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Newsletter 302

Newsletter 302

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Published by Henry Citizen
Ineptocracy ((in-ept-o-cra-cy); We Are Politics; Legalized Gambling?; Candidates Get Pink Slips; Tony Cain: TSPLOST Fiasco; TSPLOST Less Than Grand; James Bell: TSPLOST Dangers; McNorton: Ed-SPLOST a No Go; Henry Farm Bureau News; YOUR VOICE; Columbus GA TEA Party; Robins: More on 9-9-9; One Term for Mathis; Stockbridge Audit Summary; SBN-TV: The Agenda; Disintegration of Obama
Ineptocracy ((in-ept-o-cra-cy); We Are Politics; Legalized Gambling?; Candidates Get Pink Slips; Tony Cain: TSPLOST Fiasco; TSPLOST Less Than Grand; James Bell: TSPLOST Dangers; McNorton: Ed-SPLOST a No Go; Henry Farm Bureau News; YOUR VOICE; Columbus GA TEA Party; Robins: More on 9-9-9; One Term for Mathis; Stockbridge Audit Summary; SBN-TV: The Agenda; Disintegration of Obama

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Oct 29, 2011
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Citizen Newsletter #302
Henry Citizen (hccitizen@hccitizen.net)
Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:13 AM
Contact The Citizen at hc.citizen@hccitizen.org 
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The Citizen Newsletter 
Issue # 302
October 29, 2011
The Conservative Voice of Henry County 
 In This Edition
Ineptocracy (
We Are Politics
Legalized Gambling?
Candidates Get Pink Slips
Tony Cain: TSPLOST Fiasco
TSPLOST Less Than Grand
James Bell: TSPLOST Dangers
McNorton: Ed-SPLOST a No Go
Henry Farm Bureau News
Columbus GA TEA Party
Robins: More on 9-9-9
One Term for Mathis
Stockbridge Audit Summary
SBN-TV: The Agenda
Disintegration of Obama
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Ineptocracy (in-ept-o-cra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable tolead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods andservices paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.How long will we perpetuate this system?
: There appears to be consensus in the Rick Perry campaignthat skipping some future debates may be the best strategy for the Texas governor.
If Rick Perry can't debate fellow Republicans can he debatePresident Obama and then manage an Administration?
Mitt Romney was in Ohio and failed to endorse the efforts of Ohio Governor John Kasich to reform the government union in Ohio.
If Romney fails to understand this issue in a key state and doesnot immediately endorse this common sense reform at the state level, will he willfight against government unions at the federal level?
. S
 Read the story below and some of the comments. I am interested to hear whateveryone thinks about Horse Racing and Casino gambling in Georgia. This is anemotional issue for many so agree / disagree / discuss / debate but to be clear, Iam seeking the honest input from the residents of my district and I will blockanyone that undermines the respectful discourse of the issue on this thread. Thankyou in advance.
If part of the proceeds can go to a good causeto help the community like Battered Women/Domestic Violence, feeding thehungry, unemployed or underemployed, after school care for single moms,then I am all for it.
Free flowing money begets corruption. That said, Georgiamust develop a gaming commission - elected, not appointed. With that inplace I can see a boon to the state coffers and the programs that could befunded. However, I also see the Lottery in place supposedly to benefiteducation. That was a pipe dream. So let's be real. As a revenue sourcelegalized gambling is a good idea. I would use Nevada, Louisiana andMississippi as workingexamples. Why not keep those revenues in Georgia?
It's a GREAT idea !! Why keep letting Alabama,Mississippi and North Carolina get all of Georgia's money ??
I have no problem with it. Again, if people are going to
Visitwww.hccitizen.org gamble they are going to drive across the border or go somewhere wherethey can gamble. Why not keep them at home? Revenues not only comefrom gambling, but also for hotel stays, m...eals, and other purchases made.Oversight would be necessary and not from people appointed by theGovernor. As someone mentioned above, an independent elected gamingcommission and not cronies put in place by whoever the standing Governormay be.Polls revealed that ninety percent of Georgians favor legalized gambling.Particularly legalizing now-illegal video gambling machines would net the statenearly a $Billion dollars.Gov. Nathan Deal said the proposed legislation is dead on arrival. That positioncosts the State of Georgia about $900,000,000 per year.Henry County, Georgia, has a superior economic development opportunity. AtlantaMotor Speedway is located in Hampton. The County recently purchased Tara FieldAirport and about 300 extra acres of property. Using that property for a paramutualhorse track AND a gambling casino would greatly enhance revenues to the county.The number of new jobs in the area and tourism draw would create a boom for thelocal economy.This looks like a job for BJ and Friends to marshall into existence!
Here’s Your Sign Mrs. Gilbert
Mrs. Kathy Gilbert, your services are no longer neededas City Councilperson. You are fired.On Mrs. Gilbert’s Facebook page she is talking about the progress the City has hadin spite of challenges. The challenges she is talking about are problems she helpedto get started by not doing the right thing when Mayor Stuart cleaned up a blackcemetery. However with her track record in Dothan, Alabama by not wanting to be apart of a bi-racial committee this is no surprise.She wants to implement an organizational structure as recommended in theWorkforce Analysis done by the Atlanta Regional Commission. She wants to takecontrol out of the citizen’s hands and give it to the ARC. She wants to hire morepeople in the City, like a director of public works. She also believes we need acommunity development director.So she is telling us she is for bigger Government, and we all know what happenswhen Government starts to grow. We pay for it with more taxes and fees. She wantsto get Federal Block Grants to have health screenings and meals for seniors. Whilethis is a good thing she cannot guarantee the Grants; they come from the FederalGovernment and they can and have stopped them before.Mrs. Gilbert has been a large stumbling block in the City Council from day one. If the City is to move forward we must elect better people than we have on the CityCouncil now. Mrs. Gilbert has shown her hand and it is ugly. She has constantlydisrespected the Mayor, interrupting him at City Council meetings in front of thecitizens, and nearly getting tossed out twice that I know of. We must have a betterclass of person on the Council. So let it be known: Mrs. Gilbert, you are fired. Yourservices are no longer needed.The Citizens of Stockbridge Ga.
Another Incumbent Gets The Pink Slip
By Alfred Britt
Over Over Over Over 25252525,000 reads at Scribd.com,000 reads at Scribd.com,000 reads at Scribd.com,000 reads at Scribd.com –– Over 4,100 subscribersOver 4,100 subscribersOver 4,100 subscribersOver 4,100 subscribers
View or downloadView or downloadView or downloadView or download at www.scribd.com/Henry_Citizenwww.scribd.com/Henry_Citizenwww.scribd.com/Henry_Citizenwww.scribd.com/Henry_Citizen€€
The Citizens of Stockbridge has noted that Councilwoman Shirley Dabney has failedto do much of anything while on the City Council. It has been seen by the votingrecord that she stays inline with Mrs. Gilbert and that is bad for Stockbridge and it’scitizens. A lot of people would call it guilt by association but the citizens are calling itdereliction of duty due to her ineffectiveness to stand up to Mrs. Gilbert. Mrs.Dabney your services are no longer needed the people of Stockbridge have decidedto fire you.
TSPLOST fiasco, but Commissioner Ott a hero
By Tony Cain
In 1776 the American colonies fought for and eventually won their independence from England. Now, 235 years later, thepeople of Cobb and eight other counties must fight for and win our independence from Atlanta and Fulton. We must notbecome their colonies.The Atlanta Regional Commission, The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the Atlanta Board of Realtors, the Atlanta City Council,the Mayor of Atlanta and the Commissioners of Fulton County all think the current Atlanta metro region TSPLOST is just aboutperfect as currently packaged. Since the other 9 counties are "donor counties" to Fulton and Atlanta, that is to be expected.The big surprise has been the abject capitulation of county chairs, city mayors, chambers of commerce and boards of realtorsthat are outside Atlanta and Fulton.Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee and Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews, our Atlanta Regional Roundtable representatives,voluntarily gave up hundreds of millions of Cobb's estimated $1 billion TSPLOST money to Atlanta and Fulton to build a lightrail line that will not benefit Cobb in the least. I do not know why they have betrayed us, but apparently there are still plentyof Benedict Arnolds around.State Representatives Ed Setzler and Earl Ehrhart deserve our praise and thanks as well as all the other electedrepresentatives who are protecting their constituents in their respective counties against this dreadful transportation proposal.The Marietta Daily Journal has been heroic.What stands out in this whole Atlanta metro TSPLOST fiasco is the emergence into leadership in Cobb by Commissioner BobOtt. Commissioner Ott is fighting for us. His presence, his persistence and his plain speaking at town hall meetings across ourcounty have simply been inspiring. The man took a good look at what were offered as transportation solutions, found the listabysmal and made a stand that will be remembered in the annals of Cobb history and possibly throughout the entire state of Georgia.The dismal failure by some of our elected officials to responsibly and honestly represent us is heart-breaking, but all is not lost.When the chips are down, you find out who your real friends are. These are the friends we must support now and vote for inupcoming election.
Voters get a less-than-grand transportation plan
/ S
 The list of projects — road and rail, bus, sidewalk and airport — will take a whack at some of the region’s mostserious highway bottlenecks, and is a
first step
toward transforming the metro Atlanta commute.
But it won’t come close to solving congestion on its own.
 It may represent an equally important step in
regional governance
: metro Atlanta officials may have learnedto work together to attack major problems. But the work also showed the limits of collaboration andcompromise.The money is big: $6.14 billion over 10 years for projects of regional significance, plus $1 billion for smallerlocal projectsThe list would save the region $800 million in wasted time and fuel, according to preliminary figures from theAtlanta Regional CommissionWhile the money is big, the needs are bigger.Designed to pass “It is both,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. “I think anyone that has a process pass by referendum and makesthe suggestion that it’s not designed to pass is not being candid.” 

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