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Artemis Fowl: Introduction to the Wizarding World

Artemis Fowl: Introduction to the Wizarding World



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Published by api-3814161
A book I wrote - based on the characters of Mr. Colfer and Ms. Rowling - and a nice one I think
A book I wrote - based on the characters of Mr. Colfer and Ms. Rowling - and a nice one I think

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Published by: api-3814161 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to the Wizarding World

Artemis Fowl the Second was eleven years old at the time. He lived in the Fowl Manor in
Ireland and undoubtedly, had the highest IQ anyone ever had, or possibly even could
have: 307. His knowledge was beyond that of most humans. But, that this boy was highly
intelligent and knowledgeable, was a fact very few knew.

All the Fowls were legendary criminals, and Artemis was dreaming of becoming the best
among them. The Fowls had a lot of enemies owing to their criminal activities as well as
wealth, as the Fowls were amongst the wealthiest families in Ireland. The Fowls were
guarded by Butlers, who had served the Fowls for centuries. The Butler children were
sent to a private training centre in Israel, where they were taught the specialized skills
necessary to guard the latest in the Fowl line. The Butlers were the most skilled
bodyguards in the world. Once a Fowl and a Butler were put together, they were paired
for life. It was a demanding job, and lonely, but the rewards were handsome if you
survived to enjoy them. If not, then your family received a six-figure settlement plus a
monthly pension.

The current Butler had been guarding young Master Artemis for eleven years, since the
moment of his birth. And, though they adhered to the age-old formalities, they were much
more than master and servant. Artemis was the closest thing Butler had to a friend, and
Butler was the closest Artemis had to a father, albeit one who obeyed orders.

Artemis and Butler had never been apart from each other for more than a week. Guarding
his Principle was Butler\u2019s job. But Butler never knew that he would have to stay away
from his Principle for nearly sixty months\u2019 time over the next seven years\u2026

Chapter 2

Evening was closing in. Artemis Fowl was working on his laptop. He was trying to invent a new program for transferring the money from some Swiss Bank accounts into his. Little did he know that apart from being a genius, he would learn today that he was a wizard.

\u201cArtemis, didn\u2019t you say that you wanted to meet that whaler from Wales on July the

25th?\u201d asked Butler, who had just entered the room.
\u201cI remember very well, Butler. We shall leave in another forty minutes.\u201d
\u201cAny further improvements regarding your new program, Artemis?\u201d
\u201cNot specifically. But I am sure I will be able to design the program within this week.\u201d
\u201cSo which bank is it this time that you are attempting to loot from?\u201d
\u201cThe Swiss Bank, Butler.\u201d
\u201cAh! So this time\u2026\u201d
Whatever Butler had tried to tell about this time, he didn\u2019t manage to tell it. Possibly, he

never would. The calling bell had been rung by someone.
Juliet, Artemis thought.
But he was wrong.
Butler had opened the door to reveal a woman wearing a cloak and a hat standing before

The woman had a somber expression. Before either Artemis or Butler could ask her
anything, she spoke, \u201cI am Minerva McGonagall. Headmistress of Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry.\u201d

She waited for a response. Butler was first, \u201cHogwarts school of\u2026 what, precisely?\u201d

Butler was utterly confused. His mind was racing through all the possibilities. She could be someone sent by any of their enemies. But who in their foolish minds would think that they could send a spy or some sort of such a person into the very Fowl Manor undetected, or rather that the person would return unharmed?

It seemed the woman understood the mindset Butler was in, or at least that he was confused. She smiled kindly and was just about to reply to Butler\u2019s question when Artemis asked, \u201cDo you mean to say that wizards and witches exist in the world?\u201d

\u201cYes, Mr. Fowl,\u201d replied the woman, \u201cand if you would let me explain. Hogwarts is a
school which educates young witches and wizards in magic and ways to use it, for seven
years, from when they\u2019re eleven till they\u2019re eighteen. You are a muggle-born wizard,
which means to say that your parents belong to the non-magical folk. We call the non-
magic people as the muggles. I am here to tell you that you have been offered a seat in
our school. Your name has been written down in our school throughout history.\u201d

Artemis gave a questioning glare. Butler still seemed perplexed and seemed ready for
defending Artemis if the woman turned out to be an enemy\u2019s ally. But before Artemis
raised his question it seemed that somehow the woman had read his mind and she
answered, \u201cYes, Mr. Fowl, every student\u2019s name is indeed written down in the school.
But of course, the decision to attend Hogwarts or not resides with you.\u201d

It obviously does, Butler thought. Or did she think she could force Artemis to join some
school of hers that she said taught magic?

Artemis rubbed his temples. He then said, \u201cIf, as you said, such a school exists, I shall be more than happy to attend it. But\u2026 what is the evidence that what you are telling is true. In fact, all this seems too good to be true.\u201d

But Artemis knew deep inside that this had to be true. In those equations of Physics, he
thought something was missing. And not knowing what, he could not raise objections
either. But he could prove that they were incorrect. But then, he should have the correct
answer before he started disproving that. And adding magic as another form of energy, he
felt that the equations would truly be balanced.

\u201cThe only way I can prove it, I think, is by performing magic myself,\u201d she said, and
withdrew from within her cloak, a stick that was around a foot long.

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