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Press Note from Anna ji

Press Note from Anna ji

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Published by Sneha Kothawade

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Published by: Sneha Kothawade on Oct 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 H$mo a H$‘oQ>r H$o gXñ¶m| H$s 
A³Qy>~a H$mo Jm{O¶m~mX ‘| ‘rQ>tJ hþB©& Cg‘o hþB© MMm© Ho$ ~ma| ‘| àem§V Or, {H$aUOr Am¡a AaqdXOr ‘wPo ~VmZo Ho$ {b¶o amio JU{gÜXr AmE& gaH$ma Am¡ a H$m±J«og Ho$ Hw$N bmo J h‘mao gXñ¶m| H$s$ N>[~ H$mo ~XZm‘ H$a Am§Xmo bZ H$mo ~XZm‘ H$aZo H$s H$mo ere H$a aho h¡&  ¶h Am§Xmo bZ 
H$amoS bmoJm|H$m Am§Xmo bZ ~Z Mw H$m h¡& Hw$N> bmoJm| na H$sMS ’|$H$Zo goOZVm Ho$ Bg n{dÌ Am§Xmo bZ na   H$moB© Aga Zhr hmoJm& Hw$N> bmoJ h‘mar Q>r‘ H$mo VmoS>Zm MmhVr h¡& na Qr‘ AÊUm MÅ>mZ H$s Vah n¸$s h¡ Cgo H$moB© Zhr VmoS> gH$Vm h¡& H$mo a H${‘Q>r H$mo ^§J H$aZo H$s Hw$N> ~mV| H$hr Om ahr h¢& ‘w Po ¶h ~mVo R>rH$ Zhr bJVr h¡& AJa BZ NmoQ>o N>moQoAmamo nm| Ho$ H$maU h‘ ‘¡XmZ N>mo S> X| Jo Vmo bmo Jm| H$m {dídmg h‘ na go CR> OmEJm Am¡a ¶h Am§Xmo bZ Ho$ {b¶oR>r>H$ Zhr   hmoJm& Bg {b¶o h‘| Amamonm| H$s {MÝVm Zhr H$aZr& g˶ g˶ hmo Vm h¡& Bg{b¶o h‘ g~ H$mo a H${‘Q>r Ho$ gXñ¶ {‘bH$a  S>Q>H$a ‘w H$m~bm H$a|Jo& O~ VH$ bmo H$nmb {~b Zhr AmVm h‘mar bS>mB© Omar aho Jr& AmJo ^{dî¶ ‘o Am§XmobZ Ho$ {b¶o EH$ g§ [dYmZ ~Zm¶m OmEJm& H$mo a H${‘Q>r,d{Hª$J H${‘Q>r Am{X ‘|H$m¡ Z H$m¡Z bmoJ hm|,  CZH$m Mm[aͶ H¡$gm hmo- BZ g~ ~mVm| H$moboH$a ^{dî¶ ‘|EH$ g§{dYmZ ~ZmE§Jo& {’$a ¶Xr H$mo B© 춺$s JbVr H$aVm h¡, Vmo  g§{dYmZ Ho$ ‘wVm{~H$ H$madmB© hmo Jr& g§{dYmZ ~ZZoVH$ ‘m¡Oy  Xm H$mo a H${‘Q>r Omar aho Jr& g§ {dYmZ ~ZZo Ho$ ~mX CgH$s   nwZa© MZm hmoJr& Q>r‘ AÊUm - AÊUm hOmao, Aa[d§X Ho$Oardmb, em§Vr ^yfU, àem§ V ^yfU, {H$aU ~oXr, OñQ>rg hoJS>o Am{X- h‘ g~ EH$ h¡& g~ {‘bH$a g»V$ bmoH$nmb {~b Ho$ {b¶o bS>Vo ah|Jo& Omo h‘mar EH$Vm nhbo Wr, dh AmO ^r h¡Am¡ a H$b ^r aho Jr&  BgH$mo gmo MH$a AmJo ~T>Zm h¡& ObXr hr ‘¡ Xoe Ho$ H$B© {hñgmo § H$m AnZr Q>r>‘ Ho$ gmW Xm¡am H$ê±$Jm&  {hgma ‘| hþB©hma go H$m±  J«og K~am JB© h¡& h‘ ¶h AÀNr Vah OmZVo h¡ H$s [hgma ‘| {OgH$s OrV hþB© h¡ dh ^«ï>mMma Ho$  {damoY ‘| h¡, Eogm h‘ Zhr ‘mZVo& h‘mam Am§Xmo bZ {H$gr nj ¶m nmQ>u Ho$ g‘W©Z ¶m {damoY ‘| Zhr h¡& {hgma ‘o h‘mam Am§ Xmo bZ Ho$db ¶h {XImZo Ho$ {b¶o Wm {H$ ¶Xr erVH$mbrZ gÌ ‘| OZbmoH$nmb {~b nm[aV Zhr hmo Vm VmoAmZodmboMwZmdm|  ‘| OZVm AnZm Jwñgm {H$g àH$ma Omhra H$aoJr& h‘mar H$m±J«og go H$moB© Xþ^m©dZm Zhr h¡& bo {H$Z h‘ CZgo Anrb H$aVo h¡ {H$ H|$Ð ‘|gaH$ma ‘|hmoZoHo$ ZmVoAnZr {Oå‘oXmar nyar H$a|& Zhr Vmo erVH$mbrZ gÌ Ho$ ~mX MwZmdmo ‘|OmZo dmbonm§±  Mmo amÁ¶m|  H$m ‘¡ Xm¡am H$ê±$Jm& bmoJm| H$mo Am§Xmo bZ ‘| {b¶o J¶oM§XoAm¡ a IMm©|Ho$ ~mao ‘| {Xem^y  b {H$¶m Om ahm h¡& ewê$ go hr, {nN>bo EH$ gmb go, nr.  gr. Ama. E’$. Bg Am§ Xmo bZ Ho$ g{Mdmb¶ Ho$ ê$n ‘| H$m‘ H$a ahm h¡& ¶h g^r H$mo nVm h¡& Omo h‘mao nmg M±Xm Am¶m Wm, Cg‘o go
bmI ê$n¶m| H$m M±  Xm AkmV ómo Vm|go ~±  H$ Ho$ Oar¶o Am¶m Wm& ¶h gmam n¡gm h‘Zo aIZo Ho$ ~Om¶ ~±H$mo Ho$  Oar¶o dmng H$aZo Ho$ AmXoe Xo {X¶o h¡& am‘brbm ‘¡XmZ ‘| h‘ZoHw$N {XZm| Ho$ ~mX hr M±Xm bo Zm ~§X H$a {X¶m Wm& CgHo$  ~mX h‘Zo MoH$ Am¡ a ~±  H$mo Ho$ Oar¶o ^r M±Xm bo Zm ~§X H$a {X¶m& ¶h g~ ¶h XaeVm h¡ H$s ¶h Am§XmobZ n¡go Ho$ {b¶o H$m‘ 

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