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Community Gardens Fact Sheet - New South Wales

Community Gardens Fact Sheet - New South Wales

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Published by OlgaBentz
Community Gardens Fact Sheet - New South Wales
Community Gardens Fact Sheet - New South Wales

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: OlgaBentz on Oct 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is illegal or an ofcer o Housing NSW to ask or moneyor avours or other benefts o any kind in exchange or helpingyou with your housing needs.It is also illegal or you or anyoneelse to oer money or avoursor other benefts o any kind toan ofcer o Housing NSW inexchange or helping you. I youhave any inormation regardingthis, please contact HousingNSW’s Business AssuranceUnit on 1800 806 206. HousingNSW may reuse the provisiono urther housing services toanyone who has engaged orsought to engage in corrupt orillegal conduct.Page
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Community Gardens
July 2008
Fact SheetIn recent years, many hectareso land on NSW social housingareas have been devoted tocommunity gardening. 
Over 20,000 residents have participatedin the scheme, sharing valuable skillsand riendships as they work to improvetheir local environment. All over NSW,abandoned back-lots, wasteland andbalconies have been converted into areasgrowing vegetables, ruit and owers. The gardens orm part o the HousingNSW’s community renewal program. Thisprogram aims to build saer and strongercommunities, and encourage tenants toplay an active role in local decision making.Housing NSW is working with a rangeo partners to ensure the best possibleservices and outcomes or people in socialhousing. A range o organisations, including TheBotanic Gardens Trust, Sydney Water,the Department o Commerce, Universityo NSW, local government, and privatesponsors, have provided support or thecommunity gardening scheme.
Growing communities
 The gardens have boosted communitylie in social housing areas. By providinga range o activities and attracting strongcommunity involvement, the gardens have:
community lie
stronger communication betweentenants o diverse ages andbackgrounds
and an equally healthy ood source
vocational skills – in gardening, planning,teamwork, resource allocation anddecision making
gardened beore) a genuine senseo pride and achievement rom theiraccomplishments
and appreciation o their physicalenvironment. This initiative unites communities and buildsconfdence and social interaction amongstsocial housing tenants.
Greening areas
Over 130 gardening communities are nowinvolved in gardening projects. There are95 community gardens on or near NSWsocial housing areas rom Toongabbie to Taree.
density public housing estate in inner-citySydney, have revitalised community lieand improved the local environment. Theraised garden beds in Solander allowolder and less mobile people to garden.
people o Russian, Vietnamese andIndonesian backgrounds) have growna range o vegetables ‘rom beetroot tobok choy’.
Riverwood in South Sydney haveattracted broad public recognition. Tenants have won gardening awards,and are known or their strongcooperation on the gardens.
Sydney have used old railway sleepersto raise garden beds to a height whichenables less mobile people to garden.Compost bins are used to recycle waste.
community gardens are also used orsocial events such as barbeques andannual celebrations. Vegetables areplucked resh rom the gardens and putstraight on the fre. These communalgatherings boost the sense o communityin the area.

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