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Zombie Takedown Evalutation (PDF)

Zombie Takedown Evalutation (PDF)

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Published by Jay
The evalutation of my C4D animation project
The evalutation of my C4D animation project

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Published by: Jay on Oct 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EvaluationJay Smith S0045090
IntroFor this project we first looked at what animation is all about, and look at all the different types ofanimation such as stop motion animation, CGI animation and many more. Then from that we took theseskills that we had learnt and applied then to a test that we did. Then from that moment on we then hadto design and produce short animation using the skills we had learned over the class sections.Originally myself, mike and liz were working together to make a final animation piece, we had theidea of combining pixal animation with real time footage and add effects using After Effects. But aswe dint really have a story board to follow when editing the footage. So there for this is were thedownfall was we was really free stylizing what we gad and adding effects to it, and even if we reallydid have a final piece the whole animation
make sense.So therefore I dint really have time to come up with a whole new animation in the last couple of daysbefore the deadline. And even though if I did make a whole new animation, it
be that greatas it would have been rushed. So therefore I have handed in my 3D animation project.The main concept for my own animation is that I wanted to have something to with action, it was the
genre “action” that I wanted to focus souly on, and somehow relating it with zombies.
I mean when Isay zombies something that a child could watch without it being too scary to watch.To start of this animation I first had to think of how my characters would look like in their shape form.My first antioanal idea that I came up with is that I wanted to have the characters as simple as theycan be. Even though the form and shape of the character looks allot like a lego person, I dint eventhink of that until I actually finished modelling it. As you can clearly see it is very basic with a cubehead, cube body that I extended and reformed two spheres on either side of the body which are tobe portrayed as the shoulder joints, and then finally the arms that were originally cubes that Iremodelled and created fingers.The steps that I performed to model this character is first placing a simple cube and just adding a
“hyperNURBS” the hyperNURBS
object uses an algorithm to subdivide and round the objectinteractively, which the then i added the cube to it. i used the same technique for the cube as the body,
but as you can see for the legs all that was that made the cube “editable” so from that point I could
EvaluationJay Smith S0045090
change how the cube would look like, so I selected the “Polygon tool” so then I could actually select the
which polygons that I wanted to edit, then I simply used the extrude tool so that gave the crotch effect.Now with the modelling set a side, I then went on to create the faces for the characters, the processthat I went through to create the faces were through Photoshop. What I did was just simply created anew pallet, any size, then from that I just used the paint bucket tool selected the lime green colour,painted the background in the lime green. As for the eyes you can clearly see that it is and ovalshape within that another oval shape, this was done by a brush effect that I downloaded from the siteBrushezzy, and so just applied that as for the eyes, as for the mouth I used the rectangle tool to formthe shape of the mouth, then applied the same technique for the teeth. As for the human I used exactlythe same method, but for the eyes I drew them out with the brush tool, and then used the paint tool tocolour out the gaps.One both of the faces were done for the zombie and the human, I then loaded the textures intoCinema 4D. Once I had loaded the texture loaded into C4D that I had created in Photoshop I then hadto apply it to the model that I had previously made. To apply the texture I first had to select the headof the model, and then use the polygon tool so then could select the polygons that I wanted the texture
to appear on, to select more than one polygon I had to hold down the “shift key” and that would allow
me to high light more polygons. Then once I selected the polygons I wanted I then just dragged thetexture on.
EvaluationJay Smith S0045090
Once I had finishing texturing the models this was how the final outcome came out.For the very start of my animation it all starts off with 3 zombies coming out of the ground in acemetery, so this for this I had model a grave stone, which all stared off from a cube which then I madeit editable.
So then I selected the “point tool”
so then I could add points in on the cube, then one I had
the points in the right place of the cube I then selected the “bevel selected tool” so then I could drag
the points to where I was comfortable with. Once I was happy with the shape of the grave stone I thenadded a floor to and used the shade green to perceive it as the grass, then used the plain object andcoloured in brown so it would look like mud.Then as you can see the picture on the right it is totally different to the draft I made, for the final one Ileft everything the same but just assed grass to it, the way I did that was make the grass on a wholenew C4D project and then just merging it together by simply going onto file merge.The first thing I did to create this crass look was selecting a cube from the object sections, then once I
had the cube I then resized it by changing the “Y,X and Z axis on the object pro
perties. So from thatpoint I then had to add some segments to the cube, simply by typing in an amount of how many
segments I wanted to have on the Y,X and Z. from that point I made the cube “editable” from once it
was editable I then selected the polygon tool which then made the cube turn blue, then in order to
select the top segments I had to select the “rectangle selection pointer” then went onto my four wayview and used the “top view” highlighted around the cube which the only selected the top polygons
Once that was out of the way I then went to the “simulation” tab at the top of the screen selected “hairobject” then “fur
. I then changed the amount of counts of the fur, the lengths the randomisation and

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