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Energy Work Flowing vs. Shielding

Energy Work Flowing vs. Shielding

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Published by Tracy Morrow
This is an informational eBook on the topic of protection commonly used in energy healing and practices.
This is an informational eBook on the topic of protection commonly used in energy healing and practices.

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Published by: Tracy Morrow on Oct 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interspiritual Energy Healing Training and Attunementsfor Inner Power and Personal PeaceSupplemental Instruction:Flowing Vs. Shielding
WithTracy Morrow, LC, RMT, EPP
 A Personal Note from Tracy
Dear Energy Workers,This supplemental instruction on Flowing vs. Shielding is a study in energy, what energy REALLY is andsome best methods to protect yourself from becoming drained or vulnerable to other symptoms thoughtto come from darker energies or negative energy.This supplemental instruction is part of the Inspir3 Interspiritual Energy Healing Training and Attunements for Inner Power and Personal Peace healing program. However, I offer it as a standalonetraining for all energy workers.I hope you will find this information useful in your continuing practices.
I Bow to You,
The Problem with Shielding
In working with energy healing, such as Reiki, or pursuing particular 
spiritual and psychic practices you hear the term “shielding”. Shielding isprotecting yourself from “negative energy”. Methods such as imagining
yourself in a protective bubble or a mirrored container are some of themethods used and taught with shielding practices.
Now, it’s a good idea to be protective, but sometimes shieldin
g can createits own set of problems. You will be protected, but there can be adverseside effects.
The problems with shielding are:
The idea that you own your own energy. Energy is something we are all a part of, it’s not
pieced and partitioned out, although we can sometimes think that it is. Energy makes upobjects like humans, animals, trees, and they all seem very different from each other. But
really, on the most molecular levels, it’s all the exact same energy.
When you partition pieces of energy, it falls at risk of becoming stagnant, much the same as apuddle of water being partitioned away from the flow of the river.3.
Many diseases of the mind, body, spirit is due to energy becoming stuck and then stagnant.When you help someone release that diseased energy and infuse them with life force energysuch as with a Reiki treatment an opportunity is created for the healing process to become
stimulated. With that in mind, purposefully containing “your” energy away from the flow puts
you at more risk of disease than allowing energy to continue to flow through you.
At this point you may question, if shielding isn’t the best option, then what are you supposed to do to
protect yourself? That is where flowing comes into play. This is a very difficult concept to put into
words, although it’s very scientific. Let’s first look at energy, specifically what it is and what it is not.Then I’ll explain more about the flowing technique.

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