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Metaphysical Paradox Ism (Rev

Metaphysical Paradox Ism (Rev



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Published by: api-3702167 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ivan Frimmel
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1 Introduction
What follows is a summary of my own attempt at a universal1, unifying2 and somewhatsyncret istic3
metaphysics4, theology5, philosophy6, ontology7, soteriology8 or realistic9 paradoxical10 mysticism11,
which I decided to call Metaphysical Paradoxism12.
Paradoxism is based on these simple insights and teachings:
a)God is One, Immanent, Reality, All, Supreme Paradox13: Nothing (no-thing, no-object),manifesting in-
and-as Everything (all there is); Absolute-in-and-as-Relative;
b)God can be best expressed in paradoxes and best experienced in mental silence, i.e. in the absence of

all thoughts and mental images, in pure pre-cognitive paradoxical \u201cexperience\u201d of non-dual reality, in Oneness, Now & Here, in what is known asSunyata14 , i.e. Emptiness or Voidness in the Oriental teachings about it, calledSunyavada.

In this paper the above basic insights and teachings \u2013 and the implications thereof \u2013 will be stated,
re-stated and elaborated upon in many different ways, i.e.

God Is unknown, unknowable, ineffable, Nothing, synonymous with All, Everything, One, Many, Whole, Universal, Absolute15, Absolute Being16 & Absolute Non-Being, Zero, Universal Mind, Universal Self, Universe, Supreme Paradox, etc.;

God is Nothing, manifesting Itself in-and-as All, Everything: All-That-Is; This-and-That; All-
That-Is-and-All-That-Is-Not; Being-and-Non-Being, etc;

God is One, Noumenon, Absolute, Creator, Nothing, but manifestsas-and-in all seemingly separate parts, phenomena; One-as\u2013and\u2013in-Many; Absolute-as\u2013and\u2013in-Relative; Creator-as\u2013 and\u2013in-Creation; Nothing-as-and-in-Everything; All-Transcendent-as-and-in-all-Immanent, etc.

1unive rsal:pertaining to the Universe; generally applicable;
2unifying: consolidating, making many and varied as one;

syncretistic: obtained by a reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion,
especially when success is only partial or the result is heterogeneous;
4metaphysics: branch of philosophy that deals with questions regarding existence and the ultimate nature of Reality;
5theology: the study of the nature of God and religious truth; rational inquiry into religious questions;
philosophy: love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline; the investigation of
causes and laws underlying reality; inquiry into the nature of things based on logical reasoning rather than
empirical methods; the critique and analysis of fundamental beliefs; the synthesis of all learning;
7ontology: the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of Being;
8soteriology: doctrine of salvation or transformation of mankind;
9realistic: pertaining to reality as it is, not as it is imagined to be;
10p aradoxical:pertaining to or having the nature of a paradox;
mysticism: the theories, practices and experiences of mystics, e.g. union with God, union of individual & Universal
soul, spiritual ecstasy, divine light or other revelation, etc.; in this paper NOT implying \u201cthings mysterious or occult\u201d;
paradoxism: a metaphysical theory highlighting the paradoxical nature of the Ultimate Reality, and the fact that
any attempts to describe it result in paradoxes \u2013 and in silence;
paradox:a seemingly contradictory statement, exhibiting some inexplicable, illogical or self-contradictory aspects,
which may nonetheless be true, perhaps not in logic but in experience;
Sunyata: emptiness, nothingness, void, in mysticism & religion (especially Hinduism & Buddhism) a state of
\u201cpure consciousness\u201d emptied of all objects & images; undifferentiated reality without distinction or multiplicity;
absolute: (in dualism): complete, self-existent, perfect, polar \u201copposite\u201d of relative; Absolute: (in Non-
Dualism): without any opposite, synonym for Ultimate Reality, God, One, Noumenon, Being, (Fichte\u2019s) Ego\u2026
Being: the Totality of all things & beings that exist; synonym to God, Ultimate Reality, Absolute, One, Universe,
All, Whole;
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there is an inseparable unity, complementariness and interdependence between One and Many, Noumenon and Phenomena, Absolute and Relative, Creator and Creation, Nothing and Everything, etc. \u2013 in fact Noumenon IS Phenomena, Absolute IS Relative, Nothing IS Everything, Being IS Non-Being, and, obviously, vice versa;


although there is an inseparable unity and identity between All Parts and the Whole, no individual (seemingly separate part) is identical with the Whole in quantity, only in quality; thus we must clearly distinguish betweenbeing (an \u201cindividual\u201d being, a part of Being, a part of the Whole) and Being; one (one \u201cpart\u201d or \u201cportion\u201d of One) and One; creation (any individual part of the whole Creation) and Creation, etc;

all seemingly \u201cpolar opposites\u201d, such asgood andbad,right andwro n g,truth anduntruth,
realityand illusion, lightand darkness, upand down, insideand outside, etc. are complementary

and integral parts of One, All, God: all such seeming \u201copposites\u201d are actually \u201cmerged\u201d in One, different aspects of One, seemingly emergingfro m (but more accuratelywithin) One without ever \u201cseparating\u201d from One;


there is only One \u201cGod\u201d, revealed throughout the world and history in all religions and scriptures, and also through science, art and mysticism, and this \u201cGod\u201d has been given many different names: God, One, Nothing, Everything, Brahman, Jehovah, Allah, Energy, Universal Mind, One Mind, Absolute, Absolute Being, Universe, Universal Being, Universal Self, Ultimate Reality\u2026 and all religions and their scriptures and practices are symbols and methods pointing to the same One, One Absolute, Absolute Being\u2026 the same God;


this One, God, Absolute, etc. is revealed and manifested in all things & beings, always, everywhere \u2013 there is no time, place, realm or state of mind where God is not, where God is absent \u2013 since God is omnipresent, God is Here & Now, eternally; in-and-as All that appears as \u201cmany\u201d, \u201cother\u201d, \u201cseparate\u201d or \u201crelative\u201d;


the seers, prophets, mystics, holy men, saviours and other spiritually \u201cenlightened\u201d, and many seemingly \u201cordinary\u201d people in all ages and traditions came to realize or experience these truths personally and to express them in many culturally and linguistically different and therefore limited, but essentially similar ways;


since God defies all dualistic and non-dualistic modes of perception, cognition and symbolic expression He/She/It is a Supreme Paradox and therefore can be best (however, quite inadequately)expressed in paradoxes, and best (however, still quite inadequately)exp erienced in Oneness, in Silence, i.e. in the \u201cexperience\u201d which is no-experience at all, in total absence of all thoughts and images about It, i.e. in the absence of any dualistic perception, emotion, cognition and expression\u2026 in the \u201cexperience\u201d of Non-Dual Reality, Here & Now.

This paper consists of a series ofpostu lates17,axioms18,abstract19 statements and propositions, and
othersymbolic20 representations about the existence and true \u201cnature\u201d ofGod21,One22,Ultimate
Reality23, Absolute, Nothing, Being, Absolute Being / Non-Being, Life24\u2026 as well as some hints on

17postulat e: a conclusion, decision, resolution made by an individual himself;
18axiom: established or accepted principle; self-evident truth;
19abstract: to do with (or existing in) thought and theory rather than with concrete particulars or application;
20sy mbolic: representing, typifying, pointing towards something else;
21God: Supreme Being, synonymous in this paper with Ultimate Reality, Absolute, One, Noumenon, Being\u2026
22One:another synonym for God, Absolute, Ultimate Reality in many mystical traditions; one : individual self;
23Ultimate Reality: the reality, existence, actuality that includes and underlies all appearances; Absolute; God;

Life:Life in its absolute sense, i.e. Life Eternal, with no death as its opposite; synonymous to God, Universe,
Ultimate Reality, One, Being\u2026
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