into: Gengar (trade)
Number: 094Type: Ghost/PoisonEvolves from: HaunterEvolves into: None
Number: 095Type: Rock/GroundEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Steelix
Number: 096Type: PsychicEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Hypno
Number: 097Type: PsychicEvolves from: DrowzeeEvolves into: None
Number: 098Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Kingler
Number: 099Type: WaterEvolves from: KrabbyEvolves into: None
Number: 100Type: ElectricEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Electrode
Number: 101Type: ElectricEvolves from: VoltorbEvolves into: None
Number: 102Type: Grass/PsychicEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Exeggutor
Number: 103Type: Grass/PsychicEvolves from: ExeggcuteEvolves into: None
Number: 104Type: GroundEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Marowak
Number: 105Type: GroundEvolves from: CuboneEvolves into: None
Number: 106Type: FightingEvolves from: TyrogueEvolves into: None
Number: 107Type: FightingEvolves from: TyrogueEvolves into: None
Number: 108Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Lickilicky
Number: 109Type: PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Weezing
Number: 110Type: PoisonEvolves from: KoffingEvolves into: None
Number: 111Type: Ground/RockEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Rhydon
Number: 112Type: Ground/RockEvolves from: RhyhornEvolves into: Rhyperior
Number: 113Type: NormalEvolves from: HappinyEvolves into: Blissey
Number: 114Type: GrassEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Tangrowth
Number: 116Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Seadra
Number: 117Type: WaterEvolves from: HorseaEvolves into: Kingdra
Number: 118Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Seaking
Number: 119Type: WaterEvolves from: GoldeenEvolves into: None
Number: 120Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Starmie
Number: 121Type: Water/PsychicEvolves from: StaryuEvolves into: None
Number: 122Type: PsychicEvolves from: Mime Jr.Evolves into: None
Number: 123Type: Bug/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Scizor
Number: 124Type: Ice/PsychicEvolves from: SmoochumEvolves into: None
Number: 125Type: ElectricEvolves from: ElekidEvolves into: Electivire
Number: 126Type: FireEvolves from: MagbyEvolves into: Magmortar
Number: 129Type: WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Gyarados
Number: 130Type: Water/FlyingEvolves from: MagikarpEvolves into: None
Number: 134Type: WaterEvolves from: Eevee with Water StoneEvolves into: None
Number: 135Type: ElectricEvolves from: Eevee with ThunderstoneEvolves into: None
Number: 136Type: FireEvolves from: Eevee with Fire StoneEvolves into: None
Number: 137Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Porygon2
Number: 138Type: Rock/WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Omastar
Number: 139Type: Rock/WaterEvolves from: OmanyteEvolves into: None
Number: 140Type: Rock/WaterEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Kabutops
Number: 141Type: Rock/WaterEvolves from: Kabuto (Lv.40)Evolves into: None
Number: 143Type: NormalEvolves from: Munchlax (Happiness)Evolves into: None
Number: 147Type: DragonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Dragonair (Lv.30)
Number: 149Type: Dragon/FlyingEvolves from: Dragonair (Lv.55)Evolves into: None
Number: 152Type: GrassEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Bayleef
Number: 153Type: GrassEvolves from: ChikoritaEvolves into: Meganium
Number: 154Type: GrassEvolves from: BayleefEvolves into: None
Number: 155Type: FireEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Quilava
Number: 156Type: FireEvolves from: CyndaquilEvolves into: Typhlosion
Number: 157Type: FireEvolves from: QuilavaEvolves into: None
Number: 158Type: WaterEvolves from: noneEvolves into: Croconaw
Number: 159Type: WaterEvolves from: TotodileEvolves into: Feraligatr
Number: 160Type: WaterEvolves from: CroconawEvolves into: None
Number: 162Type: NormalEvolves from: SentretEvolves into: None
Number: 163Type: Normal/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Noctowl
Number: 164Type: Normal/FlyingEvolves from: HoothootEvolves into: None
Number: 165Type: Bug/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Ledian
Number: 166Type: Bug/FlyingEvolves from: LedybaEvolves into: None
Number: 167Type: Bug/PoisonEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Ariados
Number: 168Type: Bug/PoisonEvolves from: SpinarakEvolves into: None
Number: 169Type: Poison/FlyingEvolves from: GolbatEvolves into: None
Number: 170Type: Water/ElectricEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Lanturn
Number: 171Type: Water/ElectricEvolves from: ChinchouEvolves into: None
Number: 172Type: ElectricEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Pikachu
Number: 173Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Clefairy
Number: 174Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Jigglypuff
Number: 175Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Togetic
Number: 176Type: Normal/FlyingEvolves from: TogepiEvolves into: Togekiss
Number: 177Type: Psychic/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Xatu
Number: 178Type: Psychic/FlyingEvolves from: NatuEvolves into: None
Number: 179Type: ElectricEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Flaaffy
Number: 180Type: ElectricEvolves from: MareepEvolves into: Ampharos
Number: 181Type: ElectricEvolves from: FlaaffyEvolves into: None
Number: 182Type: GrassEvolves from: GloomEvolves into: None
Number: 183Type: WaterEvolves from: AzurillEvolves into: Azumarill
Number: 184Type: WaterEvolves from: MarillEvolves into: None
Number: 185Type: RockEvolves from: BonslyEvolves into: None
Number: 186Type: WaterEvolves from: PoliwhirlEvolves into: None
Number: 187Type: Grass/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Skiploom
Number: 188Type: Grass/FlyingEvolves from: HoppipEvolves into: Jumpluff
Number: 189Type: Grass/FlyingEvolves from: SkiploomEvolves into: None
Number: 190Type: NormalEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Ambipom
Number: 191Type: GrassEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Sunflora
Number: 192Type: GrassEvolves from: SunkernEvolves into: None
Number: 193Type: Bug/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Yanmega
Number: 194Type: Water/GroundEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Quagsire
Number: 195Type: Water/GroundEvolves from: WooperEvolves into: None
Number: 196Type: PsychicEvolves from: EeveeEvolves into: None
Number: 197Type: DarkEvolves from: EeveeEvolves into: None
Number: 198Type: Dark/FlyingEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Honchkrow
Number: 199Type: Water/PsychicEvolves from: SlowpokeEvolves into: None
Number: 200Type: GhostEvolves from: NoneEvolves into: Mismagius
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Pokemon List

Pokemon List

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Published by Jade Grigg

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Published by: Jade Grigg on Oct 29, 2011
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