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Aim Metal m4a1

Aim Metal m4a1

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Published by api-3814886
Review of AIM Metal M4A1 from acmgames forum
Review of AIM Metal M4A1 from acmgames forum

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Published by: api-3814886 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our intel in China, w ho got one unit already provided us some minor "review " or FR.
He says the spring is very very stiff and it is indeed more pow erful than the original

"M" w hich chronoes around 300-310 fps all stock. I am guessing the metal version
must be around 300-350 fps. I t looks and feel very real. I t w as also reported that it
w as very difficult to disassemble (maybe because they did not expect the 1 piece hop
up chamber, w hich changes the w ay an M4 is opened, but w hich fortunately is metal).

And yes, he also reported that there is no battery and charger w hich is not traditional
of ACMs.
From w hat I can see in the pics there are no markings on the receiver w hich is most
w elcome. Now , w e can have our favorite trademarks and logo etched or engraved on it.
September 21, 2006
Look at the left side of the receiver carefully
And the right side as well.
What do you see? Nothing!
Your chance to engrave your favorite trademarks on this "virgin" receiver a similar one of which
easily cost P5,000 upwards

The Super M or metal M4A1 comes in a plain brown box with a small piece of white paper on the
lower right corner that says "M4A1". Being the most popular carbine in the free world perhaps it
need not say more. It comes with a 8.4v 1100mah NiMH battery which may appear like stock
batteries common in China made aegs but don't be fooled. We were told that this is one heck of a
powerful battery so this battery should cost P1,000 up. The charger has an output of 500ma so
twice the charging speed of traditional ACM chargers.

Only the handguard, grip, and retractable stock is ABS plastic. The outer barrel is one piece so no
wobble. Look at the magwell and marvel at the metal hop up.
I will open up one soon but have been told this is a one-piece metal hop up a branded one of
which costs at least P1,000.
The paint job on the Super M that arrived looks fairly good - no need to repaint. I was expecting
the worst based on reviews of others in HK.

Who says that the sum of all the parts cannot be greater than the whole? The metal receiver,
metal outer barrel, metal carry handle, metal hop up, and metal mag alone should be worth more
than the retail price of the gun.

338 FPS stock using Guarder Chrono with .20g BBs.
BTW, some of the metal magazine are controversial - yes, I love show biz
September 23, 2006

With the help of 2 buyers, one of who is familiar with CA, we were unable to open the Super M last night. Well, we actually decided not to force it open. But I just couldn't sleep and at 4AM I woke up and did some "diassembling" and guess what. It just needed some Tender loving Force and I think a dremel and a mallet has just become a standard tool for a gunsmith.

Look at the insets on the lower part of the of the picture above. From left to right:

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